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***RELEASE BLITZ*** Plan B by Hayley Oakes


PLAN B by Hayley Oakes


Penny didn’t expect to be left holding the baby when she agreed to be a surrogate, She wanted her payday and for her life to get a little easier for once. Matt didn’t expect to lose his wife before the baby even arrived, He wanted to forget the whole thing and drown himself in alcohol. Tragedy changed their plans and made their worlds collide, Out of all the pain, can two very different people achieve the ultimate Plan B?

"to sum the book up in one word AMAZING. From the first page you are sucked right in. I couldn't put the book down." - Goodreads Reviewer

"Beautiful, heartbreaking and original. I'd not read a book with this kind of theme before so i was very happy i picked it up!" - A is for Alpha B is for Books

"This story was brilliantly written and once I started it I couldn't put it down and ended up reading it in one sitting. So bravo to author Hayley Oakes for dragging you into the story and making it so you didn't want to leave." - Goodreads Reviewer


My first read by this author and i was thoroughly delighted to find i loved it! Beautiful, heartbreaking and original. I'd not read a book with this kind of theme before so very happy i picked it up!

It starts out with a tragedy in Matt's life. His whole existance is smashed to pieces in one night. He finds it hard to cope afterwards and takes his anger out on anyone in his path. Lost and hurting he's forced into contact with Penny, the bio mother of a child he never really wanted.

Penny never thought she'd be left holding the baby. She hadn't had a good life so far but had been determined to make the best of it she could. At no time did she think she would be a single mom. She couldn't afford to be but she couldn't give up the baby either. Forced to contact Matt to help her, her first encounter with him doesn't go well.

Over time she agree's to let Matt into their daughters life and along the way he enters her's too.

Poor Penny! Throughout the story you feel her hurt. Let down time after time by the people surrounding her, unyet she remained a good person. She forgave and trusted as much as she could. It killed me when she thought she wasn't good enough to be her baby's mom!

Poor Matt! His loss and devastation were hard to read. He had no control over his life and i think he struggled to trust himself to make decisions which sometimes hurt Penny unintentionally.

I loved them together. Considering she was a lot younger than Matt i think her life had made her grow up pretty quickly, so even though there was an age gap it never showed. She seemed to trust him where she had never trusted others. There was a connection between them and over the book it grew and grew.

As i've said i loved the storyline. It was unique and gripping and kept me turning the pages. The writing was pretty good too keeping me engaged, entertained and emotional.

The only thing i personally felt was that i needed a bit more from Matt. At parts i kind of felt his feelings were kind of tossed aside a little over Penny's. But being a widower myself i guess i would see his side more and i wanted him to have a bit more understanding. But it didn't bother me too much because the rest of it was great!

Beautiful read i highly recommend!


Reviewed by Kerry

About the Author

I am a lady who is in my early thirties who feels like a girl in my late teens!!! I love to read and write - My favorites are angst ridden romance and post-apocalyptic romance but I am up for anything so long as it's a page turner.

I work hard and also play hard. I have an amazing family, am a mother of one and a wife of a demanding Manchester United fan.

I enjoy socializing, TV shows that incite obsessiveness, movies that become cult favorites and books that I can't put down.

I love my friends and quirky characters that I can observe and feed into my stories. I am excellent at accents and playing characters, which I like to slip into my everyday life.

All in all I'm a crazy person who likes to jazz up the mundane and breathe life into characters that I wish I knew in real life.

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