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Title: Left Behind 
Author: Vi Keeland & Dylan Scott
Genre: New Adult / Contemporary Romance
Publication Date: October 16, 2014
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Two stories so deeply intertwined, you’ll think you know how they intersect…but you’ll be wrong….

Zack Martin

The day I met Emily Bennett my whole world changed. Sure, we were just kids, but I was old enough to know my life would never be the same. She was my best friend. My destiny. My fate. I wasn’t wrong…I just didn’t know how twisted fate could be.

Nikki Fallon

After the death of my mother, moving from my dark and dreary trailer park to sunny California, I was focused on one thing – finding a sister I’d only just learned existed. Falling in love with him wasn’t part of the plan. But he filled a void I never knew was possible to fill. He had to be my fate. My destiny. Until the day I finally found out who my sister was…and how twisted fate could be.

My Review

“Love needs no words. You had me before you even spoke”-Zack

Wow! Vi Keelan + Dylan Scott= one incredible story!

These two ladies make one wicked writing combination and if teaming up together will mean them penning more amazing books like Left Behind then I say PLEASE keep collaborating ladies!

What an incredible story told through the voices of Zack and Nikki! I went through soooo many different emotions while reading this book and honestly I was so consumed and wrapped up in this story that I read it in less than a day! I could not put it down!

I laughed, smiled, cheered and holy shit did I cry…I’m talking tears for their tears and tears for their happiness. Left Behind is one hell of a read! I loved it!

For me this is one of those “you need to read books” so I will not get into the plot too much because you honestly need to experience this book for yourself to truly appreciate its brilliance and to witness just how much of a crazy bitch fate can be.

Fate (n): the development of events beyond a person's control, regarded as determined by a supernatural power.

Fate, it seems has an interesting way of being both and help and a hinder. Fate, for some can be the sort of divine intervention they need or long for. While for others fate can be a real bitch. 
Fate, it seems has the ability of stepping in and offering intervention just when one might need it the most. And sometimes if you're lucky enough, fate just might choose you to enforce its positive powers upon, rather than its negative.

Meet Nikki and Zack, two characters who happen to meet at a time in their lives when they need each other they most! And believe me for these two incredible characters it is soooo needed.

Enter FATE…

And thank goodness fate decides to step in and offer Nikki and Zack some of its superpower just when it seems they could use it the most. Their meeting feels like a sort of solace from the shittiest time of their lives.

Nikki and Zack have both been suffering from loss. Not only the loss of a loved one, but of having their world shattered and being left trying to pick up the pieces. All the while learning how to move on in the world with guilt, and regret looming over their heads as well within their hearts. 
Lucky for them it seems fate as deemed them worthy of its divine intervention.  In the form of each other…their soul mate.

Zack and Nikki have instant chemistry and an all-consuming connection that is so believable and beautiful you can't help but be totally consumed by them. I was so totally wrapped up in watching them journey through their pain, trying to heal as individuals as well the journey to become the couple they longed to be.

Despite being so young, they are just both so bloody resilient, I admire how truly amazingly strong Nikki and Zack actually are. Their characters are just so well written that I seriously felt like I was right there along side them as they made it though the sadness and found their happiness. 

I simply cannot get enough of these two and I swear I was cheering so hard for Nikki and Zack to work through their issues and to come out of the darkness and fight together to find and maintain the amazing light that they give one another. 

Oh, sooo many tears! I swear these characters will reach into your soul and wrap themselves around your heart and you will have no choice but to fall in love with them like I did.

The story itself was beautifully written and has just the right amount of twists and turns to keep  crazy intensely overwhelming need to keep reading on.

Just when I thought I had it all figured out I'd discover I was COMPLETELY wrong and I would find myself smiling thinking how this book wasn’t as predictable as maybe I had originally thought. 
I did think I knew where it was going plot wise pretty early on, but there were many moments where I was like oh wow, didn’t see that coming!

Overall, this story will reach down into you soul, give it a bit of a shake but thankfully in the end it will leave you doing a happy dance.

A must read for fans who love the emotional, with a perfect amount of gut wrenching sadness, that also gives you the closure that feeds the soul with happiness and love. 
*sigh….I just loved it!

★★☆ 5 brilliant Stars ☆★★

Review by Gillian Grybas

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He looks up and I watch his eyes take me in.  Slowly.  They rake over me, dropping from my eyes to my glossed lips down to my exposed shoulders.  Taking his time, he follows the neckline of my simple, yet body contouring sundress, lingering when he reaches my full breasts.  I’m sufficiently covered, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t aware that the dress showed off my assets well.  Tight around my chest, gathering snuggly at the waist, with a scant amount of cleavage.  Just enough coverage to still leave something for him to imagine.  And I watch his face change as his imagination takes off running.
His eyes drift down my legs, tanned now from the eternal California sun.  Momentarily he’s lost in what he sees and doesn’t even notice I’m watching him leer.  Totally worth the extra effort getting ready tonight, I couldn’t be happier at the reaction I get.  Eventually, his eyes make their way back up to mine and I arch one eyebrow, letting him know he’s been caught.  A normal reaction might be to look embarrassed or perhaps even flustered a little.  But not Zack.  Instead, he flashes me a wicked grin.  “You look incredible.”  He’s the one doing the leering, yet I’m the one who ends up blushing.
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About the Authors

Vi Keeland

Vi Keeland is a native New Yorker with three children that occupy most of her free time, which she complains about often, but wouldn't change for the world. She is a bookworm and has been known to read her kindle at stop lights, while styling her hair, cleaning, walking, during sporting events, and frequently while pretending to work. She is a boring attorney by day, and an exciting New York Times & USA Today Best Selling smut author by night! 

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Dylan Scott

Dylan Scott is a New York trial attorney, wife and mother of four.  She believes her job as a trial attorney is a subcategory to the field of entertainment more than law.   With a Bachelor's Degree in English Literature she believed teaching English was a destined career choice until she realized her life long talent of "argument" could actually be her job.   A recent, fairly boring, midlife crisis resulted in a brief stint as a middle school English teacher which confirmed that she wasn't ready to give up the law.   Dylan has also taught legal courses at the college level and worked with at-risk inner city youth in the roles of mentor and coach.  She is co-author Vi Keeland's biggest fan.

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