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Title: Rhythm of My Heart (Matters of the Heart #1)
Author: Velvet Reed
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publication Date: June 25, 2014
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** This book is recommended for people over 18 years due to strong language and sexual content.**

Grace Rivers is your everyday twenty-five year old. She could have the world at her feet, but instead chooses to help run the family business. After experiencing great loss early in her life, Grace values what's most important: her family and friends. But she aches to find that certain someone—that one great, passionate love who values family as much as she does.

Cole Tierney loves his life. He has a wonderful family, a loyal best friend and a successful career as an ER doctor. The only downside is he wants someone to share it with. After being used and left heartbroken, he wants to find someone who will love him for him and not his or his family's status.

"Every beat my heart makes is for you. Every time it beats faster it's because of you—because you're near me, because of your smile—because you take my breath away." 

Their two hearts collide by chance and an undeniable connection is quickly made.

But when others are plotting against their happiness, will their love flatline, or will the rhythm of their hearts continue to beat as one?

My Review

Warning, there is a major cliffhanger at the end of this book. 
 One that will leave you heartbroken and in tears. 

Cole is a sexy and sweet ER doctor who isn’t necessarily looking for love. But after laying eyes on the auburn hair Gracie in an exam room one day he feels an immediate connection with her and vows to do whatever he can to get to know more about her.

Gracie is a hard working woman who would do absolutely anything for her family. She has an amazing dad, brother, niece, and best friend. She never realized she was missing anything until Dr. Cole Tierney walks into her exam room. Never has she ever felt such an intense connection to another person in all her life.

Cole decides to take a change and finally asks Gracie out. Even though they don’t profess their love for one another til much later in the book- it is very much an insta-love book. I loved Gracie and her firey attitude when it came to her family. She is very passionate about those she loves and will not allow anyone to speak unkindly of them. I love how she doesn’t care what others think of her or her choices…as long as she stays true to herself she is happy.

Cole…I had my ups and downs with Cole. He is very sweet (not your typical alpha male). I loved his love for Gracie but I did not understand some of his choices. He chose to stick up for people that definitely did not deserve it, even though he seemed to have a semi-good reason I still found it the wrong choice. He just seemed to keep making the wrong choices when it came to her and it really irritated me. He was never quick enough to stand up for Gracie and didn’t take in her feelings into count when he made certain decisions. If I were Gracie I would have had a constant feeling of being slapped in the face. Cole just seemed too dumb when it came to his relationship with Gracie and her feelings at times.

Overall I enjoyed the story and found myself not wanting to put it down. There was a surprisingly mysterious side to this story that I wasn’t expecting and by the end of the book I was left just as confused as ever about it.

Rhythm of My Heart is fast paced and didn’t linger on unimportant details so it had a good flow to it. I loved all the other characters and I cannot wait for more of them and their stories. The ending was so heartbreaking. I didn’t know that this was going to be a cliffhanger so it took me by surprise. I cannot wait to find out the conclusion of Cole and Gracie’s story in Saving Our Hearts.



With our bodies aligned perfectly together, we dance; swaying along with the music as it changes and the start of “Heartbeat” by Enrique Iglesias penetrates through the room. This song is perfect because not only is my heart racing, but I can feel Cole’s beating wildly against my back. The lyrics speak volumes; Cole is already stealing my heart… I can feel it.
            So lost in the song, it takes me a second to realize that my hair has been pulled to the side and Cole’s lips are peppering soft wet kisses along my neck and shoulder.
            Goosebumps break out across my skin and desire ripples its way through my system. His touch is all-consuming and by God, I want and need to be consumed. “Grace,” he whispers as he kisses and licks my ear lobe. My body shudders in reaction and moves closer to him allowing contact with the very hard and impressive bulge that presses into my lower back.
            Dear God, is it normal to feel like this so soon after meeting someone?
            I turn in his arms without breaking contact and look directly into those bright blue eyes, which are heated and sparkling with desire. My gaze moves to his lips as his tongue trails across them and I lose all control. Throwing myself forward, I wrap my arms tightly around his neck and crash my lips to his.
            As everything around us fades away, Cole’s arms engulf my body completely so that there isn’t even a millimeter of space between us. His hungry lips assault mine and I can feel the need radiating off him in waves. Our lips part, our tongues meet and embrace, dancing with each other in the confines of our mouths.
            His taste is exquisite and his technique exceptional as he takes control of the kiss. I vaguely register his hands roaming my body as my fingers tangle further into his hair, pushing his head closer to mine. I don’t know how long we stand there so completely wrapped up in each other, but when we both pull back, our chests are heaving and our breathing labored.
            Cole leans forward and rests his forehead against mine. My eyes close as I relish the sweet gesture. “Most spectacular first kiss ever, Sweet Cheeks.”
My heart swells at the comment and his new name for me. I really like it. “I couldn’t agree with you more,” I simply reply, knowing I will always remember this moment forever.


★★☆ 3.75 - 4 Stars ☆★★

Reviewed by Alissa Evanson

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About the Author

Velvet Reed is the pen name of an avid book lover, reviewer and blogger who has turned writer. 

Born and raised in Sydney, Australia; she is a city girl at heart but loves the laid back lifestyle of living in country New South Wales. Married to her first and only love, she is a devoted mother of three who juggles her very active children and their many extracurricular activities, working in the middle of the night, running a blog, and writing.

Velvet's love of reading was realised only 3 short years ago after the death of her amazing father. She used the escape into the fictional world to help her through her grief and post natal depression, not releasing the great impact so many talented authors would have on her life.

The Rhythm of my Heart is her debut novel and book one in The Heart Series.

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