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*** REVIEW *** Chosen Heart by Ann Stewart & Stephanie Nash

Title: Chosen Heart (Hart #1) 
Author: Ann Stewart & Stephanie Nash
Genre: New Adult, Romance
Publication Date: August 8th 2013
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**Intended for Mature Audiences Only (18+)**
Elyssa Hart has tried to forget that frightful night during her freshman year of college. Since then it's been hard to let anyone close, which is why she only has one friend near and dear to her heart. Forsaking all others, she lives a silent, lonely existence. That was until she jumped into the next chapter of her life; Sales Executive at the prestigious Salerno Health, Inc.

The moment she met the always calm and collected Alexander James, her life was set on a new path. One moment she's slowly falling in love and the next she's plummeting painfully to the ground with the realization that you don't marry your dirty little secret; you keep her in the closet. That was, until she found out she was not his only kept secret.

Will the enigma of Mr. James be more than Elyssa can handle? Or will she choose him, like she promised she always would.

My Review

"I need to know you will wait for me... I need to know there is still hope you can love me."

 photo a37e3aab-94e0-4ecc-9059-2e61ec8e037c_zpsd194f815.jpg

The prologue grabbed me straight away and all I wanted to do was get to the end to see what had happened to make them both so hurt and sad.


The story begins with Elyssa getting a new job at Salerno Health, on her way to her first day at the job she see's a man who she thinks is the most gorgeous man she has ever seen. But she has to leave to get to work, but still can't get him out of her head.

Getting to her new job and waiting at the elevators Elyssa looks up and see's none other than the gorgeous man from the gas station. Her new boss, VP, Alexander James. Instantly she feels the spark again and tells herself to calm down she only just met him.

Alex and Elyssa start to spend time together and mysteriously Alex is always there to save the day for Elyssa. But Elyssa is very confused by Alex, at times he is caring and possessive of her and other times he is cold and distant.

"One moment he's looking at me as if I'm prety, and the next he's ordering me around like his servant." - Elyssa

Alex and Elyssa decide to start seeing each other and see where this path will take them. But they have to keep it a secret because they work together. But they are both very insecure in the relationship, being that they have to keep it a secret neither of them can claim the other in a public setting so they are forced to sit back and watch other people flirt with them and are not able to do anything about it. Which drives Alex crazy!!!

"I don't want you seeing him tonight."

"You can't control me, Alex. You can't intimidate me one moment, kiss me the next and then make demands." - Alex & Elyssa

Elyssa and Alex's relationship goes from one extreme to the next, it's non stop drama and jealousy issues. But through all that they fall in love and start opening up to each other.

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Big secrets are revealed and situations where both Alex and Elyssa are hurt get forgiven. But every time they take one step forward in their relationship outside forces drag them back to struggling to trust each other and hurting each other with not knowing how to cope with their insecurities.

"What do you want to do, Elyssa? You want to hit me? Fucking hit me! get it over with so I can finally talk to you." - Alex

Through all the drama they always find their way back to each other, being without the other isn't living and isn't an option for them. They need each other too much.

 photo 9ced24ea-e8bb-4d39-940b-3c4884a80211_zps9fbeafb7.jpg

Then! BAM! Alex's secret is out and WOW gotta say I didn't see it coming, well I knew half of it but the how and why is OMG! Elyssa is devastated.

"You know before this... I would have stayed with you forever." - Elyssa

Yes there is a cliffhanger, book 2 is out March 3rd 2014.


Now on being 4 stars and not 5, First reason - the over the top jealousy and this is coming from someone who LOVES jealously and possessive alpha men but almost every page was some sort of jealousy from Elyssa and Alex and the rest of the world seemed to want them as well.

Second, ARGH!!! Elyssa! most frustrating heroine EVER! Her actions regarding the jealousy issues were just the most frustrating thing in the world I wanted to seriously punch something when she would sit at the table with another man have him hold her hand when she knew how crazy Alex got over another man just talking to her let alone sitting there holding her hand, oh and going to lunch with another guy while the man you love is in so much pain I mean, does she love Alex at all!!! Elyssa's character was either very naive or just stupid! I'm going with stupid cos she always worked it out in her head that if Alex did that to her it would hurt her but she still went ahead and freaking did it! Argh! I seriously hate her stupidity! Frustrating heroine is a huge pet peeve of mine so that is why I'm so cranky, I loved the story and the twists but the heroine's stupidity ruined it for me.

What I liked... Alpha male Alex! Loved him! The story never bored me, it kept me interested and I was always eager to turn the page and see what was going to happen.  I liked the twists and Elyssa's sister Rachael.  I loved when Alex and Elyssa were doing well those moments were beautiful and how much they love each other is what made the story for me.

Will I read book 2? Yes I probably will, I've seen the synopsis and I can see the direction it's going to go in and that will probably seriously make me break my kindle this time lol!!!

★★☆ 4 Stars ☆★★

Reviewed by Jess Mann

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About the Authors

Author Ann Stewart

Ann currently lives in Las Vegas with her beautiful family. Ann has a Bachelors degree in Business Management and is currently pursuing a Masters degree. A year ago she took a leap of faith and decided to pursue her dreams of becoming an author. When she's not at work, school, or spending time with her family...she's usually completely absorbed in a book!

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Author Stephanie Nash

Stephanie Nash is originally from Post Falls, Idaho and is thankful for the peaceful surroundings which gave her stability and sense of direction. Currently residing in North Las Vegas, Stephanie has gotten to experience a life outside of the beautiful Northwest and was given the opportunity to live a life far beyond her expectations. After spending five years as an undergraduate, ending up at UNLV, she decided to take a chance at love and passion and quickly became immersed with her true passions: Writing, Reading and her loving boyfriend of ten years.

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