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***Release Blitz, Review & Giveaway*** Beat By Amity Cross

Title: Beat
Series: The Beat and the Pulse #1
Author: Amity Cross
 Release Date: October 6, 2014
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Renee "Ren" Miller was five when her Dad left to go to the shops and never came back.

Left to grow up with a cancer riddled mother, things have never been easy for a teenager who had to be wise beyond her years. Then one day they lose the battle and she’s all alone.

Now twenty-two, Ren reluctantly goes to find her estranged father. He owns the down and out boxing studio, Beat, and Ren finds herself drawn to the ring. She thrives on learning a new way of fighting a life that kept kicking her down…instead of struggling against the current, she kicks it right between the legs.

Then one day, Ash Fuller, her Dad's star fighter comes back to town. Mysterious, handsome… Dangerous… Everything Ren doesn't need.

But he's got other ideas…

…and so does she.

Hot damn! Beat is one hell of steamy hot book with a fabulous story line and fun, quirky characters. This book had me laughing my ass off and I found myself completely falling for not just our main characters but also the secondary ones! Every character in this book made it what it was, and it was brilliant. I enjoyed reading every moment of this aussie, fighter romance. Now I am hanging for Pulse (book #2) after that ending. If you enjoy reading about strong, sassy women and hunky fighter beefcakes then this book is a must read. My one and only issue with the story was the emotional depth and connection between Ash and Ren. I would have loved a little more from each of them in this department so I could really get a good feel for their connection towards one another. 

Meet Renee (Ren), a young woman who now finds herself on her own with no one to lean on and nowhere to go. Ren's mother has just past away, and her last wish for her daughter was for her to go and seek out her father. Ren hesitantly pursues her mother's wish and sets out to find the man who left them so many years ago. Discovering that her father owns and runs a local, beat up gym in Melbourne, Ren finds herself intrigued by the MMA fighters that train at the gym. She starts with self defence classes and soon realises how much she enjoys the fighting, she so trains late at night by herself unbeknownst to anyone else. Unfortunately, As the weeks go by Ren and her father still don't see eye to her and can't seem to find a happy medium in their whatever-this-is relationship. 

If I was going to be shoved into a storage closet like a dirty little secret, I'd milk Daddy dearest for all he was worth. He had seventeen years to make up for and I intended to make him pay for each and every one. - Ren

Along with a few other unexpected curveballs thrown Ren's way, she struggles to find her place in the world or at Beat(the gym). That is until, she meets Ash Fuller. Or as I like to think of him, Ash Full-of-himself. 

I never really forgot how to fight, it was in my blood. I was born kicking and screaming and I'd go out the same way. - Ash

Oh Ash, the man is pure freaking sex. From the muscles, to the amazing strength he has, to the dirty words that fall from his mouth, this man has it all. Years ago, Ash was in the running to become a world champion MMA fighter. Trained by his coach at Beat, (Ren's Dad) he was on his way to the top. That was until everything was taken from him. The wrong people knew the right buttons to press, sending Ash into a rage so uncontrollable that not even he can recall what happens during them. 

No one has seen or heard from Ash in years, and one night he rocks back up at Beat to start training again. What he didn't expect to find inside the old gym was Ren. 

She was Coach's mother fuckin' daughter. Renee. Ren. Spitfire. Shit hot aim with a cricket bat. - Ash

Sparks fly immediately, lust and desire written all over their faces, both stubborn with bad attitudes, these two get off to a rocky start. But that doesn't stop the undeniable sexual tension between these two badass fighters. When they finally get their shit together, these two go off like a rocket! Holy hot damn those sexy scenes are off the charts. It's rough, it's dirty, and it's anything but average. 

Complete. I felt fucking complete. It was the weirdest sensation ever I'd ever felt, but it was mine and I was going to keep it. I was going to keep Ash and fucked if he had a choice about it. Two could play at this alpha game. - Ren 

Life hasn't been all that kind to neither Ash or Ren, old demons threaten their future, new ones cause havoc. Can these two fight through the darkness together? 

Her and I together... she chased away the demons. They were gone. - Ash

So I have to say, Ren is completely KICK ASS! I love her and her sass. Ash grew on me and in the end I did really like him. The other characters that stood out for me were the twins and Josie. I adored these guys! Seriously, they contributed a lot to how much I enjoyed this book. The author has done a wonderful job at giving us a funny, realistic, intriguing story between two broken people who have lost all hope, this book definitely leaves you wanting more. The writing quality was really good, with a bit more depth from the characters, more emotion and a little tweaking this book could of been a five star read. STILL, fabulous though. A sexy fighter romance you won't want to miss. 

If I was ever capable of love, then this was as far as I would go to declare it. Right over the edges of the earth and into hell itself. Was it love or madness? Could a beast truly love? Who fucking knew? - Ash

★☆★ 4 'I might just drag my ass to the gym to see that' Stars★☆★
Reviewed By Bel Burgess

My fist slammed into the heavy leather bag, the impact jolting up my arm and absorbing into my torso. 
The only light was from the back row of fluorescents I’d switched on over the ring. It was dark, murky and helped me pretend I was someplace else. The drama from the daylight hours was gone and it was just me and the darkness. Exactly the way I liked it. 
I began another set of punches, hair sticking to the sweat beading across the back of my neck. Structure. This was the only thing that was predictable in my life and I needed predictable. 
Stance. Guard. Punch. Guard. Repeat. 
There was a loud cough behind me and I spun on my heel, heart thumping in my chest, and my gaze collided with Ash’s. 
“Fuck,” I exclaimed, holding a hand over my heart. “Don’t fucking do that, Ash.” Typical. The creeper was being all creeper again. 
“What are you doing?” He stared at me, his gaze hovering a little too long on my bare midriff. 
I steadied the bag with one hand, taking deep breaths. “What does it look like?” 
“I’ve never seen…” He trailed off and I wondered if I’d finally made the Golden Boy lost for words.  
I turned my back so I didn’t have to look at him. “What? A woman in a sports bra? Highly doubt it.” I rolled my eyes and wiped my forehead with the back of my arm. Even though I couldn’t see, I felt his gaze burning into my skin and I suppressed the urge to squeeze my thighs together. Infuriating, self-absorbed, arrogant…

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Author Bio
Amity Cross isn’t my real name. That’s no secret.

I didn’t want my Mum and my workplace to find out I wrote about doodles and tongue-in-cheek sexual innuendo.

I live in a leafy suburb of Melbourne writing about screwed up relationships and kick ass female leads that don’t take s**t lying down.

Insert more pretentious c**p here.

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