Wednesday, November 18

***Cover Reveal ***The Magdalene by Racy Wilde

Title: The Magdalene
Genre: Gothic/Supernatural Erotica
Age: 18+
Author: Racy Wilde
Release Date: March 2016
Cover Design: Racy Wilde


Ree Brennan is built for sin. A Herald, she is the woman spared from stone, assigned to walk this mortal realm until her tears dry up. She shows men their darkness so they can see the light. There is no taming her, for she is a woman for all men, for all time. She is The Magdalene.

When her long-time guardian, assigned to protect her from the unseen world, mysteriously dies, another turns up in his stead–Antonio Laguardia, a former Tuscan priest with a shady past. Devoted and desirous, he is all wrong in all the right ways, and it doesn’t take Ree long to fall for his bedside manner. She soon learns that what really binds Antonio to her is not his oath, but something far more powerful. It awakens her heart and inflames her soul like only true love can. But the passion between them has a greater purpose, one that will stretch their existence between the realms and into obscurity.

A Gothic/Supernatural Erotica, The Magdalene has a little bit of horror, a little bit of BDSM, a little bit of darkness, a lot of romance, lots of romantic agony and the sublime. It deals with demons, ghouls, possessed bodies, visions, religious artifacts, figures and myth. It has dungeons, castles, churches, wilderness, caverns, NYC, Hell and in between. It is all wrapped up in a story that will thrill, shock, intrigue and delight. The heroine's strength will blow your mind and her tenderness will hearten you as you discover her journey that reaches beyond this realm.

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