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Title: Be My December
Series: The Crawford Brothers #1 
Author: Rachel Brookes 
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: August 27, 2015 


I knew the exact moment I’d become a ‘yes’ girl.

December 16th, a cold winter’s night, four years ago.

The night my innocence was stolen, the night I made the mistake of saying no—a mistake I’d never make again.

The dream of a ‘happily ever after' was now a locked away myth. I promised myself that I’d never return to the place of my worst nightmare, that I’d never let anyone get close, but then again, I never thought I’d meet someone like him.

The intense, confident and beautiful Ky Crawford. 

I had no plans to become someone’s Prince Charming.

I couldn’t be. I refused to be. My plan was simple—do whatever it takes to correct my biggest mistake, my one regret that now controlled my life.

I was on track. I had plans, but then everything changed when I saw her—the girl in the red jacket, the girl who I was told couldn’t say no.

The reserved yet stunning Eden Rivers. 

A girl who can’t say no.

A guy who craves redemption.

A chance encounter? 

It all comes down to this.

One question.

One month. 

Be My December?

My Review

Be My December has been on my TBR for a while and I don't know what took me so long to read it. I was missing out! Ky and Eden's story is as heartbreaking as it is heartwarming. Their connection was palpable and transcended the norm. These two broken and bruised characters stole my heart and I don't want it back. 

Eden has survived the worst tragedy imaginable. She has been taken advantage of and her life has been ripped to shreds. Four years later she is still trying to recover part of her old self but it seems lost forever. After escaping New York when she was brutalized, she never thought she'd be back. But getting the job offer of a lifetime and the pressure from her best friend to try and move forward, she finds herself having to face her demons. When she meets Ky at a club on one of her first nights in town, she doesn't know him, but he knows her. When she realizes that she spent the evening with her new boss, she's mortified and a bit curious since she doesn't react to him like she usually reacts to new people. She feels safe and that isn't something she has felt in a very long time. 

Ky is keeping something from Eden. He doesn't know when to tell her but he wants to help heal her in the worst way possible. For four years he's been buried in guilt over something he didn't do. Now he's trying to make up for his mistakes of the past but he's getting more than he bargained for. He finds himself immersed in all that is Eden. He promises that he will never hurt her even when she's the "yes" girl. It pains him every time she says yes when she's too afraid to say no. For the next month before she finishes her job and goes back home to California, he asks her to spend the month with him. To be his December girl. To heal with him.

As the month progresses Ky and Eden fall deeper and deeper for each other without any assurance that more is even an option. While both are starting to mend past hurts, their past comes back to haunt them. When all is said and done, Eden and Ky are left to wonder if they could have more than just December. 

I love books that turn the usual tropes on it's head. Be My December did that. I figured out one part of the story early on but the rest of the twists and turns surprised and shocked me and I love when that happens. While this book definitely had some very heavy themes, the light hearted and happy times balanced out the story so that hope could shine through. Add in the side characters that I loved as much as Ky and Eden, and I was in romance book heaven.

I also adored Ky. He's a top contender for most perfect book boyfriend. He was perfectly patient with Eden. He was keeping something from her, but in the end it made sense and it was never meant to hurt her. I appreciate their resolution and his support of her. He was absolutely swoon-worthy: completely devoted, a bit alpha, and oh so sexy. Together he and Eden, who despite her hangups, was strong and determined to move forward, were brilliant together. 

I can't say enough good things about this story. It was everything. And knowing that Josh is getting his own story, I can't wait to dive in to his. It's sure to be a fun ride. 

Reviewed by Paige

★★☆ 5 "My Forever" Stars ☆★★

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You met Josh Crawford and Ashlyn Hart in Be My December, now its time to hear their story.

One night connected them.
One decision separated them.
One craving tempted them.

Ashlyn Hart was done with men, or at least those outside of her books. After stupidly falling for the charms of her cheating ex and having her heart broken yet again, she decided to create a new life. One that involved a career change, a new wardrobe, and the possibility of moving abroad. There was just one hurdle: the confident, stubborn and insanely-tempting Josh Crawford.

