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***Release Blitz & Giveaway*** Into The Light by Kat T. Masen


Into the Light (The Dark Angel Series)
by Kat T. Masen
Publication: August 23, 2014


“I need to tell you why I was so afraid to fall in love with you again. Why from the moment I saw you in the restaurant I tried to deny any feelings I still had for you. Why I pushed you away, why I lied to you that day in the hospital… It all started during the summer break of 2005, exactly sixty days since the last time I had seen you…”

He was the Dark Angel. He came and stole what she had desperately tried to hold onto: her heart. Charlie Mason thought she knew better until her insecurities overruled and she again believed he broke her.

In a bid to finally find their happily ever after, Lex and Charlie find themselves on a journey of learning how to love again. They began a new future to move forward from a broken past, but life is never so easy. When you finally have the one thing you’ve always wanted, what do you do when that place of darkness finds its way back, shattering everything you fought so hard to have? 

This is the final story of Lex and Charlie, two souls that were brought back together in a twist of fate. An eternal love that has been through every storm, dragged into the dark abyss without a chance of climbing out, but through all the battles they find themselves in a place they call home, away from the darkness and away from the fear. With a glimmer of hope, they look directly into the light.

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About the Author

Born and bred in Sydney Australia, Kat T. Masen is a mother to three crazy boys and wife to one sane husband. Growing up in a generation where social media and fancy gadgets didn’t exist, she enjoyed reading from an early age and found herself immersed in these stories. After meeting friends on twitter who loved to read as much as she did, her passion to write began and the friendships continued on despite the distance. 
“I’m known to be crazy and humorous. Show me the most random picture of a dog in a wig and I’ll be laughing for days. “


  1. Yeah...I stayed with him way to just about killed me to leave.

  2. yes i dated a bad boy but it didnt last

  3. ugh yes, my ex-husband. I was with him a long time...

  4. Yes when I was a teenager there was a much older guy that was sexy and a bad boy. I thought I was in love with him and would flirt with him, my mother found out and threatened him with a baseball bat to not ever talk to me again lol

  5. Yes, the guy I dated though college.

  6. Yes, the guy I dated in college.

  7. none so far, thank you for the chance :)