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***RELEASE BLITZ*** Playing to Win by Karen Frances





 Fletcher Adams, international football star, finally seems to have made the changes in his life that he desperately needed. The past is firmly behind him, where it belongs. He’s settled back in Scotland and enjoying his football career more than ever. Now, he’s focused on Playing to Win, and not just any end of season trophy. No, the trophy he wants more than anything is Jessica.

Jessica Taylor, once again, has to rebuild her life after her ex-boyfriend attacked her, and deal with the aftermath of his death. Her focus is on regaining her strength and determination, and with help and support from Fletcher, she’s certain to find light at the end of a dark tunnel.

Not everything goes to plan for the young couple, and it’s not long before Jessica thinks it’s a bad idea to make plans for the future. After all, the last plans she had for her life were cruelly snatched away. Fletcher has to prove to Jessica that he has changed from his wild days as a player off the field. Is love going to be enough to keep them together, or will they allow the past to come between them?


We pick up where we left off in book 1 with Jess facing off with her ex.  What follows is truly horrific.   After dealing with so much before it's hard to believe that she'll be able to pick herself up after this.

Fletch was abroad and blames himself for not being there for Jess.  On return he is determined to be there for her no matter what.  Will Jess let him?  Can Fletch change his ways and put someone else before himself?

The past comes back to haunt both of them.  Can their new relationship survive?

Thankfully i can tell you there's a HEA.  

I'll be honest and say i enjoyed this book more than book 1.  It may be because i already knew the characters or the author fell back into them and felt more comfortable.  It started with a bang which although horrific added to the story greatly i felt more for it than i did in book 1.  I loved how Fletch was unsure of himself but was determined to help her through everything.  

Jess this time i felt dealt better with everything maybe because she had Fletch to support her but she felt more open, and Fletch himself goes on a journey and i feel he really came into his own as a good kind man.

I loved how the relationship develops into true love.  There were a hell of a lot of ups and downs for them to face in such a short time over both books but this book seems to pull it all together.  

The only downfall i feel after reading both books is wishing maybe it could have been condensed into 1 book.  But i think that's probably personal preferance.

I found the writing engaging and fluent and i really enjoyed the ride.  I felt the sensitive subject was dealt with really well.  It wasn't overly dramatic and felt very true to life.  I loved how the support for the subject was written in maybe helping someone in a real life situation get help.  

The love scenes helped break up the heavy subject and provide some very pleasant steaminess!!!

Overall i would recommend this book.  It can't be read as a standalone so read Playing the Game first.   

Reviewed by Kerry

4.5 stars


Karen Frances lives in Scotland with her husband of seventeen years and their five children. Her busy days include helping her husband manage their family business while coordinating their children’s sports and academic endeavors. She finds escape from the chaos of everyday life in good books, particularly stories of passionate romantic relationships. Her appreciation and passion for romance novels led her to write He’s Captured My Heart, a tale of contemporary erotic romance set in Scotland.  

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