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Review and Giveaway of Her Soundtrack by R. Matthews

Title:  Her Soundtrack (The Masquerade Series #1)
Author: R. Matthews
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Publication Date: 11/20/2013 
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"Fairy tales don’t exist. There are no knights in shining armor and for all I know there is no such thing as real, honest-to-God, Earth-shattering romance. There is only comfort and ease when it comes to real love. I should consider myself lucky to have found someone who I’m comfortable with. There are no waves, there are no bumps in the road… so why do I feel like I want to crawl out of my skin?"

Life for Gabriella had always been straightforward, albeit a bit boring, but a passionate, almost magical, encounter with an enigmatic stranger catapults her into evolving into stronger version of herself. Her evolution does not come without consequence, though. Gabriella learns the hard way that turning on the lights can reveal just as much ugly as it can beauty. She discovers that the comfortable relationship she’d been idling in for too long is, in fact, far more dangerous than she ever imagined and finds herself desperate for the inexplicable comfort she finds in the arms of a stranger.

My Review


"Neither of us can change the past.  If we're focused on our past, we'll stumble over our future."

Fairy tales do come true... except in reality they do come at a price.

Gabriella and Jonathan fell in love at first sight, first touch, and first kiss.  Fate must have intervened, because here they were two strangers whose lives were about to intersect and change the course of their lives, thousands of miles from home. 

Although we normally suspend our brains from disbelieving when we read a romance novel, it does take a bit more to turn off the skeptic in us to believe that two people could intersect like our characters do.  Not only do they meet and fall in love, but their families have also intersected in an indirect manner and their pasts have also touched each other’s.  Do not want to spoil the story for you, but just believe and you will find this to be an enjoyable uplifting story of a love that cannot be denied.

Renee Matthews has written for us a great first novel.  It has tender characters full of innocence as well the evil souls that make for an interesting plot line.  For a first novel, I am impressed.  Her characters are well defined; writing style in descriptive and concise; and her imagination and plot line are enchanting.

The sequel to this novel is now published and available to all.  I will be reading it next as I am curious as to what happens from Jonathan's POV as the story continues.

4 Stars 

 by Gloria Herrera

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About the Author

I'd certainly like to be a fearsome thing to behold...

I'm a new author out of New England where I live with my husband and devoted dog.

My favorite activity is drinking a good white wine by the pool while reading high-quality smut and pretending not to people watch from behind big sunglasses.

I highly encourage lending books! There's nothing like holding a great book in your hand and feeling the pages, but now that I've succumbed to the wonders of e-reading, I have to admit this whole 'lending' option is pretty nifty.

Thank you for any and all support!

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