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New Release Review and Giveaway; A Reason To Breathe by C.P. Smith

Title: A Reason To Breathe 
Author: C.P. Smith 
Genre: Romantic Suspence 
Publication Date: January 21st, 2014
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Jack Gunnison has a problem, well, two actually, one is 5'5" and the other is a Killer.

Jennifer Stewart needs a change after losing her husband and, sending her daughter off to college. 

Moving to the high country of Colorado to restart her life and, follow her dreams, Jenn gets more than she bargained for when she attracts the eye of a killer.

Together, Jack and Jenn must figure out his identity, before he strikes again.

Mature readers only due to erotic content and language.

My Review

"You scare me," she whispered. "Yeah? Well join the club, cause you sure as shit scare the fuck out of me."

When a second body turns up in Gunninson County, the last thing Sheriff Jack Gunninson needs is the Towns newest reporter, Jennifer Stewart nosing around and interfering with his investigation.

Jennifer Stewart lost her husband to a drunk driver 18months ago. With her only daughter off to college, she embarks on her life long dream of living in the mountains.

After 4 months of living in Gunninson County, Jenn has settled in, made a few friends and even put her journalism degree to use working for the Gunninson Times.
When Jenn stumbles on information about a possible second victim she see's her opportunity to go from covering the towns Bake Sales to investigating a possible serial killer.

But the Bossy Sheriff keeps shutting her down. Jenn won't give up and with the help of a few town locals she sets about trying to piece together the clues.
Always finding herself in trouble and her paths constantly crossing with the sexy Sheriff, she soon finds herself deeper in with Jack.

But what happens when the killer has his sights set on her? Can Jenn and Jack find the killer before he gets to her?

This was awesome!!
You know when you're reading a book and you're so into it your mind and emotions can't keep up with each other? This was me!

I was reading so fast my emotions didn't know what way to go?
Intense, Thrilling, Sexy, Funny. You name it! It was brilliant.

Jack is... he is, Just Jack. When you meet him you will understand.
Bossy, Sexy and makes no apologies for it. But at the same time his sweetness melts you.
He pretty much is perfect! Once he sees past Jenn's occupation he starts to see the real Jenn and what he sees, he wants. And what Jack wants, Jack gets.

"Babe, you may not be ready, but that's not going to stop me from changing your mind."

But Jack has finally met his match.
Jenn is sweet and funny but definitely a ball buster! Not one to be walked over she definitely has it in her to go toe to toe with the Sheriff.
But what makes Jenn awesome sauce is she knows when she has gone too far. Knows when to pull back and listen to her man.
Don't you hate heroines that really are stupid sometimes?
Well that's not Jenn. While she might try a few times to push, and let me tell you, those times are hilarious. She still knows when to submit to bossy Jack.

"And now on top of sweet, I get innocent too? No way, Jenn, no fucking way."
"Ok, Jack." I couldn't argue with this man, damn him, he just reeled me in, I should have never answered the phone.
"Damn right"
"I said ok, you don't have to be bossy."
"Oh, I'm gonna be bossy, in fact, I'm gonna be bossy right fucking now."

Their connection is Fast, Steamy and HOT. I couldn't get enough!!

"You with me baby, cause there's no turning back after this, no way, once I slip into that sweet heat of yours, you're mine, do you hear me? You. Are. Fucking. Mine."

"Jesus, what are you doing to me?" He whispered. 
 "Nothing," I gasped when his tongue circled my ear. "Baby, if that's nothing, you're gonna kill me when it's something."

And their banter is funny and sweet. My mouth seriously hurt from smiling so much.

"Jesus, I fell for a woman who can admit when she's wrong, swear to Christ I didn't know they existed."
Rolling my eyes at him, he glared back at me.

"Whatever, I snipped.
"Bossy," I smiled
"That's my girl."

The suspense was killing me as to who the killer was. C.P is a tricky little thing leaving you guessing at every turn.
I found myself cataloging all the little things I picked up along the way. But C.P leaves you second guessing everything. It was awesome!

To say I was impressed with C.P Smiths debut would be an understatement!
She knocks it out if the park.
Her Alpha Male is in the same league as the queen of the alphas K.A.

Yep I just went there.

I just came off a K.A high reading my kaleidoscope Arc when I picked Up A Reason to Breathe.
Normally no one can compare. And I really hate comparing styles in my reviews. However if you are a fan of K.A will love this one.

Think Sweet Dreams, with a mix of Rock Chick humour and a lot more suspense.

If you are not a huge K.A fan I believe you will enjoy this.
C.P definitely has her own style. Her flow was more smooth and less repetitive than a K.A book. And the story line was not just based on the main relationship between two leads.

Definitely one of my favourites this year. I'm so glad I got the chance to read this debut.
I can't wait to see more of C.P Smith's writing and getting lost in her characters again.
Bravo C.P

 5+ Stars 
Buy it 
Read it 
Love it

About the Author

A Reason To Breathe is C.P. Smith's Debut Novel. 
Mother of 5 and married 26 years, C.P has lived in oklahoma most of her life.
 C.P loves a HEA and decided to write her own. 

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Winners will receive their Ecopy once A Reason to Breathe Goes live on 21st Jan 

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