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*** NEW RELEASE *** Review of TWO TO TANGO by Mimi Strong

Title:  Two to Tango
Author: Mimi Strong
Genre:  Erotic Romance
Publication Date: 1/10/2014
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Complete Novel. 
No cliffhanger! 
Dual POV. 

 *** Rated 18+ for frequent sex scenes ***


 From the USA Today bestselling author of the Peaches Monroe series and Borrowed Billionaire, comes a hilarious new story of unstoppable passion. 

Skye Evans is a former stripper, trying to live a "good" life teaching dance to kids. She also hates rich people. Really hates them. 

Charlie Ward is rich. He's twenty-nine, and caught between partying and growing up enough to have a relationship with someone besides his best friend. When Charlie finds Skye crashing a party at the exclusive country club he owns, he's captivated by her long, beautiful dancer's legs. He takes her on a private tour of the pool, where they discover perfect chemistry. Unfortunately for these two lonely lovers, Skye still hates rich people, and Charlie's still rich. 

Charlie and Skye fit together so well when they're naked, but they must find creative ways to get over their differences and let themselves love.

My Review

It takes two... to trust, to fight, to love.

This is a fresh and unique look at two individuals both hurting and skeptical about life and love. While immensely amusing, the undercurrent is one of failed attempts at a normal life and fresh starts. This is a very human condition; striving to do better and picking ourselves up when we fail. We all try and fail, only to try again in hopes that we will finally find the formula to success and happiness.

Skye's past keeps raising its ugly head and messing her attempts to a fresh start in life. A chance meeting with Charlie changes the dynamics of her life, as well as creating new stumbling blocks she must reconcile with.

Charlie is all heart. He is the jack of all trades, fixer of all problems... except his own. He is determined to catch his father stepping out on his stepmother and so begins this delightful story of misdirection and misunderstandings.

To say there are a lot of hot sexy scenes in this story is an understatement. Although erotic in their description, Mimi Strong has a knack of inserting humor and the sparkle of life into impossible situations. There are quite a few memorable scenes in this book I will have a hard time forgetting... the pool scene, the car scene at the red lights where Charlie, ahem, NO SPOILERS! Oh, and by the way, the stripping scene had me laughing until my stomach hurt! I thank Mr. Strong for providing inspiration and moral support.

Mimi Strong, once again you have conjured a gem of a story. There cannot be darkness without the light. In this case the light comes with sparkles and joy at life's twists of fate.

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About the Author

Mimi Strong writes chick-lit, erotic romance, sex comedy, and new adult contemporary romance. Most of her characters have a strong sense of humor.

Here's what she has to say:

I've always had a lot of sides. Sometimes I'm vulnerable, and sometimes I go after what I want without a single doubt.

My favorite person is my husband. If I can crack him up and see his eyes crinkle at the corners, my day is made. In fact, I love making everyone around me laugh.

I've always enjoyed empowering stories about kick-butt women who don't hold back and the awesome men who are smart enough to love them. Now that I'm writing these stories, I couldn't be happier. I hope you enjoy them too!

Note: I also have a family-friendly pen name, (DALYA MOON), where you'll find MG and YA books, from fantasy to contemporary romance.

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