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***RELEASE BLITZ & REVIEW*** Kiss Me by LP Lovell


The Kiss of Death Series






I’m running.
I have more enemies than even I can fight, and a five-million-dollar price tag on my head, all because I helped Nero. The hunter has become the hunted, and now I have a life to protect—an innocent baby. And that suddenly feels like the most important mission I’ve ever had. I’ve never been so invested in surviving, so let them come. I’ll kill them all.


I had a plan and it was perfect.
She was my queen, my ultimate weapon. She played her part and helped bring me the power I sought above all else, but at what cost? Now she’s all I want, all I need. Una is mine. I will kill all who stand between us and burn the world to ash just to keep her.

A pending war. A test of survival. A partnership that would see their enemies tremble in their wake.
A ruthless king. A savage queen.

Kill me or kiss me? 

And they ruled the mofoing world! BOOM!

Good god what a bloody ride i absolutely loved it! My absolute favorite Dark Mafia series ever!!! I mean you will never, and i mean never find a heroine as badass as UNA!! She's the queen of underworld! And as for her King? Nero? lord have mercy he's the honest to goodness most panty wetting evil crime lord you will read and want to turn murderess for!

This is book 2 in the Kiss of Death series. I was on the edge of my seat ready to throw my kindle at the end of book one. It was worth every torturous moment!! My Una! My Nero! GAH i love them!!!

We join the action where we left off. Una's on the run from everyone. Her reputation isn't on her side at the moment as everyone is out to get her. For the first time in her life she's a little worried that they're going to get her and that she will lose the only goodness she's ever had. She won't lose her baby and woe betide anyone who even tries. The beginning scenes are awesome! Kill kill kill!! I so want to be Una when i grow up!! She keeps taking the hits and throwing those knives right back!

Of course Nero is not someone you can run from. Una may try but what Nero wants Nero gets! He will stop at nothing to get her back. Get the baby back. He never saw himself as a father but he'll be damned if he lets anyone take that baby away from him. Even Una.

Then we have the Bratva. Una's mentor Nikolai. I was waiting from the very start. From the moment i read Make Me for that effer to be taken out. i don't think I've ever hated a book villain as much as i hate him. Come on Una take him out!!!

I obviously won't tell you what happens and if she does finally get her revenge on him but i can tell you this book is just everything you want from a dark mafia, dare i say it, romance?

You have some amazing action scenes of death and destruction. Una leaves a trail of death and blood and red lips in her wake. She actually gives me lady tingles!! Not joking! She's HOT! She's so cut throat and cold in her kills it actually makes me laugh! I love it!! This book is not like others, both the hero and heroine are on a level par. There is no the man saves the day. In here it's them that save the day together as cold blooded killing crime lord and lady!

Nero is just... sigh*... hold the mofoing phone, turn off the TV, lights down low, one hand holding kindle the other... bloody hell he sets me on fire from one uttered word "morte" swooon!!! I need those whisky colored eyes on me!

I can't say i love it in enough ways. The writing is seemless and kind of poetic. The plot keeps you gripped from the first word to the last. LP Lovell's mind is a dark dark place and i feel like i want to move in and bathe in the bloodbath occurring in there! I'm a huge fan of this author and this series just cements it for me. She's queen of darkness. She is the Una of the author world! I freaking love it!!

Don't worry if you're thinking it's all just murders here, stabbings there, guts and gore it's not, it's so so much more. I will say romance because in their own sick twisted way it is a beautiful murderous love story. Against all the odds these two overcome life in their own way and find each other. Una's past is horrific and she's done what she has in order to survive. Now it's the only way to keep breathing. Nero has his own set of problems fighting his way through life in the Mafia in order not to be taken out. He has no morals and neither does Una and when it comes to each other, nothing or no one will be able to tear them apart or take them down because nothing is off limits for either of them in order to survive. Nero shows you exactly how far he will go... nothing is off limits! I'm just gonna say... ummm.... NAH read it!! I won't give you a warning it's a Mafia book that's enough of a warning.


MAKE ME #0.5










Lauren Lovell is an indie author from England. 

She suffers from a total lack of brain to mouth filter and is the friend you have to explain before you introduce her to anyone, and apologise for afterwards.

Lauren is a self-confessed shameless pervert, who may be suffering from slight peen envy. 

LP loves to hear from readers so please get in touch.

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