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***REVIEW & GIVEAWAY*** Burn by Callie Hart

Title: Burn (Blood & Roses #3)
Author: Callie Hart
Genre: Dark Romance
Publication Date: May 22, 2014
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So Fracture ends with Sloane and Zeth going to meet Julio in his office. I have to say that entire scene was pretty hilarious to me. I couldn’t stop laughing. Sloane was having an internal freak out about what is being said, what Julio wants her to do, and trying to make her story that she is indeed a “hooker” believable.

Shit. When he asked me my last name, I gave him the first one that came to mind—the name of my Spanish teacher in high school. Seemed appropriate at the time, but now I’m beginning to see the error of my ways. I should have said fucking Sparkles or something. Lovelace. A hooker surname, not a dentist surname.

Set to find Alexis once and for all, Zeth and Sloane have to keep up appearance but they ARE Zeth and Sloane. Zeth is a hothead and Sloane is well…as Zeth likes to say an “Angry Girl”

So they fight and butt heads…a lot, and risk being caught by Julio or his men which means there is a good chance one or both of them will not make it out of there alive.

Sloane was awesome and kicked some major ass in this book. She is strong and wasn’t about to let anyone walk all over her. She refuses to let her emotions break her down and keep her from finding the one reason her life has been completely flipped upside down…to find Alexis.

Zeth…Oh man. Zeth surprised me in this book. He is definitely the same old Zeth but with a bit of a twist. We see a side to Zeth in this book that we have only gotten a glimpse of thus far. It’s not much more but it definitely adds depth to his character.


Sloane is still battling with her feelings towards Zeth and things have taken quite a turn. The foreplay (or whatever you wanna call it) and the sex was f*cking epic as always.

(Sorry no blue popsicles this time around *sad face emocon* )

But lets just say Sloane is slowly coming out of her shell…

“Wonderful. I’m glad I’m not the only sadist in this relationship.”

But Zeth is Zeth and let’s face it…He’s always going to be the one in control of everything that happens between them…it’s why we love him so much… right? Or maybe it’s the big black duffle bag filled with toys that makes us want to run and hide and pad our panties all at the same time.
**fan self**

Instead he slides his hand up my body and doesn’t stop until he reaches my neck. Once he’s there, he curls his fingers around my throat and squeezes. Hard enough to block off the oxygen. 


“Ride it out, angry girl. You’re gonna like it, I promise.”

“You like this better, don’t you? You like obeying me. You like feeling defenseless. You like feeling that truckle of fear, lighting up your insides. It makes you feel alive.”

So I’m not really going to say anything about storyline because you deserves to experience every single mind boggling twist and turn for yourself. All I’m going to say is that it’s f*cking epic!

I swear after I finished reading it, I was sitting on the couch and kept going “Oh My God” over and over again. My husband asked me what the hell I was freaking out about and all I could do was sit there in stunned silence.

Fucking. Epic. Definitely did not see that happening!

Callie…you rocked it! Plain and simple. I was not a fan of novella series but this series has had me hooked since the beginning and I know I say this at the end of all my reviews of the Blood & Roses series but I cannot wait for the next book. 

★★☆ 5 "I'm a Zeth Freak" Stars ☆★★

Reviewed by Alissa Evanson

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