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Hasty Resolution by Sam Taylor Mullens


Title: Hasty Resolution
Author: Sam Taylor Mullens
Genre: Military Romance
Publication Date: 12/25/2013
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Jake, a US Marine, has been on a nonstop roller coaster ride in the Middle East for over a decade. While on a medical leave seeking help for PTSD he snaps and abducts a woman thinking it will be the remedy plaguing his thoughts. The woman, Liz, witnesses his hallucinations, night terrors and anxieties and quickly becomes sympathetic to his plight. A relationship between the two begins to flourish.

My Review

Sexy War Hero turned kidnapper...what’s not to love? Well if you ask his “victim’ Liz…she would say absolutely nothing.

Liz and Jake don’t necessarily start out on the greatest terms. I mean she was abducted and shackled in a dark gloomy cabin for a week by a man who suffers from horrific PTSD and has hallucinations. It’s not the typical start to an all-consuming romance. But for Jake and Liz it was. 

In Hasty Resolution we follow Jake who has just come back from the Middle East and has about reached his breaking point with his condition. While picking crops one day he notices Liz, the holism blonde haired, blue eyed beautiful woman with pink running shoes…the same woman he saw overseas running in and out of buildings…only she was never really there. While at war he kept trying to save her but every time he would turn around she would disappear. Well he is not letting her get away this time, so what does he do? He drugs her, kidnaps her and stuffs her in a potato crate to smuggle her over the boarder to Canada. What a hero huh?

Liz is a wife and mother of three. She is a school teacher, a daughter, and a sister. She lives her life in a big beautiful house and spends her time between working and carpooling her kids to sporting and school events. She has her husband Mike who would rather travel for “work” with this assistant and play golf with his buddies than spend any amount of time with his wife. After over a year of being ignored by her husband she is feeling deflated and unappreciated. She decides to do the one thing for herself she hasn’t done in a couple of years…go for a run. Only after a couple of miles she runs into a sexy man loading crops, and being the friendly wholesome girl she is, she decides to stop and chat with him. Only she wasn’t expecting that little chat to turn into week chained in a cabin like a dog in the middle of nowhere.

Jakes finally comes out of his anxious state of mind and moves Liz into the main house. He shows her around the property and introduces her to the neighbors. He’s starting to realize what he has done and wants Liz to be able to leave if that’s what she wants. (You kidnapped her…of course that’s what she wants you idiot…right?)

Liz is cautious of this strange man who captured her and is now treating her like a queen. She has witnessed his night terrors and his hallucinations and is starting to get a better understanding of what this war hero gone kidnapper is all about. He’s not the man she thought he was but he’s starting to be exactly the man she needs. 

A story of mental breakdown and desperate times turns to a romance that will consume you. I absolutely loved Jake and Liz and wasn’t really ready for their story to end. But in the end people have obligations…family, Military duties, jobs…life isn’t a vacation and no one learns that better than these two.

If your looking for an exciting Military romance then you need to read Hasty Resolution by Sam Taylor Mullens.

On a side note:

Sorry but I couldn’t write this review without noting just how big of a douche Mike (Liz's husband) really is...

Most of the book is with the POV of Jake and Liz, however, I thank Sam Taylor Mullens for the little insight to Mike the Ass in the few POVs he had. Ugh, I can see why Liz needed to keep as far away from him (and his family) as possible.

“Am I sad Liz is gone? Sadly, I don’t think I am.” - Mike

“Mike, I’m just saying that Liz being gone isn’t a bad thing. Start finding happiness again. Think of it as if she died last summer and it’s now spring with blossoms on the trees. It’s a chance for you to begin again without her infringing on you.” – Evil Mother in Law

“When she wanted to take a sabbatical last year, I wouldn’t let her, since it would have meant she would be home more often. I didn’t want her breathing down my neck while I worked from the home office. I couldn’t have her meeting up with me when I traveled on business trips. Those frequent flyer miles are for me, not her.” -Mike

“I am now able to screw my assistant without worrying Liz will find out, even though she already knew. I am able to have my assistant come to my home office and have full access to the house.” – Mike 

See what a douche!! I mean seriously, who says that about anyone who has gone missing…let alone your wife and daughter in law. That family is wacked and needs a mental health check!!

 4 Stars

Reviewed by Alissa Evanson

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  1. "Hasty Resolution" is a fake & "Sam Taylor Mullens" is a plagiarist! This book is a cut-&-paste of Rachel Ann Nunes' book "A Bid for Love" published in 1998, virtually word-for-word. Mullens' books have been deleted from Amazon & a lawsuit is progressing. For the good of your own reputation & to protect your readers, please revise this review!