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Title: Decker's Wood
Author: Kristy Dallas
Genre: NA Romance / Comedy
Publication Date: June 6, 2014
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Decker Steele had it made...Penthouse apartment, VIP parties, girls on tap. You see, Decker Steele is the Pornography Associations award winning, money making machine. But what does a self-confessed, pussy pounding warrior do when his prized package begins to fail? Freak the 'F' out, that's what!

Andi Jennings is the socially inept, geeky and awkward cousin of Decker's best friend. Only she's not so geeky and awkward anymore. Now she's a smokin' hot country bumpkin, with a smokey voice made for phone sex, and a pair of hot as hell cowboy boots. Everyone adores her, my porn star buddies, my mom and dad, my 'equipment'. 

So, the prized package isn't so failing anymore, the catch is, it will only perform for Andi...My friend WITHOUT benefits. 

What will the prince of porn do? The girl or the career?

My Review

Decker’s Stats:

**Has never had a girlfriend
**Performed in over 500 sex scenes
**Doesn’t mind DP but it’s not his favorite
**Goal is to be in a major Porno Film
**Has a turquoise cowboy boot fetish
**Has a bizarre and pretty damn funny “dick trick”
**Has won awards for eating pussy
**And he can’t get it up! …..

Wait?... What?????

Yep, that’s right! Decker Steele (love the name by the way) is at the top of the porn industry. Known for his moves, looks and “pretty cock” he is one of the most sought after porn stars in the industry…and Decker loves it. He loves the attention, loves the recognition, loves the women and loves the fucking! What he doesn’t love is having to pop pills in order for the “not so little Decker Pecker” to make an appearance and it’s depressing. He has some of the most beautiful and all too willing and able females after him and yet…nothing!

Decker is not as happy as he used to be. There is something missing and he can’t quite figure it out. He has been in a state of frustration and confusion for a while now…ever since his little problem has presented itself.

Enter Andi. Oh boy, this little firecracker country girl has his dick ready and willing to go with every look, every touch and every sweet sexy Texan drawl that comes out of her mouth!

Andi was forbidden furity, and even if she wasn’t, there was no way a pure country bumpkin like her could handle a self-confessed pussy pounding warrior like me.

Can I just say that I freaking loved Andi. She is so sassy and witty yet sweet and wholesome. She freaking rocks. Some of her one liners and ramblings are hilarious.

“The old Andi wouldn’t have eye fucked me just now,” 
Decker continued.

I shrugged unable to deny I wasn’t checking him out. 
“The new Andi hopes you enjoyed it; it’s the most a man like you will get out of her.”

Andi has just moved to NYC from Texas to open up a book shop. She has known Decker for years, since they were teens and has always had a bit of a crush on him. But Decker has always been Decker and has never had a shortage of women following him so why would he notice a geeky little bookworm like her?

Thing is…she isn’t the same Andi he once knew. She has grown up into a sweet sexy country bumpkin with killer legs and the sweetest southern drawl that makes him feel like his ears have been fucked (Decker’s words not mine…even though I’d love to take credit for the awesomeness of that statement!!!)

“So, do you talk? Because if you don’t, you’re going to become sick of the sound of my voice pretty damn quick because I talk, a lot.”

There was no way I could become sick of the sound of that voice. That sweet Texan drawl with that smooth, smoky tone, it sounded so good it was as if my ears were being fucked.

Decker knows he should not be around Andi. She is too innocent and too good for him. But for the first time in over a year…the not so little Decker Pecker is making an appearance again (without having to be drugged). What is it about this sweet southern girl that makes his heart go *thump* *thump* and his favorite body part come to life? All he knows is he needs to figure it out. Is it her or has is condition passed? Will he be able to return to the job he has always loved and been proud of or is he finally starting to see an actual future that doesn’t involve getting naked and fucking in front of a camera?

I loved Decker. He comes off as a cocky, arrogant and full of himself porn star but deep down Decker is sweet and he is a good guy from a good family.

I have to say I felt a little ill from reading some of the random sex acts he had with some of his friends/coworkers but honestly…what did I expect? I knew what I was getting into and I still chose to read this. They aren’t bad or over the top, I just have an issue with any emotionless sex in books I guess.

This was the first book I have read from Kristy Dallas and I have to say.. I LOVE HER! Her writing is amazing and fast paces. She doesn’t linger on random or insignificant details. She turns what could be a cheesy or shallow storyline and makes it fun and interesting. This book has a very witty and honest humor to it. I love when an author can write like that and not make it sound over the top or forced.

This book is about life choices. It’s about following your heart no matter how terrifying it may be. It’s about leaving your “safe” zone and taking chances.

Decker has been offered the job of a lifetime and there is no way in hell he will ever turn it down. But when his feelings for Andi start to grow he is left confused and terrified. Can he really leave a life behind that has been a part of him for twelve years and millions of people know him for? Is it worth giving up to explore the possibility of “more” with a girl who is his complete opposite and belongs nowhere near the life he leads?

I loved the relationship between Decker and Andi. It wasn’t just the sex or lust between them. It was their friendship and their soul connection. They may be opposites but they fit together perfectly.

I will definitely be reading more from Kristy Dallas. Honestly, I have never heard of her but she is amazing. I cannot wait to read what else she has and I have already started following her on Facebook and Goodreads to stay up to date on her upcoming projects.

★★☆ 4 Stars ☆★★

Reviewed by Alissa Evanson

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About the Author

Kirsty Dallas grew up on the beaches of North Queensland, Australia before migrating south to the iconic Gold Coast in 1995. She traded the surf and swimmers for pyjama's and a computer when she embarked on writing professionally in 2012. 

Kirsty has two rules when writing. Rule one, "forget about ratings and awards, write simply for the love of writing". And rule two, "be brave, don't be afraid to traverse the path less travelled and don't conform." With these rules in mind, Kirsty's books will draw you into the pages with stories full of emotion and passion. 

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