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***RELEASE BLITZ*** Break Out by Lila Rose

Title: Break Out (Hawks MC: Caroline Springs Charter 5.5 novella)
Author: Lila Rose
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: January 9, 2018
  Pain. It was something Finn “Handle” Kaidion knew well after losing his wife. Pain was what kept him guarded against any further relationships. Pain was also something Mardella “Della” Kent felt after losing her sister and from being dragged into the pits of hell by a madman. Only he was no longer an issue. Instead, having her parents turn their back on her was a new reason pain kept beating at her door. Can two people learn to trust and live free from their past sorrows?
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This was another great addition to the Hawks MC Series!

We've met Handle and Della in Break Out. There we learned both their back stories and to be honest both have had some pretty bad heartbreak.

This book tells of them finally getting together! YAY!!!

Still struggling with her recent past Della is trying to get back to being herself. She's seeing a counselor and talking to Melissa her friend and looking for a job. She's still not quite there. Her abusers took her power away she she wants it back. She looks to use Handle to do this. 

Handle is still struggling with his loss. He's determined never to have anyone that close again because he wouldn't be able to get over the loss. He's happy just hanging with his brothers and taking a woman when the need takes him. One thing stands in his way of living this life. Della. After helping to rescue her and helping her recover he can't get her out of his mind. He's fighting a losing battle to stay away from her. One night Della approaches him with a request. He can't turn her down. It's at this point that Handle starts to lose his battle with himself and he starts to fall for her. 

Their road is rocky with a few surprises along the way but it's all worth it in the end.

Aww this book was kind of a sweet addition to the series. Although the subject matter is pretty dark i love the too and fro between Della and Handle. Even after everything they've been through they still find the passion to argue and banter and i loved that!

Handle is so lovely! Obviously he's still a bossy alpha biker but he's so thoughtful with Della he melted my heart! The end bit nearly pushed me over the edge it was so sweet!!

Della is incredibly strong. She's gone through so much in a short space of time but still she finds the strength to grab her power back! 

The only downside i found was that there wasn't enough club action for me. I really wanted to know what the hey is going on with this guy grabbing the girls from the strip clubs. The only thing we got a bit more on is Python from rival MC Venom. He's gonna get his handed to him in the next book i hope!! 

Well written and paced, great little storyline i just wanted more club action.

I would say this is not a standalone book and you really do need to read the rest of the series. Its a great one so you really should!


About The Author
Lila was born in Brisbane Australia, her step-dad was in the Army which caused them to move around a lot. They finally settled in country Victoria, Australia. Being the youngest of four children she admits she was spoilt a bit. Even drove her mum crazy when she refused to eat meat at a young age. Now, Lila lives with her husband and two children. She started writing in 2013 and self-published the first of the Hawks MC: Ballarat Charter series- Holding Out. Since then, she has published eleven other titles, which range from erotica, humorous romance, YA and paranormal.  

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