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***Blog Tour Review & Giveaway*** Entice by S.E. Hall

Title: Entice (Evolve Series #3)
Author: S.E. Hall
Genre: NA Romance
Publication Date: February 6, 2014
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Book Three in the Amazon Best Selling Evolve Series by S.E.Hall, Entice can be read following Emerge, Embrace and Entangled (novella) or as a stand-alone.

Sawyer Beckett does everything full throttle— he’s fiercely loyal to his friends, always the life of the party and impossible for the parade of women in and out of his bedroom to forget.

Surrounded by true love and happily ever afters, Sawyer's not sure if he's enhancing the what-ifs in his head, or if the goddess on stage that night really is worth the search and nagging in his chest.

At the most inopportune moment possible, Emmett Young comes "skipping" back into his life...and for the first time, Sawyer is the one left wanting more. But Emmett can't give her heart; it's already committed—for life.

The only one strong enough to bring the elusive playboy to his knees is the one he can't have. Luckily, Sawyer Beckett doesn't give up easily.

Mature subject matter and strong sexual content- mature audiences only recommended.

My Review

Ok, so Sawyers a player. We all know this. We’ve all read the previous books of the Evolve Series. But seriously, if you thought you loved Sawyer before, you my friends…are in for a surprise. Being inside Sawyer’s mind is hilarious. I couldn’t stop laughing.

I have to say the Evolve Series is one of my favorites in the NA genre. S.E. Hall outdoes herself with every book she writes. I have read them all…twice. One of my favorite things about this series is “The Crew”. I can’t get enough of any of them, especially Dane and Laney.

“Don’t get it twisted, Sawyer.” Dane turns, face now serious. “I am concerned. If you’re upset, Laney’s upset. If Laney’s upset, I hire fucking clowns. Now whatever’s up your ass—fix it.”

I’ve also always loved Evan but Dane has always been my favorite…well, that was until Sawyer. (I think, I’m so confused. It’s so hard to choose a favorite between those two.) 

Gahhh… Anyway back to the review:

Sawyer’s story starts out with him in search of the disastrous stripper that knocked him dead with her cowboy boots, pig tail braids and sloppy dance moves. 

“Spank me and put me to bed…who the fuck is that?” 

Then she disappears, but he is bound and determined to find her. However, after searching every strip club within a fifty mile radius he has lost hope. The girl that has been haunting his dreams every night since he saw her at Parker's Bachelor party is gone. So he moves on, trying to figure out how to get the image of the mystery girl out of his head. He finds things to occupy his time...girls and racing.

All biker racers are irresistible right? So when a hot little number saunters up to him and offer’s him a little fun who is he to turn her down? Standing in the back of a building Sawyer looks up and low and behold there she stands:

Badass hair, cowboy boots and the face of an angel…she’s fucking Skittles—one package, every fucking flavor!

I’d remembered a dime; but she’s a fucking quarter and I don’t need change.

And she has a name: Emmett! Beautiful Emmett!

He has imagined this moment for months. Dreamt of it. It’s all he has wanted so why does he feel like he needs to get out of there asap. Could it possibly have something to do with the girl that is on her knees in front of him? Hmmm…not a bad guess!

He’s lost her again! She was right there in front of him and he didn’t do a damn thing about it! It’s times like this when it pays to have friends in high places (or at least with buckets full of money). Thanks to a little help from Dane he sets his eyes on her again.

Emmett is a sweet hard working girl who is set on making a good life for herself. She has made some bad choices in the past but is bound and determined her future will be different. She can’t allow herself to get entangled with a guy. Not now, the timing is all wrong. There are bigger things in life then guys and even though she tells herself this several times…that doesn’t stop her from wanting the delicious man who has set himself into her life. 


Emmett and Sawyer have a great friendship. I loved their teasing back and forth.

The chemistry between the two is obvious but Emmett needs to be honest with Sawyer about her life. Sawyer has secrets too that he doesn’t want to share with Emmett, he doesn't want to taint her with his sour past. So to him...the past is in the past- he refuses to listen to her reasoning’s for them not being able to be together. Emmett refuses bring down Sawyer with her issues so she distances herself from him.

Sawyer gets some good advice that he, for once, listens too in all hopes it will work out in his favor:

“You know, you can chase and chase a butterfly and never catch them. But if you stand still, they may decide to land right on you.”

So he gives her space to work things out but enough is enough and he needs her… and will do anything for her.

“What does that even mean? Just tell me, Emmett. Wherever you’re going, I want to go with you.” 

“Oh yeah, is that right…how can you be so sure?” 

“Because from the day I first saw you until the day I saw you again, I didn’t like where I was. Now you’re here and I do. So it stands to reason that staying with you, wherever it is we’re going, is my best course.”

She decides to give him a chance but sometimes pressures of a “normal” life can get to be too much for someone…especially when it’s not the type of life your used to leading. It can cause you to run, to make bad choices. Sawyer experiences that first hand and when he knocks on Emmett’s door and she won’t let him in because she has somehow found out what he’s gone and done. Sawyer is ashamed of his behavior but it also woke him up to see what he has…what he could very well possibly lose. He will do whatever he can to prove to Emmett that he is the man he promised her he would be.

“I’m not gonna fuck you to feel better. My dick’s filed for disability and my heart’s half-broken, but a ‘lets fee better cause it’s Christmas romp’ isn’t gonna cut it for me, Emmett!”

“I know I hurt you, Emmett, and I’m so fucking sorry, but Goddamn if you didn’t just hurt me too.”
This review might seem a little sloppy and confusing but I don’t want to give too much away about the book. You will want to experience it for yourself but Sawyer is so *swoon*. I never would have pictured him how he was in this book. He is so big and tough on the outside but his heart is so soft and beautiful. He is truly amazing and every girl like Emmett deserves a Sawyer of her own.

“I’m not pressuring you, but some things you can’t call the shots on. 

Whether you have read the Evolve Series or not, this is a must read for every NA Romance lover. However, I strongly suggest you read the previous books not only because they are amazing, but because it will give you a little history on Sawyer and the rest of "The Crew".

I would have loved to see more of “the crew” in this book. We see Dane and Laney more than anyone else and right from the beginning Laney has you wanting to go back and do a reread of Emerge. She's just so...Laney!  And she is totally awesome :)

  5 Stars 

Reviewed by Alissa Evanson

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About the Author

S.E.Hall resides in Arkansas with her husband of 18 years and 4 beautiful daughters. When not in the stands watching her ladies play softball, she enjoys reading YA and NA romance. She is the author of amazon best selling series, Evolve Series. Book 1 Emerge, Book 2 Embrace, Book 2.5 (novella) Entangled.

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