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*** BLOG TOUR & REVIEW *** When Sinners Kneel by R. Scarlett

Title: When Sinners Kneel
Series: The Blackest Gold World
Author: R. Scarlett
Genre: NA PNR
Release Date: March 8, 2018  

Hell is empty, and all the devils are here.
Lex Harvey came to The Pit to find her missing friend. Someone who fights there must have the answers she’s seeking. Instead, she found him. The damage inside her matches the darkness inside him. She’s only eighteen, but the feelings she has for him are as old as time.
Beau Knight should have ruled New York. Falling in love was the beginning of his end. He watched her die and he lost his heart. Now, The Pit is his heaven and his hell. The only place he can be himself.
They’re both beyond fixing. Addicts, with desires humans couldn’t understand.
A soulless man and a souleating girl.
How do you find redemption from your demons when you are one?


5 “Soulless” Stars

When Sinners Kneel is a spin off of the Blackest Gold series. It can be read as a standalone but you meet both Beau and Lex in the series. I was so excited that Beau was getting his own book as his story was absolutely heartbreaking and his character captivating. Beau’s book was everything I hoped it be and more. And definately the sexiest book in this series yet. 

Beau is soulless. After having fallen in love with a human and getting her pregnant out of wedlock, the rules dictates he loses his heart. Now going through life without any hope for anything else, the draw he feels to his brother’s friend and souleater Lex is confusing as it is tantazling. When he finds Lex in the last place she should ever be, their relationship takes a take Beau knows it shouldn’t. But it’s undeniable. These two opposites find something worth fighting for if only they’re brave enough to do it. Set in the back drop of demons and a radically changing hierarchy, Beau and Lex find something in each other. 

The heat in this book had my Kindle on fire. The chemistry between Beau and Lex was almost magical. Beau’s relationship with his family was fascinating and his brokenness heartbreaking. Lex was strong and determined even if she some of her choices made my heart race. I loved their connection and I loved their story. 


R. Scarlett lives in a small quaint town in Southern Ontario, Canada and has an unhealthy obsession with mythology and romance. 
From studying English literature and minoring in History, she loves losing herself in a good book and snuggling up to her Brittany Spaniel. 
When she's not writing or plotting a delicious novel, she can be found hanging out with friends and family, going on long car rides, exploring small towns, or watching reruns of Sex and the City.



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