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*** RELEASE BLITZ & REVIEW *** More by Lisa Shelby


Release Blitz: More
by Lisa Shelby
Series: You & Me Book 2
Genre: Adult Contemporary 
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Mickey Jacobs and Alexandra Stotts have known each other since they were kids. Outwardly, living childhoods full of joy and laughter but privately both experiencing their own kinds of pain and disappointment.

Alex had always been taught what happens behind closed doors stays behind closed doors. The outside world saw her life as idyllic and picture perfect. But of course, things are never what they seem.

After watching his philandering father tear his family apart and break his mother’s heart time and time again, Mick vowed to never cause another person that kind of pain. Keep it simple. No relationships.

But then there was the sweet, exotically beautiful Alex. There was always Alex. With her…things were never simple. She was forbidden fruit. His sister’s friend. Off limits.

Alex was head-over-heels for Mick the moment her twelve-year old eyes landed on him. She knew at this young age that they could never be. Even if he wasn’t her best friend’s brother, he was still Mickey freaking Jacobs. Now, all grown up, Mick is gorgeous, the life of the party and an eternal bachelor. He’ll never be able to give Alex what she needs, and she’s not sure she could risk the pain that giving Mickey Jacobs her heart would surely inflict.

Can Mick and Alex find a way to heal themselves by loving each other?

Can he give her MORE?


My Review 

More is the follow up to Ms. Shelby's interconnected standalone debut You & Me. Mick and Alex both had struggles and depth that made my heart hurt and heart race. Their friends to lovers story was as sweet as it was sexy and I could feel the growth from book 1 leaving me excited to see what Ms. Lisa writes next. 

Alex has been in love with her best friend's older brother for years but he never looked at her as anything but that for years until one night tied them together. Mick witnessed something Alex had tried to hide from everyone forging a connection that was different than before. Then one night a few years later they have one seriously sexy night together. But Alex knows Mick. He doesn't do long term and he definitely doesn't do relationships so she moves on. But now that Mick's sister and Alex's best friend is back, they are running in the same circles again and neither has forgotten the night they shared. Mick seems to want more but Alex isn't sure she can trust him or herself based on her past. 

While I liked the first book the series, I really liked this one. Mick was just everything you want in a hero. He was swoony and sexy and determined. He wasn't perfect but that's what made him even more real and recognizable. Alex had suffered a lot in her life. And she had to learn to trust herself and those around her. I loved watching her grow into her own person. It was inspiring. And Ms. Shelby writes good prologue and epilogue. The prologue had my heart breaking and the epilogue. Oh Em Gee. It was just perfect. I read it twice and smiled like an idiot both times. I think the only thing that I wanted a bit more was a little more defined point of views. At times they sounded similar enough that if they weren't labeled I wouldn't have been able to tell who was speaking. But even that got better and better as the book progressed leaving me breathless more than once.

Reviewed by Paige

★★☆ 4 "My More" Stars ☆★★

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