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***Blog Tour,Review,Excerpts and Giveaway*** The Deepest Cut By T.A Anderson

Title:The Deepest Cut
Author: T.A. Anderson
Genre: Contemporary
Publication Date: May 4, 2014
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The Deepest Cut (The Cut Series, #2)


*****Author disclaimer: Due to graphic language and sexual debaucheries, this book is intended for mature audiences only. Fair warning.*****

What consequences would you be willing to suffer for the truth? How much would you willingly give and take for love? 

Ande's life has changed drastically in the past year. Her mere plans to make it through culinary school unscathed are a thing of the past. Graduation is on the horizon, but Ande's life refuses to slow down and let her enjoy it. 

Daniel stole Ande's heart, then ripped it, unforgivingly, from her chest. He left her feeling rejected and alone, buried deep under a mountain of questions. Now he's ready to let Ande see the darkness of his past, but is it too late? Has she moved on? 

Blake is on the mend and his heart is back with a vengeance. Can people really change their ways? Is Blake the man for Ande?

With a new found mantra, and bad-ass friends at her side, Ande forces her way through the questions the men in her life have left her with. When she finally has the answers, will she regret searching for the truth? 

Love and friendships will be tested. Lies will become truths. Who will make the final cut?


Ande? Ande, you here?”
I heard a distant voice, pulling me from my sleep. I rolled into Blake’s side, searching for warmth when I heard the voice moving closer.
“Ande? Are you still in bed?”
I forced an eye open and lifted my head to look at the clock.
Blake stirred next to me, voicing his protest at my moving. His eyes opened half way, revealing his blood shot hazels.
“Good morning.”
He smiled and leaned in for a kiss.
I slapped my hand over his mouth before he made contact.
“Oh, hell no. That dragon breath needs to be contained before you come near me.”
His mouth fell open when I removed my hand.
“Oh, come on. It’s not that horrible.”
He exaggerated every word, making sure to direct his breath straight at my nostrils. I rolled out of bed, trying to escape death by halitosis. He followed suit, clearly in a playful mood. When he stood up, I jerked back toward the wall.
Naked Blake.
That was a sure way to wake you up quicker than an ice-cold bucket of water in the morning.
His expression mimicked mine, standing there naked, each waiting for the other to attack.
My bedroom door flew open and there stood my father. It took him a few seconds to realize what he had just walked into.
“Shit. Dad, get out! Get out!” I shouted.

My Review

Well Miss.Anderson you have done it again and brought me peace of mind with your second book in this series The Deepest Cut. I sure hope you all have read the first because man oh mighty does this one finish it with a bang. I love these characters and felt very invested with them so I was so happy to see how their stories played out in this book. If you all read my review for the first book (which I hope you did) you know my love hate relationship with this book and just like the first one my love for it out ways the hate by miles and miles!!

We catch up right where we left off in the first book with Ande being pregnant and abandoned by Daniel. She is trying to pick up the pieces, while taking life by the horns at the same time. She has decided to have this baby no matter what and will do it all on her own if she has to. But does she really have to?? Blake is still there wanting to make everything right between them and even wants to be the daddy for her baby. Ande though still loves Daniel but can’t get over the betrayal of him lying to her and leaving her. She tries making all the right decisions in life but feels like she is falling short and failing all over again.

"I think it's time you realize that life won’t always lead you where you want it to. But you can make the process easier to bear with the choices you make."
Tears crowded my cheeks. I had my own personal Yoda in the form of my mother.
“I’m scared that I’m in love with a man who can never fully love me back. The way he was with Bryn... that gutted me. I want someone to love me that much. To care about me so much, they would stick by me no matter what."
She gave me a knowing look.
"If that's what you want, that's what you have to give. It goes both ways, Ande. You have to give your heart fully or not at all. You can’t hold back because you’re scared he’s holding back. Look where that’s gotten you already. You have to go into this with an open mind and an open heart. Give until you have nothing left and without expecting anything in return."
"But what if he doesn’t want me like I want him?"
“That’s when you ask yourself if he’s worth the pain of trying. Is he worth putting yourself out there, even though he may not reciprocate? If he is, then you shouldn’t be scared. No matter what, you will live through it. It may hurt like hell if it doesn’t go your way, but you will survive. You have too many people in your corner to let you fall. Now, you have a reason bigger than yours or Daniel’s wellbeing to keep going.” 

