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*** RELEASE BLITZ, EXCERPT & REVIEW *** Josiah's Love & Justice Volume 1: Four Slaves by Lucas X Black

Title: Josiah's Love & Justice Volume 1: Four Slaves
Author: Lucas X Black
Genre: BDSM
Release Date: April 24th, 2016
Cover Design: Tiffany Huegele

Josiah Bailey is a successful attorney married to Molly, a physician specializing in sports medicine. But that’s what they do to earn their livings, but not quite what they are in deeper places within. Josiah has found a rather unique niche for himself and his interests in BDSM. He works as a beadle, paid to punish and train slaves belonging to others, whose owners have difficulty doing so.

Trigger warning: Be advised this book has mature content, possible triggers, coarse language, and scenes of strict BDSM punishment, not suitable for under 18.

At his command, she offered her wrists to the cuffs dangling from the post, and felt her wrists bound once again. In spite of her pain, Darla found herself wondering if she’d lost her mind or finally found it, finding herself wallowing in punishment and misery at her master’s decree and this evil beadle’s hand. But she knew she was guilty of far more than Tim seemed to know about, and to be honest, things she prayed Tim would never learn she’d done.

But those thoughts were dispelled as the whip struck her anew, harsher than before, accompanied by Darla’s pained screech. She howled again as the second lash of this punishment found her upper back, and then broke down sobbing as the lash struck her over and again, sparing her no mercy. Eventually, the whipping ended. For Darla’s part, it might have taken fourteen seconds, minutes, hours, or years. She was absorbed in pain and shame and misery and in that span of time (in fact, only about three minutes) knew only pain and humiliation at the hands of the evil beadle her husband and master had brought into the game.

Just when I don't think I can really be shocked anymore Josiah shows up and show me that I, indeed, am a true BDSM virgin. I've always known this, but having been introduced to some very intense BDSM scenes while reading, I thought I would have been more prepared. Yet Josiah's Love and Justice displays some of the most wholly submissive relationships I've ever read about and opened my eyes to a whole new world. Lucas X Black's debut expertly depicts informed consent and unconventional relationships, which, honestly, at first first quite shocked me but soon drew me in and left me breathless and feelings surprisingly connected to the needs and desires of the women in Josiah's life.

Josiah is a lawyer with a wife he loves living a bit of an usual life behind closed doors. During the day he's just an average guy making a living. But in reality his life if much more interesting than that. He has a second job as a Dom who punishes and trains other Dom's submissive for a fee. His wife Molly is a doctor and works with him to make sure all the slaves/women are healthy and well through their time with Josiah. She doesn't participate in the same kind of actives as Josiah does but they make it work until Molly makes revelations that change their dynamic.

Over the course of a weekend Josiah and Molly's carefully constructed life starts to open up in ways neither expected. First Darla comes to their farm for training after her Dom contracts Josiah for his services. When Molly's revelations change the foundation of their marriage, Molly opens their relationship up to submission she's never participated in before. Then Molly's coworker and fellow doctor, Leigh, requests Josiah's skills. Soon a third woman, Lucretia becomes involved as her own needs are changing and she sees Josiah as the answer. Together Josiah and his four slaves embark on an unconventional polyamorous relationship. Josiah is the Dom that all four women need and as they beg to become his slaves, Josiah leads each of them so that they get exactly what they asked for and what they needed.

This book kind of blew my mind. I thought I knew what I was getting into when I started but in reality I was taken on a journey far more intense than I could have ever anticipated. Being a romance junkie at heart, I did have to reconcile that this is not a traditional romance. Of course Josiah shows much love and affection to this slaves, but in a very open way. The BDSM scenes were shocking and explicit and at first, for me at least, not what I would call especially sexy. Though as I read, I started to understand them and even dare I say it, got excited by Josiah's directions and each woman's utter submission. By 80% I was looking around for my own Josiah.

As Josiah's relationship with each women evolved, I found myself enthralled with their lifestyle and their connection. Plus Mr. Black's skilled writing and humor had me chuckling, mesmerized, and clinging to each action and reaction. There were times I felt the romantic elements developed a bit quickly as well as including some extra specific details and conflicts that resolved without much effort. Overall those were minor and I was fully invested in this world. I especially felt a kinship with Molly. I could see pieces of myself in her. I loved that outside of their roles in their relationship each was very normal, well educated and comfortable in their own skin.

Though there is really nothing at all similar between 50 Shades and Josiah's Love and Justice, if you did not enjoy the BDSM scenes in that book, you really shouldn't read this one. Also if you want a romance between one man and one woman, you probably shouldn't read this either. But if you can go in with an open mind, Josiah, Molly, Leigh, Lucretia and Darla's story is exactly the different kind of tale that could pull you in and leaving you panting for more.

Reviewed by Paige

★★☆ 4 "Submission" Stars ☆★★

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Lucas X. Black is a lifelong dominant living in southern Texas, where he is engaged as a full-time writer. He is formerly a paramedic of many long years’ experience, and often incorporates that knowledge base into his writing. Away from home, he enjoys spicy and exotic foods, loves to fish, and loves going to the movies. In his home, behind the closed doors of his dungeon, he is a sadist and humorist, in love with eliciting a range of sensation and reaction from his oh, so willing victims …

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