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*** Review Request*** Nomad Kind of Love by Nicole Snow

Title: Nomad Kind of Love (Prairie Devils MC #2)
Author: Nicole Snow
Genre: MC Romance
Publication Date: April 17, 2014
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June Daniels watched helplessly as the Grizzlies Motorcycle Club destroyed everything she ever cared about. The ruthless gang controls her shattered life, condemning her to darkness without end...until she meets him.

Aaron “Maverick” Sturm doesn't know what it means to settle down. The President of the Prairie Devils Nomads charter is way too hardened, untamable, and dominant for any old lady.

But when he's sent West to establish a new charter, the beautiful woman he takes as collateral from the Grizzlies upends everything. Instincts Aaron never knew existed start to rage, primal desires to love and protect her in his bed, on his bike, and in his heart.

This bad boy loves a challenge. Claiming broken, mysterious June is his fiercest ever.

She can't forsake her need for vengeance on the Grizzlies. He can't let go, even when giving her what she needs most brings savage politics and blood war between MCs.

Will June find love and justice with her outlaw savior – or will her bitter determination ruin the man she loves and his club?

Note: this is a dark and gritty MC romance with language, violence, and love scenes as hard and raw as they come. Outlaw love takes no prisoners!

My Review

This was the first book I’ve read by Nicole Snow and I’m happy to say that it won’t be my last! This woman can write once hell of a tale.

Nomad Kind of Love is book 2 in the Prairie Devils MC series and can be read as a standalone. 
Not having red book 1, I can honestly say that I didn’t feel like I missed anything by not having read it. That being said, I will definitely go back and read it, as I need to read more about Rachael and Throttle.

In this book we meet June, June has had a hard life. After witnessing the death of her parents at the hands of the Grizzlies MC and being catapulted into the realm of biker life; drugs, alcohol, violence and the looming threat of sexual abuse. June and her sister have pretty much lost their sparks, going thought the motions living in a biker compound, as nothing more than slaves.

I found as I was reading the beginning chapters I was totally consumed by the writing and instantly sucked into the gritty and dirty world of the Grizzlie MC’s.
I hated them instantly and was cringing with fear for June and Clara.

After having been taken by the club we witness the girls trying hard to survive without drawing unwanted attention form the club’s Prez and filthy members. Unfortunately after a few years of the rotten life June and her sister Clara succumb to the life they feel they are meant to lead. 

That is until one night when June’s wayward plan helps to propel a change that affects not only her, but also her sister, leading to a tragic event that in the end becomes both unforgettable and unforgivable.  I have to say this scene killed me!! I wasn’t expecting what happens to happen, causing me the huge need to keep reading to see what the hell was going to happen next. I was sitting on pins and needles waiting for the other shoe to drops.

This tragic event leads our June to covet restitution and revenge.

Revenge is sweet and fate has as way of intervening when people need it most.

Enter Maverick.

Maverick is the Prez of the rival MC to the Nomad chapter of the Prairie Devils MC. And holy shit is he absolute sex on a hotrod!!!  OMG! The instant chemistry between June and Marerick was palpable and HOT as sin!!!

While working at the Grizzlies strip club as the main event June is put in a situation that lands her on the radar of the sexy Nomad Prez and life will never be the same for both of them.

Instantly smitten, Maverick decides to take June as collateral against the Grizzlies and oh boy is what follows one sexy read.
 Lucky for June, Maverick and the Prairie Devils are nothing like the Grizzlies scum.

With sparks and sexual tension radiating between these two its no surprise that things move quickly and we are soon treated to some amazingly written sex scenes. 

After working thought emotional issues and hang-ups things between June and Maverick move from casual to more permanent and both became emotionally bound to the other. I loved Maverick and the way he supported and cared for June, helping her to gain closure on her past. He was perfect! Hot, sexy and one hell of an alpha male like I love.

This book was action packed and moved at a face pace, I loved how gritty, raw and oh so dirty it was. I enjoyed reading all the MC scenes just as much as the steamy ones, which says a lot! I will definitely keep reading more of this series.

So if you are a fan of beyond hot sex, gritty MC reads and hot alpha’s than this is a book you need to read.  

★★☆ 4 Stars ☆★★

Reviewed by Gillian Grybas

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About the Author

Nicole Snow is a sweet, unassuming young woman. You'd never suspect the deeply sensual, sometimes depraved fantasies raging behind her eyes.

She started writing erotica to escape the boring drudgery of a desk job. In fiction, there are no rules and no boundaries. Everything is on the table, no matter how forbidden.

She's currently known for the bestselling Prairie Devils/Outlaw Love motorcycle club series.

Today, Nicole serves up some of the bestselling erotica and erotic romance on the shelves. She welcomes comments from readers at

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