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***RELEASE BLITZ*** Accidental Harem by JJ Knight

Title: The Accidental Harem
Author: JJ Knight
Genre: Reverse Harem Romantic Comedy
Release Date: April 24, 2018


This is a story of when I screwed three different customers of my travel agency.

Brady, the bull rider.
Mitch, the billionaire.
And John, a Navy SEAL.
I do like my men.
And in my line of work, I meet a lot of them.

Unfortunately, this time I screwed more than the men.
I also screwed up their luxury cruise.
I accidentally booked all three of them in the same cabin.
A cabin already occupied by Adolfo, who runs a royal casino in Monte Carlo.
And when I get on the yacht to straighten it out…
I screw them all.

This is the story of my reverse harem.
My accidental harem.

Full-length HEA reverse harem romantic comedy.

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OK i'm gonna go full on gush fest!! I absolutely loved this book!! I've been searching for a decent RH with a great storyline and not just erotica. THIS IS THE ONE!! Brilliant!! Great plot. Amazing characters. Smoldering love scenes. Fabulous funny bits. Wash away the shame wave and enjoy the ride!

Viv is an aspiring country singer but until she gets a big break she is working in a travel agency. Her agency has a coveted contract with The Blue Sapphire Yacht Cruises. Its an exclusive cruise that costs from $10,000 a day. It has a security check that needs to be done in person before anyone can book a place. When she gets a call from Brady the Bull Rider to go on this cruise she has to see him in person, fill out forms and take a picture to confirm his identity. She arranges to meet him after hours. Things go very well. Over the next few days she receives two more calls to board this cruise. One from Mitch the Billionaire and the other from John the Navy Seal. Meeting them both after hours is probably not ethical but she does it anyway. Enjoying all of their company (wink wink nudge nudge) She manages to book them all aboard the cruise and get a healthy commission from all three as well as having fun along the way. 

The boarding of the cruise arrives but there's a problem on board. Due to an error all three men are booked into the same room along with Casino boss Adolfo from Monte Carlo. Summoned by staff on board The Blue Sapphire Viv has to go and see if she can sort it all out. She comes face to face with all three men she's slept with plus a rather handsome Casino boss. The ship sets sail with her on board and now she has to face these three gorgeous men for the next 10 days adding into the mix Adolfo can she get a happy ending? 

I WANT TO BE VIV WHEN I GROW UP!!! I'm in full on girl crush mode!! This woman is my idol!!! GAH i love her!! She's like your best friend only slightly looser with her underwear than most! lol I loved how she owned it though. Her commentary to the reader made me laugh, she has her insecurities like all of us but i love how she just pushes it away. We all need to take a leaf out of her book because she is an absolute legend!!!

Onto the guys... i mean... there's just something for everyone!! wooo hoooo! lol Brady the Bull rider is kinda sweet, loving and protective. He's really easy going and although he has nothing he gives Viv everything she needs.

Mitch the Billionaire. I mean he obviously brings wealth to the table but darn does he bring a whole lot more. Kinda dominating i love how he tries to solve everyone's problems and once he loosened up a bit he went along for the ride. 

John the Navy Seal. The thrill seeker. He's up for anything. I think he was probably my slight favorite. Only just though but i loved his zest for life and living.

Then Adolfo the casino boss. Although late in the game and little shy i loved how he slowly edged in and won over Viv. His giant .... didn't hurt none either... well maybe it did lol wouldn't mind finding out! 

I absolutely loved how the story got them all together. The friendship between John and Brady and their easy going natures kicked it off and it was just brilliantly done. There was no jealousy just a little doubt i guess but the way the author wrote them and the story it was just perfect for me. The jealousy aspect drives me mad so to find this book written as though they were one unit although they only came together through Viv made my heart soar! 

The whole plot was brought together at a perfect pace. Of course you had to wait a while before they all got together but that made it even more perfect. The connection between Viv and each one of them as individuals made it for me then once they all got together i loved how it also showed you the relationship between the guys too as they become firm friends.

The whole book had me smiling big and the ending was the cherry on the cake for me. There's lots of fun here to keep you laughing. Theres plenty of storyline to keep you entertained. I couldn't put the bleeding thing down once i started. The love scenes were... well... wowzers!! Viv's a very very very lucky girl! Then the ending just made me smile big and get the urge to read it all over again!! 

I'm so glad i got this book. I was close to giving up on RH and this book made me want to search for more just like this one!! 

BRILLIANT!! Highly recommend to anyone!!! If you're new to RH this is a perfect one to get you on that journey! Go on give it a try you won't regret it!! Off to try and accidentally find my own harem!! 

5 On the crest of a wave x4 stars!!!

Reviewed by Kerry


Girlfriends, grab a margarita and pull up a chair.

I CAN call you girlfriend, right?

Where I come from, girlfriends are the ones who know about that time you used rolled up toilet paper as a tampon.

And how you once wired your bra closed with a binder clip at work when the hook broke and your boobs made a run for the border.

And ALL about that walk of shame when your panties fell out of your purse in the Uber ride.

So come on now, plunk your cute little booty in a chair (How did it get so cute? Do you do Pilates? I tried Pilates and sprained my girl parts.) and start drinking.

Because I have a STORY to tell.

Author Bio

JJ Knight is the author of the USA Today bestselling series Fight for Her as well as the Uncaged Love series, the Revenge series, and Single Dad on Top.

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