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***REIVEW*** Twisted (Blood & Roses Series #5) by Callie Hart


Title: Twisted (Blood & Roses #5)
Author: Callie Hart
Genre: Dark Romance
Publication Date: August 18th, 2014
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How many times can a person fall down and still get back up? How many times can things go wrong before you just give up?

I’ve lost everything. My home, my job, my purpose in life—everything has been turned upside down. But while life hasn’t exactly turned out the way I would have liked it to, I wouldn’t change a thing. If things were different, I wouldn’t have Lacey. I wouldn’t have Michael. 

But most importantly, I wouldn’t have him. 

I’ve realized what I feel. He knew it before I did. Only one question remains: 

Is he capable of feeling the same way?


Secrets are a prison, and I have been behind bars for years. Sloane Romera has been turning keys in all of my locks, throwing light on corners of my mind that I thought would forever be shrouded in darkness. Or at least I had hoped would be. 

I have done so many wrongs in this life, and yet this woman has forgiven me. She’s done something I never thought possible—she has learned to understand me, and she hasn’t run. She’s amazed me. She’s saved me. She’s fallen in love with me. 

If it’s within my power, I’m about to do the same for her.

My Review

TWISTED…could the title be any more perfect? There is so much going on in Twisted that honestly by the end, you still will not have a clue what is going on.

No woman has ever done that before. No woman has ever made me want to claim her. And no woman has ever claimed me in such a way in return. 

This fifth edition to the Blood and Roses series was just phenomenal. You get crazy drama with Lacey, betrayal from those we love, revelations about Rebel are brought to our attention, and most of all, we got a whole lot more Zeth and Sloane.

Zeth will do anything to keep and protect Sloane. His need for her just beyond anything he ever thought he could feel. She is in no way just another girl to him, she is his other half. He struggles with this because he knows how deep Sloane’s feelings for him go and there is just no way can he bring himself to feel the same, or at least admit that he does.

There’s silence, and then she finally speaks. Her words are the kind made to stop a man’s heart. They’re the kind of words that have started wars and burned the world to the ground.

“I can’t say that. I—I’m in love with him.”

It feels as though I’ve just been belted in the stomach with a battering ram. Sloane must hear—she spins around, and every last drop of color drains from her face. We stare at each other for a moment, and then she whispers into her phone. 

“No. There’s nothing more to say.”

We get a peek into Zeth’s past and finally get some answers as to why he is the way he is, and it makes my heart hurt for him but, at the same time, love him even more.

Sloane loves Zeth, like LOVES him. She will do absolutely anything for him. She is done denying it and done fighting it, nothing will stop her from fighting to be with him. Even if that means letting go of the people and life she used to lead.

“I’m not afraid of you, and I’m not afraid of what you represent. For me.”

“What do I represent for you, Sloane?” he whispers.

“You represent a lifetime of worry and potential pain, Zeth. You represent countless sleepless nights while I worry about you, where you are, whether you’re okay. If you’re hurt. You represent the repeated sheer terror of finding out you are actually hurt and the subsequent sheer of terror that comes with trying to save you. You represent heartbreak and fear and loss.”

The bond between Zeth and Sloane just grows and grows throughout each installment. Their passion toward each other is just off the charts in this book. Zeth has so many control issues and “rules” when it comes to Sloane and being intimate with her. No sleeping together, no kissing, no deep emotional chats about the past. The list could go on. Lets just say that some of those are ticked off the list and its an explosion you will not want to miss. I completely died during a few parts of this book. Having to reread them a few times because I could not get over the raw emotion and intense passion of the moment. It was all consuming. 


We see a lot more Rebel in this story to. Rebel is still a mystery and dare I say that I am actually starting too really like the guy? Yes, that is right, I think I’m really going to be lovin’ up on Rebel when his book comes out.

Twisted is filled with never ending drama, passion, love, and betrayal. Definitely a must read. Great Job Callie on another amazing installment of the Blood and Roses series!!

★★☆ 5 Twisted to Perfection Stars ☆★★

Reviewed by Alissa Evanson

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