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New Release Review and Giveaway; Archer's Voice by Mia Sheridan

Title: Archer's Voice 
Author: Mia Sheridan 
Genre: New Adult, Contemporary Romance 
Publication Date: January 28th, 2014
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When Bree Prescott arrives in the sleepy, lakeside town of Pelion, Maine, she hopes against hope that this is the place where she will finally find the peace she so desperately seeks. On her first day there, her life collides with Archer Hale, an isolated man who holds a secret agony of his own. A man no one else sees.

Archer's Voice is the story of a woman chained to the memory of one horrifying night and the man whose love is the key to her freedom. It is the story of a silent man who lives with an excruciating wound and the woman who helps him find his voice. It is the story of suffering, fate, and the transformative power of love.

My Review

A letter to Archer…..

Dear sweet strong silent Archer, I just want to hold you tight, your strength through the darkness was inspiring. Your determination to survive, your kindness when surrounded by hate and your passion to live was one of the most poetic journeys I have ever experienced. 

Your indifference to the world that rejected you was heartbreaking to watch, your journey and pain is apart of who you are and that makes you, you. Your trust and your love you didn't give freely but when you gave you gave it all. 

I didn't know enough to dream you, Bree, but somehow you came true anyway. How did that happen? He rubbed his nose along mine, pausing and then pulling back again. Who read my mind and knew exactly what I wanted, even when I didn't?

Your naivety broke my heart and made me angry for your misguidance, but you grew and grew and thrived off the lessons. 
When we saw the real Archer you loved  fiercely. You let Bree in slowly at first, but for every small amount you gave of yourself to her, we watched you become the strong and confident Hale that you always were. And then we saw one woman bring  you to your knees and finally made you feel. 

"You couldn't talk me out of loving you if you tried anyway. It's not a choice for me. It's just a truth."

Your experience with Bree was beautiful to watch, it was intimate and real, I could feel your emotions along with you, but it was more than an experience, it was a connection, a moment in time that will stay with us forever. You bought back Bree from her own terror, you were her strength to move forward. To let go and let love in, you both were there for each other. You were the light in her darkness. 

Archer, my home is where you are.

And when you came to realise your journey was only beginning, I was rooting for you from the sidelines, I could see the man you became, Bree saw the man you were you just need that time to see your true self. When you found your way it was beautiful to watch. You came back the man you always were and finally had belief in yourself.  I was so happy you found it. 

Then I would have come for you. I would have fought for you. But don't you see, I had to fight for myself first. I had to feel like I was someone worthy of winning you.

Thank you for your story Archer, may you always have the love of Bree you deserve and may life be only filled with beautiful memories, love and most of all laughter. 

 Someday, I said, when we're old and grey, I'm going to look at you lying in bed beside me, just like this, and I'm going to look into your eyes and know that it's only ever been you. And that is going to be the great joy of my life, Bree Prescott.

  5 Stars 

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About the Author

I’m an avid reader, and now writer! of romance and erotic novels. I live in Cincinnati, Ohio with my husband who is a police officer and my biggest fan (not necessarily in that order). We have four children here on earth and one in heaven. When I’m not sitting on my couch with my head buried in my Kindle, I can be found writing or doing anything creative from building a patio, to sewing pillows. The wild hairs I get know no bounds. Leo is my debut novel, but my head is swimming with more…

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