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Title: Personal Target
Author: Kay Thomas
Genre: Suspense
Publication Date: July 29, 2014
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AEGIS: an elite team of ex-military men working under the radar of most governments. If you have a problem no one else can handle, they can help.

A former SEAL and Black Ops specialist who left the CIA, Nick Donovan gave up a life on the edge to work in the private sector. But that didn't stop his enemies from coming after him—or his family. In a case of mistaken identity, a drug cartel kidnaps his sister-in-law's best friend … a woman from Nick's past.

One minute Jennifer Grayson is housesitting and the next she's abducted to a foreign brothel. Jennifer is planning her escape when her first "customer" arrives. Nick, the man who broke her heart years ago, has come to her rescue. Now, as they race for their lives, passion for each other reignites and old secrets resurface. Can Nick keep the woman he loves safe against an enemy with a personal vendetta?

My Review

Jennifer Grayson’s life has gone to the crapper, she is newly divorced and her ex has already knock up the younger model he traded her in for up. Then her house floods due to a leaky pipe, so she stays at her friend’s house while they are on a cruise for Christmas. How could life get worse?? Oh ya have a major case of mistaken identity when men storm the house and tie her to a chair then kidnap her thinking that she is her friend. She decides not to let the men in on their mistake, so as to keep her friend safe and herself alive. Then she finds out the reason as to why this is happening her friend’s husband’s brother Nick is who these men are trying to get to. And the kicker she used to be madly in love with Nick until he shipped off and cut all contact with her.

Nick knows he is in a dangerous profession that is why he cuts all ties to everyone and keeps the fact that he even has a brother out of all the paper work. But after he is undercover and things go sideways almost killing him a drug cartel marks him for revenge. While he thinks his brother and his family are safe on a vacation he paid for he has no idea Jennifer is staying at their house until he receives a message and a photo…that photo is of a women he hasn’t seen in years and he still feels the pull towards her. The photo makes him jump into action and do what he does best..Fight and fight hard.

Once Nick is able to reach Jen they start their journey on the run from men that will not think twice to end them but along the way they find out just how much they love and need each other. But Jen has been hurt too many times and Nick doesn’t want to have anyone in his life that can be sucked into the dangerous life he leads. But the passion between these two in undeniable.

I loved the suspense of this book and it had me on the edge of my seat the whole way through. I love love loved Nick. He is a true alpha that will protect what’s his without thought of his own safety. When life gets to crazy and Jen runs he runs right after her and pulls her into safety yet again. This is defiantly one of those books that every detail is intertwined and is hard to say too much about without giving it all away, so sorry if I have confused any of you..

Really all I can say is that I won’t even think twice about picking up the next book in this series because I have a feeling Hollywood (who you meet in this book) will give Nick a run for his money in alphaness and sexiness;)

★★☆4.5 Undercover Stars ☆★★

Review By Angela Deforge

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About the Author
Kay Thomas

Kay Thomas didn't grow up burning to be a writer. She wasn't even much of a reader until fourth grade. That's when her sister readThe Black Stallion aloud to her. For hours Kay was enthralled—shipwrecked and riding an untamed horse across desert sand. Then tragedy struck. Her sister lost her voice. But Kay couldn't wait to hear what happened in the story—so she picked up that book, finished reading it herself, and went in search of more adventures at the local library.

Today Kay lives in Dallas with her husband, two children, and a shockingly spoiled Boston terrier. Her award-winning novels have been published internationally.

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  1. Wow, what a review! I think it's marvelous when a reviewer gets excited about a book he or she likes so much. I'm gonna be reading this story myself before long, so I like reading the reviews it's getting. I think Jennifer and Nick are going to have a very exciting time in this story, and I want to read all about it! Thanks for the post. jdh2690@gmail.com