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***RELEASE BLITZ & REVIEW*** White Pawn by Stevie J Cole








This should be a love story. Everything’s in place for it to be. The perfect lines, the perfect souls, but you see, Justin thinks it’s a game. He thinks I’m his pawn, but he couldn’t be more wrong. Every move he makes, I’ll block him. Every time he thinks he’s about to seize me, I’ll run. Some men underestimate the power of the queen because they’re too busy playing king. They forget she’s the most powerful piece on the board. And love is not a game I’m apt at losing.

What will it take for him to realize I’ll never be his pawn, but I’ll happily play his queen?


She wants a love story. And while I’ve set it up just like I do my own stories, it’s not love I’m after, it’s the chase. Marisa thinks she can outplay me. Even though I’m always one step ahead of her, she keeps me on my toes, which is why don’t underestimate her. Not one bit, but it seems she forgets the game’s not over until the king is dead.

And she’ll never kill me, because I’ll make her love me. And then, checkmate, I win.

Love is not a game, but the chase certainly is.



When i heard about this book i have to be honest i was thinking it was going to be an uber romantic love story... two romance authors... Physical attraction... They both know the words... They both know what it takes to get the happy ending... Lovely... right? bahahahahahahahahahahahahaha OH Dear dear me. #HavingFunWithJustin

Ok not sure where to start.

As i said it's a story of two romance authors. We all read the books. Most of us have attended a signing. Always wondering what goes on when the authors are left alone. Or with their fans. This book is darkly hilarious in that it taps into what you think happens and magnifies it by 20 gazillion!!

Author 1 Justin.

Justin, is a number 1 bestseller. His first series goes straight to the top. He's on the top of his game. Female fans are tripping over their paperbacks to get a piece of him. Of course he obliges!! Who wouldn't in his position. I love how he's blissfully unaware of what will happen when he meets the one who says no. The one who doesn't fall into his bed. The one that has his life mapped out. What will happen?

Author 2 Marissa.

Ok... crazy fangirl turned the ultimate stalker! Reading Justin's books she reads and rereads over and over and over. Follows every social networking site he's on. She knows him before she meets him. She decides she will try and become an author too so she can get closer to him. She will have him. He will be her King. She will be his Queen. She's going to make sure of it!

From here it turns effin caaaarrraaazeeeee!!!

I won't give spoilers but damn does this book take you on a ride!! It builds and builds and builds and then.... JAZZ HANDS!!! lolololol when you read it you'll understand the emoji. It's the world we are all in. It's the world we all want to know about. Is it really like this? *insert shocked face* I'm really hoping it is!!

There's massive chemistry between Justin and Marissa they're drawn together like magnets. Even though she kind of writes the script of their lives, Justin is powerless to resist and in an odd way he's right there with her.

It's really difficult to review without the spoilers but please trust me when i say this is darkly enjoyable. Funny when it's so so wrong. And also HOT! Yes hot! In among the crazy there really is love... i think?!?!

Honestly completely utterly nuts and i freaking loved it!

As with all of Stevie's books it's extremely well written and put together. The plot keeps you guessing where in the hell it's going to go. Will they get the HEA? Will they both end up in straight jackets? Who will be caught up in the crossfire? Where will it end? I love this in a book. I never knew what was coming or when. Just wonderful.

Original story line I've never come across before and in an alternate universe it's almost fan fiction. Highly highly recommend! I can't wait for the next signing I'm going to be keeping my eyes peeled as to author goings on!

Reviewed by Kerry

★★☆ 5 "Nutty Crackers" Stars ☆★★

Buy it
Read it
Love it


Stevie J. Cole lives deep in the woods of Alabama with her husband and two precious daughters. She studied Epidemiology concentrating on cancer research but has always had a passion for writing. Some of her stories will strip you bare, some will give you nightmares, but the one thing she can promise is that she will always give you stories that make you feel.

Raw. Gritty. Love.
Because sometimes characters need to be flawed.

P.S. Stevie's greatest fear is the impending zombie apocalypse. Think about it: swarming armies of decaying, oozing corpses stumbling around with clicking teeth, trying to eat your face. Nothing about that is good. NOTHING!

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