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***RELEASE BLITZ & REVIEW*** Fractured Love by Ella James



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I was sixteen when he came to our house. Landon Jones, a boy with nothing, from nowhere. He had cinnamon hair and blue eyes—light blue, just like mine. When we went out as a family with my foster brother, people asked if Landon was my twin. He wasn’t. That year, we found out how much he wasn’t. When my parents caught us, they threw Landon out like trash.  

Now I’m twenty-nine, a soon-to-be surgeon, like my mom and dad. I know residency is going to kick my ass, but I had no idea that it would rip my heart out, too. Not until I see him—Dr. Jones. 

 A standalone that is part of the Off-Limits Romance collection.
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4 "Destiny" Stars

Fractured Love was an emotinal second chance love story about destiny, finding your way and all the things that make up a love story. Landon and Evie's story started out as foster siblings who became best friends and then so much more. But when their secret was discovered, their relationship was ruined. Ten years later, desiny seemed to smile on the lovers as they're brought back together. Yet a lot can happen in 10 years and time became an enemy. As they once again build a life of secrecy, opening themselves up comes at a price. Told with pulse pounding emotion, Ms. James creates a second chance love story that was at once sweet, sexy and heart-wrenchingly powerful.
Reviewed by Paige



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About the Author
EllaJames_blacksm Ella James is the USA Today bestselling author of sixteen teen and adult love stories. She's an angst-a-holic who loves exploring difficult situations and the emotions of the people caught up in them. Also, smut. But always, always romance.

Ella's obsessions include vanilla cream soda, hiking, other weird, crunchy things like rock collecting, and the antics of her three little monsters.

To find out more about her projects, follow her on Facebook at, tweet her at author_ellaj or follow her on Instagram (authorellajames).

Interested in the foreign rights for one of Ella’s books? Contact her agent, Rebecca Friedman, at
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***RELEASE BLITZ & REVIEW*** The Broken Puppet by Amo Jones


Title: The Broken Puppet
Series: The Elite Kings Club #2
Author: Amo Jones
Genre: Dark Romance/Romantic Suspense
Release Date: July 18, 2017


“I thought I knew who I was, but I was wrong.”

The Silver Swan

1. A girl who is tarnished. Tainted. One who does not fit into the confinement of legend.

The Silver Swan

2. Madison Montgomery.

I was lied to.

I was cheated.

Resigning to pick up the scraps of empty memories and disarrayed thoughts, I left. After finally cutting the strings of manipulation, I resorted to do what I’ve done since I was a child, something my father drilled into my brain since I could handle my first rifle.


I’m a mere shadow of the girl they all knew.

Lies and deceit change you. They alter your entire outlook on life.

I’m Madison Montgomery, and I want to play a game.

Here’s what happens when I win.

Riddle me this, Mads.

What goes bump in the night,

but is something you can’t see with sight?

You may run, and you may hide.

Our happily ever after will be like Bonnie & Clyde.

 You ever read a book and wished that you really knew the author? That you could ya know just PM any time you liked? Especially after reading their book? Well... i have! This one!!! It's not what you're thinking though, well, maybe in part but fuck me you don't know how close i came to PM'ing her anyway just to cuss her the fuck out!!! I mean OMG what the fuck?!?!?! The end.... AGAIN!!!! Motherfucker!!! bahahahaha

But seriously though.... Every curse word you can think of was spewed outta my mouth!!

Book 2 in the Elite Kings Club series....

This one starts up where Silver Swan left off. Who is she? Who can she trust? Who's going to try and kill her? Where can she go? Can she survive? Questions questions questions... more questions... theeeen moooree!!! A few answers... but more add on questions...

I know you must be thinking what's she rambling on about? Well... I don't wanna give any spoilers because you have just got to read this book!!!! Plus... I'm not sure of anything anymore.... This book is giving me serious trust issues! I was reading it thinking... I have no fucking clues as to what is going on but i LOVE it!!!!

