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***Review*** Little Doll (Bittersweet Duet #1) by Melissa Jane

Title: Little Doll
Author: Melissa Jane
Genre: Dark Romance
Publication Date: August 11th 2014
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Laila had already overcome many heartbreaking obstacles in her twenty-five years… but none compared to this. With her brother missing and no other family to speak of, Laila has no idea of the evil that shadows her every move. Now in the hands of a notorious cartel family, she quickly learns that trust and betrayal are a deadly mix. 

Aiden had a plan. One that was operating smoothly until Laila surfaced in his father’s mansion. With time against him, he must work night and day to right the wrongs that threaten to expose his ultimate betrayal.

Juan and Aiden share many differences, but the one thing that threatens to tear their family apart is the one thing they want to claim as their own, no matter what the costs. 
This series continues with Part Two: Crimson Desert (Bittersweet Duet)

WARNING: This book contains violence, and sexual themes. Intended for readers 18+

My Review

Woah! What a ride Little Doll took me on. This twisted and intense suspenseful romance was just the beginning for our unlikely couple, Laila and Aiden. WHAT.A.CLIFFHANGER! Thank gosh book two is out and ready to read. I am so thrilled to keep reading and find out what will happen next. 

The well of tears spilled down my cheeks and I finally relented to the grief that overwhelmed me. This place was a prison I feared I could never escape. - Laila

Little Doll is a dark romance, so do expect some sick and nasty moments to occur! While some of the subject matter Miss Jane touches on is quite controversial and simply not for some people, she writes these harsher scenes in a way that won't have you completely cringing at what's happening. I know, I know, how is that possible right? They are just written in a way that I personally found not as hard to read as what I have in some other books. They aren't too descriptive and gritty, and they are covered quite quickly. 

The storyline was very intriguing, I found myself eager to continue page after page so I could figure out what was happening with this crazy bunch of people, the author has done a marvellous job at keeping us readers guessing. The book is filled with compelling characters that you will either love or hate. I really enjoyed jumping into the minds of our hero and heroine, they are both characters that have very likeable qualities and there were definitely a few swoon worthy moments there with our brooding, sexy Aiden. Watching the relationship that forms between Laila and Aiden was fantastic, I just wanted more to happen, and faster! Some parts of this book for me were a little slow, but I do believe that could have to do with the fact that this is a two part series and it is simply how it's been written so it is all covered over the two books.

I only have two other small issues with Little Doll, and that is the constant use of words the majority of people do not use on a regular basis or probably ever use for that matter, I just don't think readers want to be looking up words every few pages in their dictionary's to see what they actually mean. And also, the over descriptiveness in some scenes was a little unnecessary. Simple things like noting every small detail of the room our heroine has just walked into, etc. Don't get me wrong, it was fantastic to gain such a detailed visual in my head of the scene, but sometimes it was just a little much and I feel it wasn't always needed.

Little Doll is definitely a must read for those dark romance lovers out there, it's full of suspense, angst, lust, grit and plenty more. Despite my small concerns, this story is very captivating and Miss Jane has most definetly got herself a fabulous debut on her hands.

★★☆ 4 Munequita Stars! ☆★★
Reviewed by Bel Burgess

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About the Author

A recent bloomer in the writing world, Melissa Jane has delved into a complex world where light and dark clash in unforgivable ways. Romanticism takes on darker influences while malevolence attempts to interfere with courage. Jane knows no boundaries when it comes to discovering the endless personalities that exist within our world. No one is exempt from love, not even those condemned to a life of pain and betrayal where revenge is the only safe passage to true freedom.

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