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Title: Forever Waiting
Author: P.D Stevens
Genre: Contemporary
Publication Date: June 2014
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After living in fear of a hidden past and denying herself a real chance at true love, the beautiful and independent Landrey Steele goes about her everyday life in New York City working as an assistant to a well known fashion designer. Taking on an opportunity to launch a new clothing line in California, Landrey finds herself in a situation for which she has longed, but never imagined could actually happen. When she runs into the one man for whom she would have given up everything, passion reignites between Landrey and the engaging, blue-eyed Zaine Brooks. Their relationship blossoms, but somebody doesn’t like it. A intimidating string of events begins to hit too close to home and threatens the happiness it has taken her so long to find. Will this fear keep Landrey and Zaine Forever Waiting?

My Review

This is an amazing debut novel by PD Stevens. I was blown away by the depth of this book. You could feel every emotion through the characters. This is a book of love, second chances and taking a leap of faith for something that is not guaranteed. I love the way this book is written and fell in love with everybody in it, even at their dark times. I will defiantly be keeping an eye out for more books by her.

We start off with meeting Landrey she lives in a small college town and works at a pizza joint. She is starting over after getting out of an abusive relationship, which went from bad to worse. She is a strong woman who is friends with all her coworkers, who happen to be all males but she looks at them more as brothers she never had but then enters Zaine. The feelings for him are defiantly not brotherly. Zaine is only in town for a hale semester for a study exchange program but they end up having a strong connection that feels so right. When Zaine has to leave to go back home he asks Landrey to come with him and to his joy and surprise she says “yes.” But the morning that they are to meet at the airport and begin their lives together Landrey starts to doubt everything and has second thoughts due to the abuse from her past and she never makes the flight.

Fast forward 8 years and Laundry is living her dream in the fashion world. Her and her best friend Tayla to Las Angeles to open up a new store and run a fashion show there. The only problem is she knows that Zaine lives there and he has owned her heart since the day they met and she never moved on from not going with him 8 years prior. While there her lovely friend Tayla hires a lighting crew….well it turns out that the business is owned by non-other than Zaine. And man he is even more hot and sexy than the last time she saw him.

They end up reconnecting and starting a love story that is beautiful. The way that they open up to each other is eye opening. The love that they both carried for each other for 8 year is amazing. We could all learn a lesson on unconditional love from these two. While they start their relationship over there is most defiantly some hiccups in the road. Add one crazy bitch ex for Zaine and then add the abusive asshat that just got outta prison for Landrey and well any relationship will be tested.

Now for Zaine…He makes me want to go to LA and find a copy of After he thought Laundrey didn’t have the same deep feelings for him he went home and finished school, then opened up his own business with his brothers. He never felt love like the love he felt for Landrey so he threw himself into his work making his company very very wealthy. When he comes face to face with his past he can’t believe it. For 8 years he has wondered why she never showed but once she does show up he is determined to never let her go again. Even if it means getting between her and someone trying to kill her.

“have you ever been with someone who makes all the bad go away for a little while? Have you ever hugged someone or kissed them and still felt their arms around you or their lips the next day, just because it felt so right? I have that with you, don’t you get that?”

The extra characters in this book are freaking awesome and had me in stiches the whole time. Like really what happens when you add your two best girlfriends and your boyfriend’s mother with a bottle of whiskey?? Laughing till it hurts is what happens. I really hope that the others in this book get their own stories as well as a peak into how Landrey and Zaine are doing.

My hat is off to Miss.Stevens. Your book is beautiful, steamy and sexy as hell but I love the added bonus of a little suspense to keep you guessing. At no point was I ever bored and wished it would just be done or that I was missing something. Keep up the awesome writing and I look forward to reading many books from you.

Review By Angela Deforge

★★☆5 Love Knows No End Stars ☆★★

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