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Blog Stop, Review and Giveaway; Withstanding Me Crystal Spears

Title: Withstanding Me 
Author: Crystal Spears  
Genre: Erotic, Romantic Suspense 18 & up  
Publication Date: September 2, 2013  
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While the chaos and bloodshed have slowed for a short period, life is never quiet in the world of Breakneck. The club is taking time to regroup from internal betrayal and the changing of the guard in a rival group.
Zig Zag became a father at the age of thirteen. While raising a child has never been easy, now his eighteen year old daughter Tatiana makes his life downright hard. She has caught the eye of Travis, the new President of the rival MC Gunners, but all she really wants is Shadow, the newest addition to the Breakneck family. When Shadow’s rejection sends Tatiana running from the only family, home, and safety she’s ever known, ZZ is crazy with worry. The distraction caused by Tatiana’s disappearance could prove to be Zig Zag’s downfall.

If that isn’t enough, ZZ finds himself rampantly attracted to the one and only Storm. She’s beautiful, quick and witty. Their friendship is the one thing that keeps him from growing crazy, and Storm stands by ZZ through all the turmoil. Zig Zag is not accustomed to hearing the word no, so Storm’s constant withstanding just draws him in deeper. Their friendship is one thing keeping him from going crazy, until one night…

The club is regrouping and rebuilding from the mayhem known as the Russian Mafia. A hit is ordered on Tatiana, Storm, Winter, and Piper.

Tatiana’s egg donor reveals secrets that a thirteen year old Zig Zag was too young to understand.

Braxxon is out of reach while he helps Greg Cage deal with some dirty business.

Bloodshed… Secrets… Betrayal… Trauma… Welcome back to the Breakneck world.

My Review 

This is the 2nd Instalment of the Breakneck series. Read my review of Book#1, Seize Me, HERE

This is a perfect example of when Authors should go with what their heart tells them to, not feel torn and never hold back… Ever!

When I opened my copy of Withstanding Me and read the note from Crystal, addressing the readers in regards to taking all advise, critiques and everything everyone had to say about 'Seize Me' on board, I was very intrigued.
What possibly could Spears do to make this book even better than the last?

It must be hard for an Author to take on what people are saying, about the hard work they put into their novel, and feel torn as to what to do for the next instalment.

So at the end of the day, Crystal chose to hold back.
She weighed up her options and took everything on board and in turn, Withstanding Me was created.

While reading Withstanding me, I could feel the difference in the writing. And as much as I hate to say it,  I was a little disappointed. Don't get me wrong, some of you will probably love this more than Seize Me, I can easily see that happening.
But I wanted that darkness, I craved it. Spears blew my mind in Seize Me. It was pure genius and frankly not everyone can pull that off. Reading for me is about the emotions the Author can pull out of me, the ride they take me on, (whether I want to be on it or not) and how words, written on paper, can stir something inside of you that you didn't know existed. Whether you get that from stories about a billionaire with an obsession of Dominating, or a group of Bad Ass Crazy MoFo Bikers…. It's all about feeling what the Author has written.

Withstanding Me didn't pack the punch that Seize Me delivered. It needed that down and dirty, fucking craziness that I know Spears was just itching to get out.
But I still freaking loved it hard.....

I loved Storm, she kinda rock my world. She is one strong Heroine. Hit after hit she had dealt with some pretty horrible shit. But she pulled up her big girl pants and said Fuck You, I'm here I am alive.
I Loved her attitude.
ZZ was a mixed bag for me. I thought he was pretty funny. He was very much bad ass. Made no apologies for the way he spoke and acted.

~ When a man is upset and feeling down, he wants to be around pussy. Don't let any of them lie to you. ~

Zig Zag is not accustomed to hearing the word no, so Storm’s constant withstanding just draws him in deeper

Storm, a rescued sex slave, wants romance. The next time she gives herself to a man… it will be on her terms and not a one night stand. She wants more from ZZ, and is determined to win his heart.

“How much longer are you gonna keep withstanding me, darlin?” - ZZ
"Just until you fall in love with me," ~ Storm

But ZZ doesn't do love. He wants Storm, he wants to fuck her out of his system and move on.
As these two go back and forth and their friendship grows, the Club has it's own issues. The Russian's are still in the picture causing more drama. ZZ's daughter, Tatiana, is giving them trouble hanging with the wrong crowd.
Brothers are grieving, a few shocks and home truths come out.
Add in more Lockdowns, a Wedding, and a family reunion and you have yourself one crazy ride.

When ZZ and Storm finally give in to each other…. they are  perfect. So freaking HOT!

~   I grab Storm by the hair and drag her down, sticking my tongue in her ear. Her body shudders, goosebumps rising on her arms. Yeah, baby. 

"Tonight… my cock in your mouth." 
She moans low. "Tonight.. you're fucking my mouth."  ~ 

But more drama entails. The punches keep on coming, and Storm just blows my mind with her badass attitude. Shit got a little Cray Cray....



Total badass!

And ZZ finally won my heart and had me swooning.

~  "I fuckin love you, Storm. I fuckin love you hard baby. Deal with it…

You took me, a man that didn't love, and you owned me Storm. You fuckin own me! ~

Spears has created this world where you become addicted to the family they are. She takes you out of your comfort zone and makes you feel apart of the life of the MC.
Books like Spears,' Breakneck Series, need to be treated with the respect they deserve. You are warned going into these books that what you are about to read is not pretty, It deals with situations that you most probably never been in. Thats the whole idea of reading something that can push those buttons. I just hope the next in the series continues down the darker path.

Bloodshed… Secrets… Betrayal… Trauma… Welcome back to the Breakneck world.

Solid 4 Stars

Buy it
Read it 
Love it 

Jess xx


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