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***RELEASE BLITZ & REVIEW*** Hyde's Absolution by Nina Levine

The highly anticipated fourth book from Nina Levine’s Sydney Storm MC is available now! Are you reading to meet this possessive biker?   

The Sydney Storm MC are back and war is coming. Monroe Lee is a handful. She fights me, challenges me and tries to resist me. Where I’m jagged, she’s smooth. Where I’m dark, she’s pure. Where I’m broken, she’s whole. I am not a good man. I’ve hurt everyone I’ve ever loved. I should walk away before I ruin her too. But fuck, we are fire together. And I’ve been out in the cold too long. At a time when everything is falling down around me, she might just be my saviour. This story contains all the panty-melting sexiness and alpha goodness that Nina Levine books are known for. Order your copy today to receive the LIMITED EDITION ebook version that will have a BONUS King chapter in it! All release week copies will contain this bonus chapter.


 It's so hot here in the UK... I now know why!!!!!!!! The Sydney Storm have rolled into town and took over!

WOW WOW WOW what a dark horse Hyde was!!!!

I think throughout the series Hyde has stood in the background we find out here why.

Hyde has a lot going on.  Storm are facing an enemy they don't know.  The club is in turmoil.  He also has other issues though that need his attention.  His past.

Monroe is getting despondent at the dating scene.  She's seen her best friend find the love of her life and that's what she wants but she's picky and has a long list of requirements.  She's looking for a good man, the good guy definitely no bikers...

When things get heated between them Monroe fights it.  She doesn't want casual and she knows that's all she'd get from a biker...

I don't know where to begin with this fabulous addition to the Storm series.  I'd go as far as to say storyline wise this was probably my fave.

This book had a feeling of family all the way through.  From Hydes past to the club to Monroe.  I felt it.  I felt the angst and the hurt and the pain and the need and the love and hope and the happiness i freaking felt it all.  Like you do with your family.  The whole book was emotion packed.  Honestly a massive roller coaster ride has got nothing on this!!

Poor Hyde chooses to carry the weight of the world on his shoulders.  No, maybe not chooses, it's the way he is.  Although not all was his fault, some of it was and he bore that burden and it made me absolutely fall for him.  Not many men will admit when they're wrong but Hyde?  He did.  He did and then he would do whatever it took to fix it.  My fave fix would be his having a lady lunch but hey!! he's flipping hotter than a well used barbie!!! who wouldn't!!! I can't express enough love for this filthy biker he's by no means perfect but his flaws absolutely make you love him as much as his perfections.  Let me tell you he had plenty of those!

I knew Monroe would be a fave and i was right.  Her crazy ramblings surprisingly made sense!! lol I loved her and her patience and rationalism with Hyde.  Which to be honest he returned.  He was relentless in his chase but Monroe put up a good counter attack but only for show.  I loved the dynamics of their relationship they fit perfect!! Also Monroe's family were a real bonus and a little light relief.

My fave part which is going to sound really bleeding odd but i love a bit of realism in a story and this part was.  She got a period!!! She actually had a period and wouldn't have sex!!! YES!! I mean come on girls we all sit there reading these books thinking "christ do these girls ever have periods?" Well the answer is YES lmao Brilliant!! Other things were done which was fab!! Thank you Nina for giving us girls a laugh at our own expense!

The way the story was told made the book seem much shorter than it was because i was so engrossed, time slipped by and before i knew it the end was in sight.  Not only did this book deal with Hyde and Monroe but club business was getting pretty intense.  It was weaved in there carrying on the whole storyline from Relent to now.  Another thing i love about this series is the continuing storyline! It keeps it tight and i have no idea how Nina basically writes one storyline for the series and individual ones for the members and their girls at the same time!! She's a writing genius!!

*Gasping Face* Now... What an end!!! OMG what the what now?  My jaw literally hit the floor!! WHAT?!?!?!

I cannot wait for King!  We get 2 books with him!! Give me him!!! Pretty please!!!

Brilliant, compelling, exciting, scary, emotional, tense just ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! LOVED IT!!

Bring on King!!



