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***Review*** The Force Of Gravity by Kelly Stevenson

Title: The Force Of Gravity
Author: Kelly Stevenson
Genre: NA Romance
Publication Date: July 12th 2014
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"I blast the stereo in a vain attempt to drown out my thoughts. I don’t want to be thinking about him and analyzing every detail of first period. It makes me feel like a young, foolish girl, and I’m embarrassed that I can’t control the way my body reacts every time his eyes meet mine." 

In a quiet town in the East Valley of Phoenix, Arizona, everything in life is seemingly perfect for eighteen-year-old Kaley Kennedy. She has loving parents, loyal friends, and is dating the hottest boy in school. With only a few months left of her senior year, she’s looking forward to an epic summer before heading off to Los Angeles for college. 

Without warning, a gorgeous new math teacher interrupts Kaley’s predictable little world, challenging who she is. Suddenly, parties, dates, and Friday nights with her friends seem empty and unfulfilling as she finds herself obsessing over his every move. Desperate for something more, but determined to ignore her fierce attraction, every single relationship in her life begins to crumble by forces beyond her control. Struggling to transition from adolescence to adulthood, Kaley must choose between playing it safe or risking more than just her heart. . . .

My Review

The Force Of Gravity is a light, sweet romance, based around forbidden love. It is a student-teacher romance between Mr. Elijah Slate and one of his students, Kaley Kennedy. The story is told from Kaley's POV only, and for me, this let the story down a little. Kaley is eighteen years old and in a very mundane relationship with a boy she isn't all that interested in, and let me just say, the girl is surrounded by shitty people. Unfortunately for Kaley, she has bigger issues concerning her than her not so patient boyfriend and her pathetic fake friends. 

With college worries and family troubles Kaley finds herself struggling in all aspects of her life. And one random morning at school throws her for a loop and her life becomes all the more difficult. Enter, the ever so sexy Mr. Slate. These two have visible chemistry straight off the bat, there is no denying it. They both know each other are off limits, both know there is no future for them, but how long will that last before the tension becomes too much to handle, and the lust turns into love?

I really wanted to love this story. The premise of it was good, it was the execution that lacked for me. Some parts of this book were quite repetitive which had me becoming annoyed with Kaley, her procrastinating and continuous friend problems did irk me. It is a long book, and while most of it was well written and enjoyable to read, some of it just wasn't necessary information we needed to grasp the story. I really disliked Kaley's boyfriend and friends and how she allowed them to treat her on more than one occasion, in saying that, the girl is only eighteen years old and is having a hard time finding her place in the world, I did understand why she let some of their actions and hurtful words slide but it did become frustrating over time. This really is a decent story, with some work it could of been brilliant, but I can see why I won't be everyone's cup of tea. For one, the relationship between these two builds very quickly, but with a lack of communication and understanding of their feelings it is difficult to relate with them and find their connection believable, this felt quite rushed to me. Secondly, you have to look past what's put right in front of you and really try to understand these characters and why they say and do the things they do. We have all been eighteen, felt lost, unloved and probably unwanted. This story delves into realistic issues that some eighteen year old girls deal with on a daily basis. I really wish we were given a dual POV, I do believe this could have impacted the book in a big way. There were many times I thought I would have really loved to know what Elijah was thinking, why did he do that? WHY WHY WHY!? I would have loved to get inside that man's head! This also would have given readers a better knowledge and clearer understanding about him. There is also one more controversy surrounding this book that I have a problem with, that many readers will probably agree with me on. Without saying too much and spoiling it for potential readers, I will just say this: If infidelity bothers you, you may have issues with some aspects of this story. 

While I had my concerns with this forbidden love story, I must admit the sneaky hot scenes were really fun to read, they were racy, sexy and that tension was so thick! The built up sexual desire for one another really added to the scenes where they finally get their freak on. This was one really good thing I enjoyed about The Force Of Gravity. All in all, this story was okay, I really wish it was better, and I will read more from this author in the future. 

★★☆ 3 Forbidden Stars ☆★★
Reviewed by Bel Burgess

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About the Author
Kelly Stevenson is a professional writer from Phoenix, Arizona. She has a background in journalism, psychology, theater arts, and animal science. When Kelly is not writing, she enjoys reading, horseback riding, and spending time with her family. 

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