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***RELEASE BLITZ*** Luck of the Devil by Marie James

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Luck of the Devil
by Marie James

US | UK | CA | AU

Genre: Contemporary MC Romance
Series: A Ravens Ruin; Book 2
Cover Design: Essen-tial Design

I'm good enough to protect her.

I'm good enough to die for her.

But, I'm not good enough to touch her?

I may be the Vice President of the Ravens Ruin MC, but her brother, the President, has given all of us orders that she's off-limits.

It's for the best, really.

The demons in my past love to play with a pretty little girl like her.


Book 2!!! I was so excited for this.  The first book kicked off the series amazingly and this one lived up to that and then some.

This time around the feel of the book was completely different.  I felt the tension between Briar and Molly in book 1.  That was like a slow tease to the main event.

Briar, VP to Ravens Ruin MC.  Best friend to the Prez Lynch.  For the past ten years his life has been the club.  A self imposed celibacy stopped him from having any love.  He lives for his club and the life it gave him.  Nothing will ever change in his life but sometimes a man can dream.  The dream? Lynch's little sister Molly.

Molly grew up in the club.  She's the princess no one is allowed to touch.  She got out for a while but she's back and has her sights set on the one man that has been a constant presence in her life.  Briar.  She knows he's a lot older than she is and that her brother will never allow them to date but she fell for him long ago and no one will ever compare.

Despite her best efforts Briar is adamant that they will never happen.  He digs his heels in even when she offers him everything he ever dreamed of.  He can never go there with Molly.  His club, his best friend, his life, her safety would all be gone if he gave in to his desires.  Even though he knows it will kill him he tells her she needs to find someone who's nice and normal and can give her the picket fence life.

Molly is devastated and vows to do just as he says.

I was a little surprised if i'm honest by the change in pace from the first book but by the end i found i loved it that way.  I'm glad it was because it fit the couple perfectly.  It was never going to be easy for them because of the situation. 

Briar had a little of my heart already but by the end of the book he'd taken it all.  He was so stuck in his head worrying about pretty much everything but his happiness.  He put everyone else first and i kinda loved and hated that about him.  The amount of times i wanted to jump in that book and give him a shake was ridiculous!! Infuriating man!! But underneath it all, his years of loving Molly from afar overruled everything.  He would die for Molly and well that's always a swoony quality to have in a book boyfriend!

Molly was everything i hoped she be.  Fun and feisty but also vulnerable.  She knew she loved him and tried everything to get him but one knock back too many from him broke her a little.  She tried the outside world but her place would always be at the MC.  She is the princess after all!

I think one of the things that made me love this book was the relationship between Lynch and Briar.  The back and forwards between them was quite gripping and i was waiting for the confrontation between them.  When it came i almost wet myself!! It was a big O.M.G moment.

I loved seeing all the other members too.  There's a few i'm dying for.  This series is set to be a rough, sexy, taboo, outrageous ride!! Rev that engine i'm ready to go!

I'm loving this series.  It's different and thrilling to read.  This book threw a spanner in the works as to how i thought the series would pan out.  I was expecting it to be a little cray cray like book 1 but it wasn't.  Although there are certainly eyebrow raising moments it changed pace and as i said this surprised me but i loved it!!  I like the unexpected and the way it's going this series is definitely that!!

Marie James is fast becoming a fave and this series is just cementing that fact.  I love her writing.  It's original and thrilling and keeps you on your toes.  Brilliant!!  Bring on TJ!! He's a complete psycho... i can't bloody wait!!

5 Choking stars

Reviewed by Kerry

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US | UK | CA | AU

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