Some questions from Silver Swan were answered but OMG the twists and turns, the ups and downs, the lies and deception, the stomach clinchers, the sick feeling, the sweaty hot awesome sex, the sweet and tender, the hard and rough, the worries and tension, the gore and murders, i mean these guys throw around death threats like it's going out of fashion, and they mean it!!! And the goddammed questions!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

I'm so excited by this series. It's unique and wonderfully written. It takes you right along with the storyline. I mean you are there right along with Madison i feel like my head is going to explode!!

Madison is a fantastic character that you can't help but cheer on. I want her to find the answers! I feel her frustration. She keep's getting knocked down time and time again but she gets right the hell back up again! She's so resilient! This book shows a more tougher, angrier side to her. I think her innocence was well and truly lost for good in Silver Swan but some of her actions prove how far she's come in this book and if she doesn't become the head of the Elite Kings by the end there's something seriously wrong in the book world!!!

Bishop. Her love/enemy is the most confusing character you're ever likely to meet. His issues are way deep in his dark soul but fuck do i love him... nope hate him... nope love him... noooo.... hate him.... ummm fuck he's hot... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh don't know!! Don't care! He's awesome!! lol

I still have a little soft spot for Nate and i loved how in his own twisted way he had Madison's back in an over-familiar brotherly way.

We also find out more about Brantley... it's pitch black in that area so be aware!! I'm feeling all kinds of churned up about him.

Madison's past really shouldn't have surprised me, but, it really did. It made me feel sick if I'm honest but i thought it was a fantastic twist in the plot.

I will give a little tip that i wished i had done. Please read Silver Swan again before you read this. I think it needs to be fresh in your head so you can handle the twists and turns.

This is not a fluffy easy read. This is a book that needs your full concentration and undivided attention so pay it!! lol

I can't gush a big enough pool to rave about this book. Brilliant!! Awesome!! Fantastic read!!!

Reviewed by Kerry


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Author Bio

Amo is a full-time writer from New Zealand who loves long romantic walks to the wine cellar.

She loves to write like how she lives, hanging on the edge of insanity with a wine glass in one hand and her morals-or lack thereof- in the other.

Those are not my monkeys, I swear....
Oh those hellhounds? Yeah, those are mine.

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***BLOG TOUR & REVIEW*** Out of the Ashes by LA Casey


Title: Out of the Ashes
Series: Maji, Book 1
Genre: Science Fiction, Romance

LA Casey brings her readers OUT OF THE ASHES — the first Sci FiRomance book in a new series of sexy standalone novels. These other world alphas are looking for their perfect mates that can bring them to their knees… and human women fit their criteria perfectly.

For Nova, a twenty-three-year-old survivalist, wandering a barren wasteland was a lonely existence. But her day-to-day life was about to drastically change forever. Gone were the days when her only worries were rabid animals, augmented humans, the unforgiving scorching sun, and rogue watchmen. Now, Nova found herself faced with a new threat, and he was tall, grey, and horribly stubborn. 
For Kol, a two-hundred-year-old daredevil, sailing the never-ending waves of deep space was a vast and thrilling life to lead. He had one objective on Earth—rescue as many human females as possible and return them to his home planet. It was supposed to be simple, but no one told Kol that a human female’s tongue could slice a male like a blade. His charge was short, strikingly attractive, and she talked way too much. 
Nova wasn’t going to be kidnapped without putting up a fight, but Kol was more than ready to go toe to toe with her. These two species set out on a collision course that would redefine the phrase “The Big Bang” forever.

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"I'll declare my dominance and force his submission by putting my foot up his ass!" - Nova

Bahahahahah now that's a sassy human!!! Glad to see that doesn't die in the future!

Nova is all alone on earth. Losing all her family she walks alone. She is a survivor though and has learned to look after herself. She hears word that something is going on with aliens landing on earth. She goes to investigate and gets caught by watchmen who are judge jury and executioner in the future. She fears she is about the die when the aliens she's heard about intercept and kidnap her.

