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Review and Giveaway...................... Craving Constellations (The Aces #1)

Craving Constellations 
by Nicole Jacqelyn 
My Rating ★ 4.5 Stars 

"How is it, that someone can make decision after decision attempting to get away from their past and somehow end up right back where they started?"


She was the Princess of the Aces MC, Brenna grew up with her father as the VP of the Aces. Living a life she never wanted. Dealing with your family going on runs and being in danger all the time. She couldn't handle that.

When the opportunity to leave that life behind, came up she took it. She wanted a husband who paid taxes, wouldn't raise his voice and wouldn't carry a gun.
She never imagined the world she chose would be far worse than the one she had left.

Brenna has spent the last five years running.
Now she has to retrace every excruciating step and head back to the place she ran from.

The Aces control the gun trade. They all have rap sheets and many of them had outstanding warrants. They live by their own rules.
Brenna has no where to go but home.
But when she ran she took a secret with her.
Now 5 years later she is back. And has a lot of explaining to do.

 "I told myself I was running to my Pop, but I wasn't. I was running to Dragon the same way I had always run to him in my mind when I needed him."

5 years ago Dragon was a fresh recruit for the Aces. On the night he earns his cut, he meets Brenna. He didn't know she was the VP's Daughter. She was a most beautiful woman he had ever seen. And he had to have her.

 "Let me have your tongue, baby," I whispered against her mouth. I needed more of her. Where she was shy, I was greedy. 

After one amazing night, Dragon wakes up to an empty bed and the realisation that he slept with a Brothers family member. A BIG NO NO!!
But Brenna ran. And he put that night in the back of his head. Keeping the secret from everyone.

When Brenna's life comes crashing down, she must face her family, knowing her secret will come out, she wasn't prepared for the shit storm it creates.
And one angry Dragon.
And Dragon is Pissed. Now when I say pissed I mean..
Fuck me I'm so scared for you lady.
This dude is whacked.

 He grabbed my by the throat and pushed me against the headboard, I just swallowed nervously and waited.

"You fucking Cunt!…

Fuckin’ gone for five years. No one hears from you. Now you come back and I find out you had my daughter and didn’t tell me. FOR FIVE FUCKIN’ YEARS." 

Ummm  mumma he said the C word. "gasp"

hahhah I could see why he was angry, that was a shitty thing to do, but wow! really?

But Dragon really was a sweetheart. I still fell in love with him.

 " I can't believe you had my baby, She was all curled up in here, and I never saw it." 

They do have a connection, and it was awesome to see them adjust to their situation, watch them fall in love with each other, and fall in love with their little family.
They have a lot to work through and the emotions felt real.
Yes this is a MC read so some subjects you're like what THE Fuck!! but that is the way of their life. It's how they roll. Deal with it.

The sex? Fucking HOT

"Keep your fuckin' hands on the wall. I don't want you falling. You got your hands up there, that also means I get to watch those sexy fuckin' tits bounce when you start riding my face. You look at me, Brenna. Don't look anywhere else." 

HOLY SHIT I LOVE IT….. Dragon, I love your dirty mouth.


But, Dragon and I have a love/hate relationship. hahhahahah

I love him when he is Sweet and Sexy and Alpha.

 “Best mama in the world, and I’m the lucky bastard who knocked her up.”

And then I hate him…

I'm not gonna discuss why I hate him. Because I don't want you to be swayed. However, for me…. Fuck I hate that he did what he did.


But then I loved him again.

" I love you, woman." 

"Love you, too," I replied…

"Now, kiss your man," he ordered in a gruff voice. 

Can they overcome the lies and hurt they inflict on each other? Or will Brenna run again?

I really did enjoy this, it was raw and emotionally real. I couldn't put it down.
This was a brilliant debut. And I can not wait to see what is next.

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