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***Blog Tour, Review, Excerpt, Teasers & Giveaway*** Enticed by You by Amy Muscat

From the moment Peyton Emerson discovered she was pregnant at 18, although scared, she couldn't wait to share the exciting news with the baby's father and her childhood sweetheart, Keller James-who was serving at war in Afghanistan. 

Then a letter came from Keller shattering Peyton's world, saying he wanted nothing more to do with her or her unborn child. 

Or so she thought.... 

Fast forward five years, and Peyton, now 23, is living in New York City with her daughter Ivy, and her crazy British best friend Lottie Carter, working part time as a stripper to provide for them. 

As Peyton and Keller are reunited, they discover the truths and the lies that left them both heartbroken. 


Will she take him back?

Can she forgive him for everything?

Will a chance meeting with the man that left her heartbroken and pregnant, take her back to the dark place he left her in?

Or will they find their love again?
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This story is about betrayal, lies, revenge and Second Chance Romance.

Peyton is a 23 yr old single mom to a five year old daughter. Five years ago Peyton heart was ripped out when her first love Keller went off to the military. Suddenly after he leaves she finds out she’s is pregnant and writes him a letter to let him know. She never thought she would get a letter back form Keller like she did, telling her he wants nothing to do with her or the baby and to move on with her life. Gutted and broken hearted Peyton had no choice to do this on her own. 5 yrs have past and she is working 2 jobs. One in a coffee shop the other she’s not so thrilled about, a stripper. One night a group of men for a Bachelors party came in and Peyton was surprised at whose lap she would be dancing on.

“Gasping I turned around and saw his face. The face of the boy who broke me almost five years ago and left me eighteen and pregnant.”

Let’s just say things got real interesting. Peyton and Keller are thrown through a tail spin. 
They learn someone messed with their lives. Keller had never written such letter and he had no idea he had a daughter. I tell you I choked up when he first sees his daughter. Tear jerker!!
 I couldn’t imagine knowing you had a child and someone would do such deceitful things.
 I was angry and I was so ready to find out who did it.

Since this is all new news for Peyton and Keller, you see two young kids at the time now adults trying to get through what has become of their lives. They didn't have too much of a problem. 
The sexual tension was there and the love. At first Peyton held on to the anger and hate from the past 5 years and then to know it wasn’t true was hard for her to grasp. Slowly she lets down her defenses and lets Keller in. Seeing these two together with made my heart melt. I’m a sucker for second chance love, especially when 2 people who love each other so much were ripped apart due to lies. Ugh!! So frustrating.

Over all the story was great! There is so much action that goes down in the book and some twist. I had an idea who was the one keeping them apart but was completely surprised to the other stuff that went on. As Keller, I LOVE him!!! He makes me swoon and he’s a dirty talking man too!! J

“The love I feel for you goes bone deep, you’re my soul mate, Pey, and I’ll never let you go again. Me and You? We’re like a double helix pie. We’ll never be apart.”

★★☆ 4 Stars ☆★★

Review by Ashley Lenderman

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Excerpt 1:  
I grabbed the pole and slowly spun on it using one leg, before coming off it again and teasingly started pulling my dress up inch by inch showing them my lace-clad ass before pulling it back down and covering it, hearing them boo. You can’t get naked too quickly, it’s a 4 minute song and I couldn’t stand there naked for that long, fuck that.
Excerpt 2: 
Keller groaned into my mouth and I felt one of his arms wrap around my back and the other slowly move up the side of my ribs skimming my breast and up to the back of my neck, where he grasped onto the roots of my hair, twining his hand in and pulling my head back. He deepened the kiss, pulling his lip from in-between mine and gently bit mine.

I gasped at the slight sting and he took advantage and pushed his tongue in.

Our tongues battled for what seemed like hours when in actuality it was a minute or so. I pulled away gasping for breath, but Keller didn’t once take his lips off my skin. He just moved slowly down my cheek, kissed my jaw, before moving to my neck, where he sucked and tasted and nibbled.

Amy Muscat is a twenty-two year old London girl, a bookaholic, and when she’s not writing or reading, you can find her pulling a pint behind the bar where she works, where she drives all her customers mad talking about people that don't exist.


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