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***Blitz, Review & Giveaway*** Climbing Out by Lila Rose


Deanna Drake has a past she longs to forget, but won't ever be able to. She's always been the tough one. No one, but her best friend Zara has ever been able to penetrate her cold, hard, shell.

Until Griz

Griz— a.k.a Grady Daniels, Hawks Motorcycle Club second in command, also has a past that he wishes he could undo...all except one part. 

It's her past that brings them together. Only will it be forever?

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 My Review


Climbing Out, the second book in the Hawks Motorcycle Club series, did not disappoint! After falling in love with Talon and Zara in Holding Out, I knew Griz and Deanna’s story was sure to be amazing. Lila’s writing is riveting and keeps you very entertained. Although it is a stand-alone, I recommend reading Holding Out first.  Deanna’s past is starting to catch up with her and because she is considered “family” to the Hawk’s, they step in and help her in her time of need. Of course, they do this in their overbearing sexy biker way that we love so much. As Griz and Deanna grow closer, they are both faced with personal demons they need to overcome if they plan to have a future together. Deanna shows a side of herself in this book that we didn’t get to see in Holding Out and I must say I loved seeing Grady (Griz) bring that out in her. For a woman who has refused to let her past take over and define her, she has such a strong and courageous spirit. I found myself really admiring the way Deanna handled most situations. Yeah, she curses like a sailor and can do crazy shit at times but that is what i love about her! Griz is without a doubt, sexy as hell, he's also quite a bit older than Deanna. He finds himself wondering at times why she would even look twice in his direction. 

"I thought she was just teasing. Why in the hell would a young, hot bird like Deanna find me-an old, cranky guy-attractive. But the looks she'd given me and the small smiles told me that she was not shittin' me."

Griz is definitely one big hot bossy biker who you can’t help but fall for. He may be an undeniable badass, but there were many moments I was thinking AWWWWWWWWWW I JUST LOVE HIM!!

There are quite a few laugh out loud moments in the story where you say to yourself, Oh my god, did that actually just happen?! 

"W-what?" He looked down at Vinny, and then up at me with a look of lust, anger and desire all in one. "Well, you fuckin' came in at the wrong time, and there is no way I'm willing to stop," I supplied. 

Then there are the sex scenes, they were intense and seductive. They were hot, steamy and a long time coming for these two outspoken, bad mouthed lovers. If you love a gritty mc romance with a smokin’ hot alpha male biker and a strong and extremely stubborn heroine at his side then you will LOVE reading Climbing Out.

Once again, we got to catch up with some of my personal favorites from book one. Talon, Zara, Matt, Julian, Pick, Blue and Violet. We also got to meet some intriguing newbies… I totally love the dynamics of this crazy bunch and the banter between Violet and Deanna is classic! While I absolutely adore Zara and Dee's friendship and always love reading about them, I was SO thrilled we got to see more of Violet! She is one cool chick! Even though I would have enjoyed getting to know some of the characters a little better, this didn’t affect the book for me at all. It left me wanting more. So Lila, please keep writing this entertaining series!

★★☆ 4 Griz loving Stars! ☆★★

Reviewed by Bel Burgess

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Lila Rose has moved about Australia a lot of her life. Now she lives in country Victoria Australia with her husband and two children. When she isn't writing she's helping her husband with the family business. Lila has always dabbled in writing, though, only recently her debut novel Holding Out was released on December 4th 2013. 

Be sure to keep an eye out for more from the Hawks Motorcycle Club series, coming soon!


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