  I tore my attention from Hyde and gave it back to Tatum when she said, “I’ll call you tomorrow.” Hyde’s presence had pretty much wiped all coherent thought from my mind, so I simply nodded and murmured, “Okay.” As she and Nitro walked away from us, Hyde moved closer. His scent almost hypnotised me, if that was even possible. Looking down at me, he said, “What are you drinking?” The husky tone of his voice was like the final nail in my coffin. He could lead me down the path to sin with that voice. “A cosmo please.” He turned to the waiting bartender and ordered drinks before shifting his gaze back to me. His body was so damn close it almost pressed against mine. His eyes dropped to my chest. “You weren’t made to be subtle, were you, sugar?” “Can’t say that word’s in my vocabulary, no.” The way he was devouring my body told me I’d made the best decision when I bought the black dress I wore tonight. Knee length with a plunging neckline and accentuated with a belt around my waist, it clung to every curve I had. My girls were up and proudly out, just the way I liked them. I mean, if you had it, flaunt it, right? And I’d had the red in my hair touched up that afternoon. It hung in lazy vivid red curls to just below my breasts. I wasn’t sure which part of me he thought wasn’t subtle, but I guessed it had something to do with my dress by the way he seemed unable to draw his gaze from my body. Finally he found his way back up to my face. The heat flashing in his eyes shot a round of lust through my veins. Good God, this man, though. I wondered if he had any idea of the storm he caused within me. “Don’t ever add it.” If what he said didn’t make my legs sway a little, the forceful, gravelly way he said it did. The bartender placed our drinks on the counter, distracting us from each other. Hyde dropped some cash on the bar, took a mouthful of his whisky and looked back at me while I got down as much of my drink as I could in one mouthful. God knew, I needed it. I could stand my ground with any man, but Hyde had a way of catching me off guard. “You calm down after that thing about owing me money this morning?” And there he went, flipping my feelings about him on their head. I fixed him with a look that let him know I wasn’t impressed. “I didn’t have anything to calm down from.” “You seemed all worked up about it.” I threw some more of my cocktail down my throat. “I wasn’t.” But I was getting there now, that was for sure. He drank some more whisky, keeping his eyes steady on mine. “Okay.” Okay? Oh no he didn’t. He didn’t get to end a conversation with that bullshit. “Okay? Seriously, you’re going to end with that?” “It seemed pointless to argue.” I finished my drink and placed the empty glass down with some force. Sliding off my stool, I said, “We weren’t arguing. I was simply telling you like it was.” “Yeah, I’ve picked that up about you.” My eyes practically popped out of their sockets. “Picked up what about me?” “That you like to tell men like it is.” “I do not! You just have this way of pushing my buttons. I feel like it’s you, not me.” His lips twitched. “Sugar, if I knew which buttons I was pushing, I’d push them some more. I never said I didn’t like the way you told me how it was.” I snatched my bag off the bar. I needed a moment to get my thoughts under control. In the space of seconds I’d switched from wanting him to wanting to smack him to wanting him again. My mind needed a break from the whiplash. I took a step away from the bar and said, “I’ll have another cosmo.” Without waiting for his response, I headed in the direction of the ladies room. I’d almost made it there when a hand slid around my waist and I was pushed up against the wall in the dark hallway. A hard body pushed against mine as the hand around my waist slid down to settle on my ass and warm breath whispered across my cheek. “My cock likes that attitude of yours. Surprised the fuck outta me, but I can’t deny I want more of it.” The proof of his statement ground against me, sparking need all over me. Every inch of my skin blazed with desire. I gripped his shirt with both hands and found his eyes. “You and I weren’t made for each other, Hyde.” “I’m not saying we were.” My body went to war with my mind. It fought me kicking and screaming, desperate for what he was offering, but I didn’t want to surrender. “So what’s the point of starting something?” He pushed his cock harder against me. “I came here against better judgement tonight. Nitro told me you’d be here and I came because I couldn’t, for the fucking life of me, get you out of my head. I want my hands on those curves of yours and my dick as far inside you as you can take it.”



If you haven’t started this series yet, download the first book, Relent, for FREE today and catch up on the series everyone is talking about!

  Book One in the new Sydney Storm MC series. A biker torn between loyalty to his club and love for his woman. I let Evie Bishop go once. I won’t make that mistake again. I’ve loved Evie since we were kids, before I found the Storm MC. Long before I sold my soul to the devil. I never wanted to bring her into this world, but a man can only go so long without the woman he loves by his side. I need her like I fucking need air and I won’t stop until she’s mine again. I knew she’d battle me. I knew I’d have to fight hard for her. But I never thought I’d be in this predicament—torn between her and my club. The thing about me, though, is that I’ll do anything for those I love. Even if it could cost me everything. Standalone Motorcycle Club Romance This spin-off series can be read without reading the original Storm MC Series.





Dreamer. Coffee Lover. Gypsy at heart. USA Today Bestselling author who writes about alpha men & the women they love. USA Today Bestselling Author Nina Levine is an Aussie author who writes alphas with a side of dirty and sassy women who don't hand their hearts over easily. When she isn't creating with words, she loves to create with paint and paper. Often though, she can be found curled up with a good book and some chocolate. Sign up to Nina's newsletter for alerts when new alphas are ready for you Follow Nina on BookBub for sale alerts Website Facebook Facebook Reader Group Amazon Goodreads


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