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***REVIEW*** Cutting Deep By T.A Anderson

Title: Cutting Deep
Author: T.A Anderson
Genre: Contemporary
Publication Date:July 2013
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Cutting Deep (The Cut Series, #1)


*****Author disclaimer: Due to graphic language and sexual debaucheries, this book is intended for mature audiences only. Fair warning.*****

A sexy, comedic portrayal of a young woman running toward her future, who ends up crashing into love… again. 

Ande Taylor, a snarky, twenty something woman, has known one truth in her life:

Failure is an option.

In a last ditch effort to break her failing streak, she enrolls into a prestigious culinary school in the hopes of salvaging her bleak future, and comes face-to-face with Daniel Alan, her soon to be culinary instructor. Daniel is every woman's fantasy. He's hot, he can cook, and he has the heart and brain to match.

The attraction is obvious, but Ande refuses to be pulled into the 'hot for teacher' cliché. She has plans: graduate culinary school and don't get her heart broken... again.

But fate has a different plan and a whirlwind relationship forges between Ande and Daniel. All seems perfect in the world. That is until Ande's ex, Blake, comes back into the picture. Ande soon finds out that she isn't the only person harboring secrets about an old flame.

She had her mind set on the future, but now, reliving the nightmare of her past may be her only chance at moving forward.

Ande knows what she wants out of life, but is she prepared for what life wants out of her?

Getting burned in the kitchen is the least of her worries, it’s the hot men in her life that she should be cautious of.

My Review

Cutting Deep is the first book in this series and man does this series start off with a bang!! I have to admit I have a love/hate relationship with this book..Lol But love defiantly wins out. I’m not usually a huge fan of the love triangle but the way Miss.Anderson lays out this story and the evolution of the characters it really does work. This Series does not lack hot as sin men and funny determined women.

Ande is used to failing at everything in life; basically she never finishes anything she starts. Even her marriage was a train wreck that she couldn’t fix. But she decides to grab life by the horns one more time and enters culinary school. She is determined that this will be the way to finally prove that she is not a failure or a quitter. Her first day at school however throws her a curveball in the form of one smoking hot chef..Daniel. When he literally knocks her off her feet it is the beginning of what will be the love affair of her life. The only problem is that just when life is on track and she and Daniel are at a good place a blast from the past enters in the form of her ex-husband Blake. And wouldn’t you know it he is hot as hell too and wants to fix what he broke. When Ande is at a low point due to her relationship falling apart with Daniel, she finds herself in Vegas and well what happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas. But the biggest shock comes when Ande finds out the secrets that Daniels has been keeping from her. He’s married and his wife is still a huge skeleton in his closest.

Daniel is probably one of the most stubborn hard headed characters that I would love to choke but also would love to spend a night in heaven with lol. He is carrying a lot of demons with him and doesn’t know how to open up about them and how they fit in his future with Ande. When he finds out that Ande is pregnant and that there was a Vegas encounter with Blake he goes off the deep end and ends all contact with Ande stating that he wants nothing to do with the baby and he hopes its Blake’s.

I know I’m being very vague here but this is one of those book that you have to read and I don’t want to give the proverbial milk away for so anyway I love the other characters in this book and would love to be able to actually sit down with Ande’s girlfriends for some cocktails because man oh mighty those girls can be a riot to listen to.

So here’s why I have the hate part of this book. I get so frustrated with Ande and Daniel at points that I had to put this book down and remind myself that it is a book lol but in turn I think this also makes this a great book. The fact the Miss.Anderson is able to bring such emotions from me with nothing but words is a testament to her writing and imagination. This is really a true story of life and how it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. That in real life shot happens and it’s how you rise to the occasion that will define who you are. I really cannot wait till the next book which will be out very soon!! So even though I feel bad that I didn’t give you all that much I hope that it’s enough to convince you to buy this book and read it. I promise it will have you laughing, crying, screaming at it and most defiantly will have you fanning yourself and getting a little more creative in the kitchen;)

★★☆4.5 Spicy Stars ☆★★

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About the Author
T.A.  Anderson

I'm a sarcastic, Disney loving, procrastinator. I hope to write stories that speak to me first and foremost, then give readers an honest, non-cookie cutter world to get lost in. I always root for the underdog, so I try to inject one into each of my stories. I'm in desperate need of Starbucks, a shower, and sunlight on any given day. I'm certain Chewbacca is my soulmate. I hope you read my words and enjoy them. If you don't, I still dig you.

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