Daniel’s family is there for her though and wants to be a part of the baby’s life, even if Daniel doesn’t. But when Daniel’s wife falls ill from an attempt on her life by one phyco clown. (Yes ladies she is in this book too.) it brings everything to light for Ande. Watching him at her bedside she realises that this is it her happily ever after isn’t just going to fall in her lap and she can’t keep trying to please people.

Daniel’s story comes full circle in this book and we learn just shy he ran from Ande and the baby. His story is one that will break your heart so much that you will forget that you were thinking what a douche through most of the story. We learn the extent of his ex-wife’s illness and just what brought on her final fall.

I loved this story so much and I don’t think it could have been any better. The author was able to write a beautiful story that is not rushed but shows the time that is needed for hearts to mend and relationships to really grow. Cheers to you Miss.Anderson and I look forward too many more stories from you and hope that another book will come from this group of characters because I love them each inn their own way…even Blake now that I understand


 “I think you’re overreacting. I see you two together. He has to drag his tongue back into his mouth when you walk into the room,” Bennett said, poking her head between us from the third row of the SUV.
“You sure it’s not the other way around? Char’s damn bra snaps off when she sees Cameron,” I laughed as I propped the door open to climb out.
“That’s impossible. I make sure to leave all undergarments at home when I know Cameron will be around.”
Char grinned from ear to ear as she climbed out of the backseat.
“Well, I hope you left your panties at home,” Bennett said as she clambered over the seats for the door.
She jumped out and pointed to the entrance of the school.
Char and I followed the direction of her finger. Cameron was standing next to the planters just outside the door, holding a box with a huge red bow attached to it.
“Holy sex monkeys,” I whispered, gawking at Cameron. 

★★☆5 Sizzling Stars ☆★★

Review By Angela Deforge


When I closed the guest room door behind me, I felt trapped. The panic started to rise slowly, then slammed me forward when I turned to see Blake crying.
"I'm sorry about last night. I should’ve stayed and talked to you. I know you guys have issues you haven’t dealt with and I overreacted."
I blinked a few times, confused by his apology.
"No, Blake. I’m sorry. I didn’t know he was going to be there. I sure as hell didn’t know he was going to kiss me."
His hands settled on his hips, his eyes fixed on mine.
"I can’t blame him, can I? I know what makes him want you, what makes him love you. ‘Cause I feel it, Ant… all of it, if not more. I’ve had you for longer, and I want you forever.” He paused, wiping the wetness from his cheeks with the back of his hand. “I feel like you’re slipping through my fingers, like I’m screwing everything up all over again.” He bit his lip, forcing his chin to stop quivering.
Blake wasn’t an emotional man. Seeing him this distraught made me feel that everything he had said, was true. I wanted to accept his truths, but he had fed me so many lies. There was a time in my life when I was a glutton when it came to Blake, but now, it was time I said I had my fill of him.
"Blake, you had me for forever. I handed over my life to you, all of me. Our forever was shot to shit when you cheated on me. Our chance was then, and this is now we’re talking about. I'm not trying to be a bitch, Blake, and this has nothing to do with Daniel. It’s my heart... I can't..."

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About the Author

I'm a sarcastic, Disney loving, procrastinator. I hope to write stories that speak to me first and foremost, then give readers an honest, non-cookie cutter world to get lost in. I always root for the underdog, so I try to inject one into each of my stories. I'm in desperate need of Starbucks, a shower, and sunlight on any given day. I'm certain Chewbacca is my soul mate. I hope you read my words and enjoy them. If you don't, I still dig you.

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