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***REVIEW & GIVEAWAY*** Forever Consumed by Skyla Madi


Title: Forever Consumed
Author: Skyla Madi
Genre: Romance (Fighter)
Publication Date: June 3, 2014
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This is it.

My revenge.

I can taste it on my tongue, it's sweet and it's addictive.

I've worked way too hard to settle for second best and I will come out on top.
Seth Marc is back and training harder than ever before to redeem his loss to Don Russell. Tensions are high but stakes are higher as MMAC founder, Matt Somers, forces Seth and Don to train under the same roof. 
Though Matt Somers believes it's only good fun to provoke the two for publicity, he doesn't realize just how serious the situation is. 

With Olivia by his side, Seth Marc pushes himself to his limits and struggles to keep opponent, Don Russell, out of his head as they fight it out one last time.

My Review

SETH!!!   SETH!!!   SETH!!!   SETH!!!  **Swoon**

What a perfect ending to an amazing series. I absolutely love the Consumed Series and Skyla Madi did not disappoint in book three!   


Seth Marc is one of my all-time favorite fighters and in Forever Consumed his battle with Don Russell hits an all-time high but this time it puts his future with his wife in jeopardy. There were several times in this book that I wish I could strap on a pair of gloves and given him a couple blows to the head that he deserved for things he did and said to Olivia. 

Don Russell and Matt, the head of the Fighting organization, are all about causing drama before the big fight.  Seth just wants to stay out of it, train, and keep his wife safe, happy and out of the drama that surrounds them.  When Seth decides to take matters into his own hands to stop their feuding before the fight, it has him reverting back to his old ways.  He will pretty much do whatever it takes to end this battle between himself and Don, even if it means breaking Olivia's heart in the process.

Seth is consumed with nightmares and the stress of the upcoming fight with Don is not helping matters and it causes kind of a rift between Olivia and Seth. So the heat and chemistry between the two were not as hot as the previous books but their bond is. The bond between Olivia and Seth is beautiful and strong. Seth loves Olivia with all he is and Olivia will stand by Seth no matter what. 


Olivia did a lot of the whole "I am checking out my husband cause he is just super jaw dropping sexy" in this book.  I mean if I had a Seth Marc I would do the same thing so I can't blame her.

Though all the fighting and training Selina and Jackson are still very much involved. I am so intrigued by Jackson and his past issues. There is something about Jackson that makes me either love him to death or want to strangle him. I still haven’t figured out which one I want more. He obviously has deep rooted issues but the way he treated Selina in this book made me a bit sick. I am not a huge fan of Selina. She is very self-absorbed, especially when it comes to Olivia but she didn’t deserve how Jackson acted towards her. 

Olivia and Selina have been best friends for so many years and Olivia remains the good friend she has always been, but Selina has changed and I think she treated Olivia like shit. I LOVED Seth when it came to Selina…he just does not like that woman and he is not afraid to speak his mind when it comes to her. And the best part.  Olivia loves it.  She can't help but lover Seth for his protective and possessive nature.  It was refreshing. I love a strong female and even though Olivia is strong she still allows Seth to fight some of her battles once in a while.  But Olivia is not as sweet and innocent as we think she is. She partakes in her own little fighting match in this book and I have to say...

Again, this was such an amazing ending and I’m so sad for their story to be over but I’m hoping we see more of them in future books.  Jackson and Selina have a book coming out and it is most definately a must read for me!  I need to know more about that sexy man whore who I know is just going to frustrate me to no end!

If you have not read this series yet and you love a good fighter book then this is a must read!

★★☆ 4.5 Stars ☆★★

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About the Author

...and my teachers said daydreaming wouldn't get me through life. 

I've been writing since 17 and at 21 I'm a professional daydreamer and giver of both real and fictional life. 

Aquarian, lover of the written word and author of the #1 BESTSELLING sports fiction novels Consumed and Too Consumed. 

I write like I live my life -- fast and carefree -- and I have no specific genre. I hop from YA to NA to Erotica to Contemporary romance almost as often as I change shoes. 

I have written 6 novels with 26 novels still planned out, they're just waiting for me to pick up my pen and write their story.

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