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Title: Daisy Does it All
Author: Kylie Gilmore
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publication Date: May 1, 2014
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Daisy Does It All (Clover Park, #2)


Reality is overrated…

Exhausted single mom Daisy Garner is shocked when her blog about life with Darling Husband and Baby Delight in their charming Victorian home brings a national talk show to her door.

Amazing! Except she made the whole thing up.

Panic! Now she needs to borrow a Victorian house and find a man to play her fake husband on TV.

Travis O'Hare steps up for the role, as long as she'll marry him for real. He wants their son to have the stable home life Travis never had.

But before the wedding can happen, Travis and Daisy have to get through the interview with a ratings hungry host and a slick producer with ties to Daisy's troubled past. When a winter storm traps them all, it begs the question: can two people pretending at love finally discover the real thing?

My Review

 Daisy blogs her life as a loving mother to a perfect son who she refers to as baby delight and an amazing “darling husband” who does it all. They live a perfect life in their Victorian home and small town life, with everyday being something special. She is the perfect homemaker, who makes 5 star meals and can sex kitten it up for her darling husband while still keeping it G rated for baby delight. Sounds like a perfect life doesn’t it? Here’s the problem it’s all fake!! In reality Daisy is a single mom who lives in an apartment with her far from perfect baby. Even though he is perfect in her eyes that lil man gives her a run for her money. And the darling husband?  Well he does exist sort of…. Trav and Daisy had a heartbreak and tequila infused night that resulted in Bryce. Trav has true feeling for Daisy and asks her to marry him all the time. But Daisy is tired of being the screw up in the family and refuses to jump in head first anymore or do something because it would make life easier.

  But she learns that life sometimes throws you a big curve ball….Her blog catches the attention of a popular morning show and they want to interview her. Daisy is ecstatic thinking that this is her chance to get herself out of debt and provide a better life for her and Bryce. Until she stops and thinks about it….they want to interview her in her Victorian home with her perfect baby and husband. She decides to do the next best thing fake it till she makes it. She gets a house from Trav’s gram and then asks Trav to play the darling husband part. Everyone agrees to help with one catch…Trav doesn’t want to play husband he wants ‘be her husband.’ Seeing no way out she commits to marrying him. Then the ball starts rolling, the news crew shows up and its lights camera action. But when a massive storm hits and locks them all together trouble is sure to follow. How do you fake a life that was dreamt up to be perfect?

 So I don’t want to spoil all the antics in this book so I will just say this. Daisy does it all is a sweet book with a hit of sizzle. I found this book to be more of a coming age story and was very well thought out. The characters are all very real and I found myself laughing along with them and also having my heart ripped in two for them. The best part about this is that the perfect life was all fiction and that made the characters all the more relatable. The only problem I had with this book was with Daisy. While I loved her she also grated on my last nerve at times with her inner thoughts and self-loath at times. But all in all I would give this book 3.5 outta 5. It would have been a 4 if I didn’t get so aggravated with Daisy at

★★☆3.5 Darling Stars ☆★★

Review By Angela Deforge

Don’t call me wifey,” Daisy snapped, marching upstairs to her second-floor apartment.
“What do you want to be called?” Trav asked, keeping pace with her up the stairs.
“I don’t know…honey or sweetie.” She jammed the key in the lock and burst into her apartment. She snatched a baby rattle, some blocks, and a stuffed rabbit off the floor. “Just grab everything.”
Trav stood there, doing absolutely nothing.
She glanced back at him. “Why aren’t you helping?”
He set down his toolbox. “Are you okay, honey-sweetie?”
She knew he was joking with the endearment, but it still made her throat go tight over the caring she heard there. She threw the baby toys on the sofa. “I really screwed up.”
“How so?” He stepped closer, but didn’t touch her, for which she was thankful. She didn’t want to cave and sob in his arms, letting him take care of everything. Still, she couldn’t help sharing her misery.
“I’m pretending to be happily married with a beautiful house and a darling sweet baby on TV. It’s all a lie! I’ll probably crack under the pressure and admit I’m a fraud. Everyone will hate me.”
“No, they won’t,” he said firmly. “It’ll be fine. Besides, we’ll be happily married the next day.”
She shook her head. “This is my worst one yet.”
“You’re really doing a number on my ego here.”
“Nothing personal,” Daisy rushed to say.
He cocked his head. “It’s a little personal.”
“I’m sorry. You’ve been a dream through all this. I’m fine. Let’s pack up.”
She turned and gathered the toys off the sofa, yelping in surprise as Trav scooped her up. He settled on the sofa with her on his lap. She dropped the toys and gave him a good glare over her shoulder. “Trav, stop fooling around. We’ve got to get everything set up.”
She leaped off his lap. He grabbed her and put her back in place.
“We’re gonna take a little trip in the ol’ Trav time machine.”
She fought to get up, but he had her hips clamped firmly in his strong hands.
“Stop wiggling, honey-sweetie, or we’re gonna take a very different kind of trip.”

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About the Author
Kylie Gilmore
Kylie Gilmore was lucky enough to discover romance novels at a young age as they were strewn all over the house (thanks, Mom!). She writes quirky, tender romance with a solid dose of humor. Her Clover Park series features the O’Hare brothers, three guys you’d definitely have a drink with and maybe a little more.

Kylie lives in New York with her family, two cats, and a nutso dog. When she’s not writing, wrangling kids, or dutifully taking notes at writing conferences, you can find her flexing her muscles all the way to the high cabinet for her secret chocolate stash.

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