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*** 5 Star Review *** Eraser Platinum (Book 6 Eraser series) by Megan Keith

Title: Eraser Platinum Book 6
Author: Magan Keith 
Genre: Erotica/Romance
Publication Date: November 17, 2014
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He believes his life begins and ends with her.
She believes in staying true to herself.
Together they have overcome so many obstacles, yet happiness still eludes them.
Their lives may be heading in different directions …
And that truth will cause them pain.
Can they come back to the same path and walk it together?
Or will they be forced to go their separate ways?

PLEASE NOTE: This is the 6th novella of the series and they do need to be read in order.

WARNING: Mature 18+ readers only. It contains explicit sex scenes.

My Review

A letter for Megan Keith

Dear, Mrs. Keith,

First off, thank you! Megan, thank you for giving your readers Sir and MacKenzie. Your amazing characters will forever hold a place in my book whoring heart. Your characters have grown, along with your ability to tell an incredible tale, I swear these books have become like a little addiction that I pine over and wait not so patiently for every few months. Its incredible how each book just got better and better, and fucking hotter and hotter. I’m soooooooooo very torn on my feelings about this series ending. But I must say I’am so very excited to see what you have up your sleeve next for your fans! Sitting on pins and needles and waiting with bated breath I will be.
I’m such a fangirl. Simply put…Thank you for the journey, I’ve loved it!





A-fucking men, halle-fucking-lujah!!! I love you Megan Keith! Best book opening EVER!! 

Is what I’m thinking as I begin to read Eraser Platinum.

And then it happens...

The maniacal laugh I swear I hear radiating thought the book all the way from Australia, a laugh from Mrs. Keith, as I envision her sitting rubbing her hands together laughing at us. While simultaneously series fans and followers die a slow heartbreaking death!!! 

Of course she can't let us bask in the rainbows and butterflies of Sir and Mackenzie being happy in love off the bat!  Grrrrrr!

No no, of course not, she needs to poke and prod our emotions and pull the heart stings and stress us the FUCK out. Leading us to think that maybe just maybe they really won't get the HEA I need them to have!!!


This is book 6! Yay!! And boo, to that!

At last books end I was like what the fuck now??? And I'm still thinking this again as I begin chapter 1. I know now this isn’t going to go as I had planned in my head. 
You would think, after all this time I would know this, especially with the cliffy goddess in the driver’s seat.

I honestly feel like I'm loosing a friend, as I read book 6. I'm sooooooo happy with this installment but at the same time I'm so beyond book hung-over, couple hung-over and author hung-over. I'm sad to know that my Sir and Mackenzie series is over and let me tell you this incredibly hot, fun and loving couple will forever hold a place in my heart. 

I will never forget them and their journey and growth as a kick ass literary couple. Sir and Mack have given me 6 books of clenchingly good pleasure, tears of joy and stress and above all a love that grew and blossomed into an incredible bond that had me soooooooooo addicted to this little gem that was suppose to be one book, with one night of kicky-fuckery.

Eraser Platinum, exceeded my expectations, despite the little glitch at the beginning, the journey to this ending was immaculate. I swear just as the series comes to a close, I feel like we caught even more layers of Sir’s wit, charm, soooooo very likeable and fun personality. I simple fell even more under his spell. 
Sir was lighthearted and humorous, all the while maintaining his dominant Sir persona although be it laced with a side of humor, I was spellbound.

Mackenzie was incredible! There were a few moments where I actually wanted to give her a little shake, and I did try to pull my Jedi mind trick on her, in order help her get her head out of her ass sooner than later. 

But of course my jedi vibes were cock-blocked by Mrs. Keith and her wanting to torment us a bit longer. Thank god, my girl finally comes to her senses, allowing my heart palpitations to rest. There were parts where I was really staring to worry.

Okay on to the good stuff…oh the scorching hot sex that Sir and Mac have. 
Oh my, Oh my. God, these two are soooo kinky and hotter than hades! 
I love love love reading when these two go at it!

The sex scenes between these to get me every time! 
Fuck they just get hotter and hotter, Eraser Platinum was no exception.

Chocolate mouse Oh MY! 
Mac in control… loved it!
*fanning my self, just thinking back

The chemistry between Sir and Mac never falters or lets up, I swear they could just have never ending sex and I’d be in heaven. Keith’s ability to write sizzling, molten lava sex scenes is amazing, so hot you will no doubt be left panting wanting for more and more. *drool

I read with book with a heightened stress and apprehension, I honestly felt if I read it right away it would end to fast, forcing me to admit that its really over; that the series is done, I’m honestly still not ready for its end even now that I’ve read it. *sniff, sniff

But it was EPIC and the ending gave me the closure I need leaving me with a huge ass grin, a full heart and tears in my eyes! God that was good! 
Megan, you rocked my world on that one! Bravo!

If you haven’t read this series by now, after my 6th review and recommendation then you are simply daft, and there is no hope for you!

★★☆ 5 I Cannot Believe Its Over Stars ☆★★

Reviewed by Gillian Grybas

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I have an unhealthy addiction to books, I love to read them, live them and write them. I love books that are full of angst, heartbreak and breathtaking romance, tragedy, everyday issues and not-so-everyday fantasies. I love swoon-worthy bad boys and hot and steamy sex scenes, edge-of-your-seat drama, twists, turns and surprises. And most importantly, happily-ever-afters!

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