Kol is the Shipmaster of the alien craft sent to earth on a mission. He admires the fight he see's in Nova when she is caught and decides to take her back to his planet to save her.

Nova is determined to escape the aliens not knowing what they want. She knows they are hiding things from her but what she does not know. Meeting Kol he infuriates her but she is also intrigued by him. His odd appearance surprisingly draws her in and she doesn't know why when all she wants is her freedom.

Well i have to say I'm highly disturbed and a little angry that LA has made me get all dreamy over a fuckin alien! I feel freaky! I mean come on purple eyes!!! Who the hell gets turned on my that? Feckin me apparently! lol

I really really enjoyed this book. I mean i felt really smiley and stuff and well I'm a grumpy bag so it really shouldn't have! But i did. I found myself daydreaming of this future except i was Kol's mate! lmao WTF?? Bossy Alpha aliens who would do anything for their mate are now my thing!

Nova is just a brilliant example of us human gals and i loved how her temper often spiked in some quite funny consequences. She didn't give a shit that they could kill her she wasn't going down without a fight and a cutting comment lol The scenes where she's learning about the Maji way also got a few chuckles from me, the running from the monster scene had me proper tittering.

The chemistry between Kol and Nova was tangible and there were some pretty steamy love scenes which obviously brought on my daydreams! Yum?!?!?! (I'm so confused :/) lol

The supporting characters also drew me in. Kol's sister Surkah is just adorable and i loved the friendship that came from her and Nova. Kol also has many friends and family and i seriously want every single one of them to get a book.

It's not often i read sci-fi tbh and I'm really glad i read this one. Superbly written and kept me gripped. Bring on more aliens!!! #MajiLover #PurpleGlowingEyesTurnMeOn

5 "I'm dumping Earth for Ealra" Stars

Reviewed by Kerry

I swayed from side to side as my pain and shock became too much for me. I focused my blurring vision dead ahead and made out six dark figures walking toward me. Six huge figures. When they stopped a few metres from me, they stared at me, and me at them. They were fully clothed in a black armour of some kind, and it only made them look that much more intimidating.
The man in the front said something in a language that didn’t sound of this planet, and without thinking, I stammered, “Wh-what?”
The man grunted and turned to his right and spoke to the person behind him in that same strange language.
“No,” the man behind replied in strained English. “We’ve practiced for weeks; you have not. You need to learn how to speak the human languages to make this mission easier, just until we fit them with translators of their own. Do what I told you to do. Repeat what your translator says through your comm, and the female will understand you like you can understand me right now. I’m not responding to you anymore unless you use this particular human language.”
With a defeated sigh, the large man turned back in my direction.
“I sa-said,” he rumbled in a bizarre accent as he switched to an extremely choppy version of English, pausing every couple of words as if he was trying to form them as he spoke. “What ‘re … you ‘oing … out … ‘ere?”
After he had spoken, he removed the mask that covered his face. The now well-lit area shone brightly on his face and revealed all I needed to know about him to be terrified. He had vibrant grey skin, dazzling violet eyes, and menacing sharp teeth with gold caps on them. That was the moment I dropped to the ground like a sack of potatoes and began tumbling into darkness.
“Why do fe-females … ‘eep ‘oing … dat ‘round me?” the Maji asked with a tired sigh.
Without missing a beat, the other voice said, “I told you that you were ugly. How many human females must faint before you until you realise that?”

L.A. Casey is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author who juggles her time with her mini-me and writing. She was born, raised and currently resides in Dublin, Ireland. She enjoys chatting with her readers, who love her humor and Irish accent as much as her books.
Casey’s first book Dominic, was independently published in 2014 and became an instant success on Amazon. She is both traditionally and independently published and is represented by Mark Gottlieb from Trident Media Group.

Facebook | Twitter | Website | Instagram | Amazon | Goodreads

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