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***BLOG TOUR*** The Fallen: Genesis by Tillie Cole

The Fallen: Genesis is a prequel novella in The Deadly Virtues Series and MUST be read before RAPHAEL (DV: book one).



(A Deadly Virtues Prequel)


They told them they were evil.

They told them they were possessed by demons.

They told them that darkness ran in their veins.

Holy Innocents Home for Children is a haven for orphaned boys who have nothing and no one. The priests watch over them, educate them, raise them in the family of the church.

Except for some.

Seven of the orphans are no ordinary boys. They attract the attention of the priests for their acts of violence, of bloodlust. The priests realize these boys are drawn to the darkness.

And the priests are no ordinary priests. They are the Brethren, a secret sect who believe themselves on a divine mission to seek out evil in the boys in their care. Seek it out, and then drive it out.

The seven have fallen from God’s grace. And the Brethren will cleanse their blackened souls...

Dark Contemporary Romance novella. Contains sexual situations, violence, sensitive and taboo subjects, offensive language and topics some may find triggering. Recommended for age 18 years and up.

Joseph watched helplessly as James moved from his place against the far wall toward a boy on a chair on the opposite side of the room. A boy who had slim knives embedded in his arms and legs—a human pin cushion.

Joseph shivered as he recalled his brother’s expression a moment ago as he’d sat and stared at the knives he had sliced into the boy’s flesh. James, the sadistic voyeur of his own work. Joseph’s nervous eyes landed on his brother’s target. The boy was bound with ropes, and a washcloth was stuffed into his mouth,silencing his cries.


Fear flooded Joseph’s body. Luke, the boy who had been intent on bullying James since the age of eight. The boy who would spit at James’s feet when they walked by. The boy who call him weird, a goth, a psychopath who rarely spoke. His taunts were endless. Joseph didn’t think the verbal bullets had ever hit their target . . . until he’d found a pad of paper hidden underneath James’s bed. A pad of paper showing in graphic detail what James wanted to do to Luke.

Tie him up.

Cut his flesh.

Exsanguinate his body.

Then drink the blood down.

“They’re just fantasy, right?” Joseph asked James when he returned from detention. Joseph held up the drawings. Page after page of pain and despair and cruelty.

James walked slowly to Joseph and ran his hand down the open page of the pad, delicately running his fingertip over the pencil image of Luke’s slit throat. “It’s a promise,” James said, with no shame in his voice. “Each page is what will happen to Luke.” James finally met his older brother’s eyes. “I’m just waiting for the perfect time.”

From that day on Joseph made sure Luke never got too close to James, for fear of what his younger brother would do. Because Joseph believed every word his brother had said.

The truth was, Joseph knew that someday, if he wasn’t stopped, James would do something so terrible he wouldn’t be able to come back from it.

And Joseph had no idea how to cure James. He didn’t know how to heal his little brother of the wretchedness that had lodged itself into his soul. He prayed for a miracle he knew would never come.

Joseph’s heart pounded as James held up another knife. His brother’s torso was bare, the scars from his frequent self-mutilation clear to see, white roads of flesh mapping the veins that ran under his skin. Veins that carried the blood James so desperately craved; nightly, once safe in their room, he would slice them open and lick the falling drops as they ran in crimson rivulets down his arms.

Joseph thrashed on the bed, fighting the binds James must have placed him in while he slept. “James, listen to me,” Joseph said as he helplessly watched his brother slowly push his blade into Luke’s shoulder. Luke’s chair almost fell as he screamed into the washcloth, the fabric absorbing his cry. But James didn’t even flinch. Joseph’s stomach clenched when the blood started to pour from Luke’s shoulder as James carefully extracted the blade.

Eleven. That’s all James was. Eleven years old, yet thought only of blood . . . worse, even . . . thought only about the consumption of blood.


Jesus Christ! If this isn't THE biggest dark hearted lady boner teaser EVER then i don't know what is! WOW. I was excited for this before i even read this mahoosive tease and now? I'M DYING!! I need Raphael NOW DAMN IT!! 

The Fallen. This is a novella of how they come to be who they are before the series kicks off.

7 boys plagued by sin. Priests who want to eradicate the devil within. Good vs Evil but which is which? 

This book had my rapt attention from the second i read the first words. Shock, horror, heartbreak, darkness, compassion, anger, revenge, happiness, excitement i felt all of this whilst reading. This story is not an easy one to read but if you're pitch black like me then you will be rubbing your grubby little book mitts in glee! This series if going to be awesome! 

Most of this book although in third person is told from Joseph/Gabriel's point of view. I have a feeling he is going to be my favorite character in this series. His sacrifice will break your heart but already i admire him and he's took a piece of my heart. Unfortunately i think his book may be last so i'm gonna have to enjoy the ride till we get to him. 

All the other boys will peak your interest too. His brother and the 5 others are all given fallen angel names by the Brethen (A sect created by the priests charged with looking after the boys). 
*Michael (Joseph/Gabriel's brother)
All have darkness within them. True evil. Gabriel see's it but he vows to help them. He made a promise to look after his brother but when he meets the others his vow extends to them too. He promises to look out for them, always. He knows this may cost him his soul but he knows no one else will help. It's down to him.

The whole basis for this series is brilliant. This is what i love about Tillie Cole books. They may be darkness personified but you can't tear your eyes away from it even though it's horrific. These boys are bad. They're boys you would never wish to meet but you can't help but give them a piece of your heart like you're handing out candies. You can't help but want them to be happy in their own little dark world even if people have to die for them to get it. Hey whats a few killings between friends right? lol 

Excited, thrilled and desperate is how this book left me. Thank goodness there's only two weeks left before i get my first full fix in Raphael. I'm book addicted and i won't be cured until the last book of this series. 

5 Black hearts
Reviewed by Kerry

Tillie Cole hails from a small town in the North-East of England. She grew up on a farm with her English mother, Scottish father and older sister and a multitude of rescue animals. As soon as she could, Tillie left her rural roots for the bright lights of the big city.

After graduating from Newcastle University with a BA Hons in Religious Studies, Tillie followed her Professional Rugby player husband around the world for a decade, becoming a teacher in between and thoroughly enjoyed teaching High School students Social Studies before putting pen to paper, and finishing her first novel.

Tillie has now settled in Austin, Texas, where she is finally able to sit down and write, throwing herself into fantasy worlds and the fabulous minds of her characters.

Tillie is both an independent and traditionally published author, and writes many genres including: Contemporary Romance, Dark Romance, Young Adult and New Adult novels.

When she is not writing, Tillie enjoys nothing more than curling up on her couch watching movies, drinking far too much coffee, while convincing herself that she really doesn’t need that extra square of chocolate.

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