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*** Review *** All In by Ann Garner

Title: All In
Author: Ann Garner
Genre: New Adult / YA
Publication Date: June 2, 2014
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For Grace Marsh there had never been a doubt that she was meant to be with Grant Michaels. From the moment she had met her brothers’ best friend she had known he was the one for her, and after two years together it seemed that he felt the same. 

Until the night he knocks on her door and sends her entire world into a tailspin when he breaks her heart. 

Jacob Ross was the American dream. The son of a football legend who was well on his way to a place by his father’s side in the NFL hall of fame. Until the day he walked away from it all without looking back. 

A chance meeting between them finally puts Grace on the path toward putting her heart back together. But can she make a future with Jacob when she keeps getting pulled back into the past? Can she prove to him that she’s All In, or will she lose it all before it even really begins?

My Review

First off, I need to share that I am a HUGE collage romance, coming of age fan!

Second…umm why have I never heard of this series before??? WOW!

I have to be honest and share how lucky I am that I get to read and review books like this little GEM, that I may have missed if it wasn’t for my opportunity to review it for our blog.
And boy would that have been my loss! So, if you read my review do your self a favour…ONE CLICK IT NOW!!

I LOVED THIS BOOK! I haven’t obviously read the first, but let me tell you it’s next on my list! But lucky for me this is a standalone and it doesn’t feel like I missed too much that I’m lost, if anything it only makes me all the more excited to read Del and Cole’s story! Because that girl has clearly had some trauma!

This is Grace and Jake’s story and I just am sooo swooningly in love with them and how they became a couple! Especially Jake! He’s the perfect hot -ass brooding campus hottie with his own world of hurt. You know the one that makes the girls heart a flutter! *Sigh*

The story begins with poor Grace being dumped by Grant her first love for no real reason. We witness her go thought the break up process, which is so much harder for her seeing that Grant is so intertwined in her life  (he’s her brother’s best friend) that you can totally feel her pain and are just rooting for her to finally move on.

Thankfully, four months later…

            After formally meeting each other at a frat party where her friend has abandoned Grace, she’s drunk and about to make a bad rebound decision with a complete creepster, when none other than the sexy ex-football player Jake Ross rescues her. THANK GOD!!!

 It’s from this point on that we see Jake and Grace begin to form an amazing and trusting bond.  I immediately know I’m going to love Jake; he’s just so sweet and charming. Not t all how I thought he was going to be.  He is willing to give her time to get over Grant before making his move, and let me tell you It’s killing me!!!!  I love the friendship they build, but let me tell you it’s killing me!!

I’m reading and there’s this tension building and building and I just NEED them to get together already!! Their connection is so beautiful and deep you can’t help not rooting for them to take their relationship to the next level.  And when they finally do it’s all I knew it would be! 
So full of passion and LOVE!!!!!

Throughout the book Jake says some great lines to Grace that had me grinning ear to ear and gave me the nose tingles and tummy flutters, which for me is always the sign that …
Yeah… this guy is good!

Although the sex scenes aren’t as dirty and descriptive as I’ve become accustomed to, they are without a doubt so beautifully written that they had me swooning just the same. I mean the visuals created in my mind from the word choice, the palpable raw emotions and passion felt during the sex scenes made up for lack of dirtiness in spades!

There are so many sweet moments that you cant help but to fall in love with these two!

Unfortunately, not everything can stay roses for Grace and Jake and they have many ups and downs to go thought becoming and staying a couple.  Grant the ass sure tries to create some issues and of course boundaries are tested, but at the end of the day love prevails giving the ending we need!

My one complaint is I would have loved to have read Jake’s POV, as I found myself wondering what he was thinking at times! But all in all I LOVE IT!!

★★☆ 4 Stars ☆★★

Reviewed by Gillian Grybas

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