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Review and Giveaway; Deception by Evie Rose


Title: Deception
Author: Evie Rose
Genre: Contemporary Romance
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Publication: January 2nd 2014
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After years of abuse, Roxi is an expert at deceiving the people around her. Everyone believes she has a picture perfect family, with a loving husband and a sweet little boy. They think she resides in a beautiful house and has a luxurious lifestyle, although, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Underneath the facade is a tormented soul, poised on the brink of giving up hope of ever finding a better tomorrow. 

Luke’s past haunts him every single day. Not a second goes by without deep sorrow plaguing him. He will never forget what he’s done, he doesn’t want to. No one is more deserving of guilt eating away at them than he is… or so he believes. He spends his time, forever trying to make up for the one mistake that ruined the lives of his loved ones, as well as his own. 

From the first time they meet, cracks begin to form in the mask Roxi wears and Luke sees right through them. The only question is, will he realize he’s worthy of love and step in to save her before it’s too late, or continue to think he’s undeserving of true happiness?

My Review

AHHH…I cannot explain how excited I was to be able to read and review this book. Although, throughout the entire book I couldn’t decide on how I wanted my review to go. First of all, I knew before half way through that this was going to be a 5 star review. Only by the time I got to the end I was wishing my scale would have gone up to 10. This book is that awesome. There are so many people to relate to that it’s hard to narrow it down as to what to write.

Deception is just as much heartbreaking as it is a breathtaking story. Evie Rose is AH-Mazing! It’s not too often that I read a book that draws out so many strong emotions from me. From the very beginning in the Prologue I was hooked. I knew this was going to be a book that I wouldn’t be able to put down.

One thing I loved about this book is how Evie reveals both Roxi’s and Luke’s issues slowly. The story is fast paced but not rushed. You are able to get the buildup of emotions and truly feel what everyone is going through. The writing is phenomenal. Evie Rose doesn’t linger on unimportant details. Every word has a purpose. She sure knows how to keep a reader intrigued and burning for more.

Roxi is a strong determined heroin and Luke is a lost grieving soul…will they be able to help each other or do their pasts have too strong of a hold on them?

I sympathized with Roxi and her son Ricky. Roxi is married to Joseph…a physically and emotionally abusive asshole who tears Roxi and Ricky down every chance he gets. The things he made Roxi do literally made me sick. He is a sorry excuse for a husband and a father. Poor Ricky just wants a dad and tries so hard with Joseph only to be berated at every go. She is terrified to leave and the only thing that is keeping her there is her fear of Joseph following through on his threats. She lives a life of mundane chores by day and abuse by night. She’s lost and wonders if she will ever be able to find her way back to the woman she used to be. Before Joseph. 

Luke is a sexy firefighter who has had his fair share of tragedy and battles to deal with throughout his life. In the Prologue we get a glimpse of what he has had to deal with. He has come to terms with what is life is. He has dedicated himself to saving the lives of others. He doesn’t think he deserves the true happiness a family could bring him. He has never really even allowed himself to think about it. That is until one day in the park during his daily run he comes across a sexy brunette that has him having all kinds of crazy thoughts. There’s just one problem…she’s married. From their very first meeting you can feel the connection they have. Luke doesn’t really understand it…he just knows it more than he can explain.

He sets himself out to be her friend. He just wants to run with her. She is nervous. Her attraction to Luke is unlike anything she has ever felt and it leaves her feeling guilty. She allows him in just enough to stay connected to him in a strictly platonic way but doesn’t want him to find out the ugly truth of her life.

Throughout the book Luke and Roxi’s bond gets stronger. He is there for her more than anyone else has ever been, and she provides him with a peace he has never felt before. They have fun and joke, and laugh together. Their relationship is light and exciting which leaves each of them wondering if it’s possible to live a life of real happiness.

As incredible as Luke and Roxi’s bond is…the truly remarkable relationship in this book for me, the one that brought tears to my eyes, was the relationship between Luke and Ricky. Luke hasn’t really had much experience with kids but he can’t help but feel an incredible bond with the extremely sweet five year old. Ricky has never had a man in his life to actually pay attention to him…well not positive attention anyway. He’s used to being screamed at for everything he does. He is five but doesn’t know the feeling of being a kid. Luke is a big kid at heart. He is fun and silly. He wants nothing more than to bring a smile to the little boy who is weaseling his way into his heart.

There are so many messages in this book and it can relate to so many people. It’s a story of determination and destiny. There is no cliffhanger but there is a companion novel coming out in 2014 with Jake (Luke’s best friend and housemate). I loved Jake so I am extremely excited for his story in BETRAYAL.

Thank You Evie Rose for your remarkable story. I’m looking forward to reading more from you!

 5 Stars 

Reviewed by Alissa Evanson

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About the Author

Evie Rose resides with her family in sunny Queensland, Australia. She would take a coffee and a good book over going out and partying any day of the week. On occasion she likes to mix it up with a glass of wine instead of a caffeine fix, but more often than not gets annoyed when she ends up falling asleep with her kindle on her face. Evie can’t cook, hates to do the housework, and likes to think she is a professional shopper. However, when she writes she can create a character that is everything she’s not and live through them – who needs perfection when you can live vicariously through a wonderful book!

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