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***Blog Tour & Review ***Plaything Volume One by Jason Luke and Jade West

Title: Plaything 
Authors : Jason Luke And Jade West 
Genre: Erotica 

I’ve been sold. That’s what he tells me. Sold as a rich man’s plaything to the highest bidder. I’m to be shipped to the other side of the world, where I’ll disappear without a trace. I’ve nobody coming after me, nobody who’ll even know I’ve gone.

But I’m no plaything.

I’ve already been rejected for sale once. Not fit for purpose. Too fiery, too uncouth.

Two choices remain. Submit or perish.

They’ve sent in the big guns, him. The dark sheep of the family, and the only man left who stands a chance of taming me.

We’ve both got everything on the line – his business empire, and my very existence.

And time’s ticking…

Part one of a three part serial. Part two releasing January 2016. Stay tuned. 

*Warning* Contains sexual practices and situations some readers may find offensive. We hope you know the drill by now. 18+ only, most definitely.

Jade and Jason. Together?! Yes, please. 

The first volume of the cowritten dark, BDSM, captive serial left one heck of a punch. With Jason's intellectual twist to BDSM and Jade's pushing the limits sex scenes, these two created a storyline filled with suspense and intrigue with massive amounts sexual tension. While the theme had me cringing at times because of the dark depravity Amy was suffering, the addition of Robert left me a panting, hopeful mess. 

Amy finds herself held captive by a sadistic man intent on breaking her spirit so that he can sell her into sexual slavery. But with her background, she won't break easily. When Robert finds himself back home because his evil father is dying, he comes face to face with his disgusting brother Alister and the woman they are trying to train. Forced to break Amy or lose his livelihood, he has a choice to make. Amy realizes that if she wants to survive she has to find a way to understand her role as a submissive and she's hoping that with Robert's help, maybe her life will turn out differently. 

This was a really quick read that was heavy on the idea of submission. In this volume, we're introduced to these two characters and their situations and the start of Amy's training. With heaps of intense role play, I'm pretty sure my panties spontaneously combusted. Jade has this way of making even the most taboo situations seems plausible and gratifying while Jason's BDSM point of view drew me into a lifestyle I have no practical knowledge of and made it relatable. What I'm hoping in the next addition is a more emotional connection between the two and, for Amy's sake, that that connection will lead to a way out of the this mess for both her and Robert. And with that ending, I'm antsy to know what direction the story will take next.

Reviewed by Paige

★★☆ 4.5 "Still Fighting" Stars ☆★★

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Jason Luke is an Australian man who lives on the far South Coast of New South Wales with his long time girlfriend. 

Author of the Amazon Erotica smash hit Interview with a Master, and its follow up In Love with a Master.

You can now find Jason Luke now on Facebook visit here

Also there is a Jason Luke Fan page on Facebook which is run by a team of dedicated fans. The page is not connected to Jason. It has currently around 10,000 likes. visit here

Jade West is a contemporary erotic author, real life submissive, and former sex chat-line operator, who is plenty used to getting people all steamed up with her dirty mouth. Her debut release, Dirty Bad Wrong, smashed into the Amazon top 100 in February 2015, followed by Dirty Bad Savage in June - an Amazon top 100 bestseller in 4 countries. Dirty Bad Strangers topped the erotica chart, reaching an impressive 13 overall in the US Kindle Store, and the latest tale of debauchery, Dirty Bad Secrets - returning to the heart of Club Explicit - releases Jan 2016.

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