Josh Crawford hid behind the cliché bachelor lifestyle and a never-ending parade of women. He knew the game and played it well, but the night he tasted perfection four years ago never left him. Back then, he made a spur of the moment decision, one that he has battled with ever since. But beneath the playboy façade was a yearning that wouldn’t disappear. A craving for the only woman who could bring him to his knees: Ashlyn Hart.

Two weeks changes everything.
One night unravels the deepest of desires.
A simple taste unleashes memories that can’t be tamed.

When the girl who dreams of a happily ever after collides with the guy who lives the ultimate cliffhanger, what ending awaits them? Will fear overshadow love? Will the past play hindrance to the future, or will temptation conquer it all?

My Review

Bonus review because I love this series so much!

After having read (and adored) Be My December, I was so ready to dive into Josh's story. I was not disappointed. Be My Temptation follows Ky's brother Josh and Ky's best friend Ashlyn. It seemed like I got to know them pretty well in the first book of the series, but that was only just scratching the surface of these two. The manwhore and the light hearted best friend were a match made in angsty heaven.

Josh met Ashlyn four years ago. Known for being one to sleep around, Ash knew what she was in for, or at least she thought she did, when she asked Josh out. When these two spend the night together, their lives began to intersect in a way neither expected. Surprising Josh, he found out that Ash was a virgin, and went above and beyond to romance her. The next morning, he finds his bed empty and Ash and his brother Ky talking. It was the first time that Josh had seen his brother smile in what seems like forever so even though he never brought girls home with him and he just knows that there could be more between he and Ashlyn, he lets her go. Four years later and he regrets that decision. Ever since that night she has been his greatest temptation.

Ashlyn has become best friends with the Crawford brothers even if deep down she knows she wants more with Josh. She's watched him year after year pick up and drop random women such frequency that she's sure one woman will never be enough for him. Six months after sleeping with Josh, she met Lachlan. For two years she was utterly devoted and in love with him until he left to go back to Australia without a word to anyone. Broken hearted she spends the next two years reinventing herself. But when he shows back up, against her friends' better judgment, she gives him another chance. Showing up unexpectedly in Australia to surprise him was the worst mistake she's ever made. Finding him with another woman proves that maybe she isn't meant to have an HEA like Ky and Eden.

Reinventing herself once again, she decides to move to London and to do so she needs to fix up her house. When Josh finds out, he makes it his mission to prove that she belongs in New York with him. For one week she lives with him and their relationship changes even though no one knows about it since she's too embarrassed to tell anyone but Josh what really happened to her and Lachlan. When Josh declares his intentions and Ashlyn's reservations start to waver, her past rears its ugly head and she needs to decide where her future really lies.

I really liked that this book stayed to true to Josh and Ashlyn's story. With so much heaviness in book 1, I was glad that Ms. Brookes didn't over dramatize Josh or Ashlyn's story. Josh didn't have the demons that Ky did, but he did have his own past to overcome and I loved that his transformation wasn't overnight and it was very realistic. Ashlyn was kind of the backbone of the group in the first book so seeing her in a different light was really eye opening. She too had a past even if her demons weren't the same as Eden's, her struggles were as real as were her reactions to Josh.

I was on the edge of my seat for the first half of the book as I was early anticipating them finally realizing they were meant to be together. When they finally admitted their feelings, I felt like I was going to burst with happiness. Watching Josh become a cavemen was giggle worthy. I loved watching him be open and honest with Ash. He laid his heart bare for her and made it obvious how much he loved and needed her. It was exactly was a perfect book boyfriend looks like. Plus watching Josh use his sexiness to win over Ashlyn had me fanning myself and sighing in contentment for these two who took so long to find their happiness together.

This series has become one of my favorites. I can't wait to see what else Ms. Brookes comes up with because it's sure to leave its mark.

Reviewed by Paige

★★☆ 5 "Tempted" Stars ☆★★

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Author Bio

Rachel Brookes is from the east coast of Australia and writes angst ridden love stories with a pinch of craziness, a dash of drama, a cup of romance, and a bucketload of sexiness. With five novels currently published, she is constantly writing and getting ready to release her next hero and heroine into the world. An avid reader, Rachel can often be found with her kindle in her hand, and getting lost in a happily ever after. She has an unhealthy obsession with The Walking Dead, and social media, and loves hearing from readers at

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