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A Different Blue

by Amy Harmon

A Different Blue

Everybody needs to STOP.....


I honestly don't know where to start with this review other than to say that this book was AHH-MAZING..
The writing is just beyond words.
This story was in a league of its own. It made me feel every emotion possible.

I can't go into detail with this review cause this is one that must be read without the spoilers!!!!!!!

Blue Echohawk doesn't know who she is. She doesn't know her real name or when she was born. Abandoned at two and raised by a drifter, Jimmy Echohawk.
Now 19 she is in her final year of high school.
Living day to day as a nobody.

When her new history teacher, Darcy Wilson, hands out their assignment to write your own story. Blue is forced to think and feel. She reluctantly writes her story, remembering her own history, and evaluate what made her the person she is.

~"You all have a story, It's been written up to this point, to this very second."~ Wilson

Trying to figure out who she is, literally, We watch Blue carve her story.

~"Once upon a time ... there was a little blackbird, pushed from the nest. Unwanted. Discarded."~

Wilson is contstanly pushing Blue, guiding her in figuring out who she was and ultimately who she wants to be.

~"None of us can help where we are scattered, Blue. But none of us has to remain where we were scattered. Why don't you focus on where you're going and less on where you come from? Why don't you focus more on what makes you brilliant and less on what makes you angry? You are missing a key element to the story. Maybe the moral of the legend is that we are all carved, created and formed by a master hand. maybe we are all works of art."~

Along the way Blue and Wilson form an unlikely friendship.
And as Blue finds her way, their friendship develops into something else. Something deeper.
Blue and Wilson go through so much together, I can't even tell you how much, as you have to read this without knowing what happens.

Her journey is only beginning and so much happens in such a short time that I was glued to my Kindle, I just needed to know what would happen.

Blue is scarred by her past. It was so refreshing reading a book that didn't fix everything.
In real life not everything can be fixed.
Sometimes people have to make these life changing decisions.
I didn't want Blue to do what she did.
When I read the Chapters, Deep and Grey I was a mess.
Omg what tragic yet beautifully written scenes.
My heart was breaking. I literally broke down and sobbed.

~"A moan tore from my throat, and I shuddered helplessly, no longer able to hold back the billowing sorrow that flooded my mouth, streamed from eyes, and robbed me of speech."~

~"I prayed He would take away my pain and if He couldn't do that, then would He, please, take away my love? Because the pain and the love were so intertwined that I couldn't seem to have one without the other. Maybe if I didn't love, I wouldn't hurt so much.~

I didn't think I would come back from that. But, Blue did, and as she did, I slowly came around.

~ Maybe it was the fact that I had pled with a God I knew very little about to take away the pain, but in the days that followed, I discovered I had been given the ability to weep. And in weeping there was power. Power to heal, the power to release pain and let go, the power to endure love and shoulder loss. And as the weeks become months, I cried less and smiled more. And peace became a more frequent companion.~

Wilson, Wilson Wilson Wilson…
What can I say? Not much at all, what an amazing Man!
I was not expecting the way it played out. It wasn't the typical controversial Student/Teacher affair that I was expecting when I started.
It wasn't any of that. It was a friendship built on understanding.
I can't express what it is in words. It's the feelings and actions and care that he gave. I wanted them together soo much, but it wasn't time for them at that point. Blue needed what he gave her.

It was a slow burn, but when they finally did came was PERFECTION

~"I was afraid, Blue. You've been through so much. And I'm half mad over you. I don't think you're ready for the way I feel." ~Wilson

~I can't imagine that what I'm feeling isn't love. But 'I love you' doesn't feel adequate to express it. I desperately want you to love me. I need you to love me- but I don't want to need it, and I'm afraid I need it too much." ~ Blue

And then the ending.. WOW!!! What an amazing twist of events.
I was so pleased Blue got to know her story.
I wished this had an Epilogue. I'm a die hard fan of Epilogues and I wish Blue and Wilson got one.

This book was...
Amazing, soul changing, captivating and heartbreaking
It dealt with some heavy issues, and I absolutely loved it. This is a wonderful 5 star read, for anyone looking for an emotional story and an unforgettable reading experience you must READ this!!!!!

Favorite Quotes.

~I wanted to hate him because he was beautiful in a way I would never be. ~

~"You are many things, Blue Echohawk, I can even name twelve. But ugly isn't one of them."~

~"Sometimes the thing we want to be rescued from can save us."~

~"The Mystery of my life binds me still, Wilson.~

Buy it.
Read it.
Love it.

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