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***REVIEW*** Twisted: Round Two by Skyla Madi

Title:  Twisted: Round Two (Novella Series)
Author: Skyla Madi
Release Day: April 9th, 2015
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Does a kitten have what it takes to become a lion? 

The underground fighting ring is a brutal game and Emily Sheppard is at the center of it all. With only two choices, Emily is torn between betraying the man who saved her life or accompanying him down the road to certain death.

Jai Stone is on a mission to save his brother. The road that was once clear and simple has become murky and filled with uncertainties. Can they make it past round two? Or will Skull kill them before the round even begins?

Once again, the fighter and the nurse fight for their lives in a deadly world of murder and deceit.


Skyla! Skyla! Skyla! What are you doing to me?
Twisted (Broken #2) is a heart pounding and exciting follow up to the first book Broken!

If you loved Jai in book one then you will absolutely crave for him in this book. I couldn’t get enough Jai-or Emily for that matter.

This addition will leave you wondering what could be next. You never know where these characters will lead you. It’s terrifying yet exciting. Its mysterious and sexy and filled with secrets that will have you flipping pages until the very end. 


Jai and Emily are completely different people. Jai lives to protect and fight for those he loves. Emily has barely lived and has never known the depths one would go to for those they care about. She has never known the feeling of family or the comfort of love.

Jai has an agenda and he will be fucked if he allows anyone to interfere with what he is after. But he also feels an obligation to Emily- the innocent soul that followed him into the depths of hell. He will do what he has to do to protect her- but how far is too far? Emily may be innocent but she is strong minded and believes that she can find a way out on her own. She feels some loyalty to Jai- but is it strong enough to withstand a chance at her ultimate goal- to be free?

“It’s not often I see through the stoic front he puts on, so when I get a glimpse of his human emotions, I find myself mesmerized. He’s a beautiful man. Inhumanely beautiful.”

When these virtual strangers become closer as Round Two nears- secrets and pasts are revealed and these two lost souls are forced to look deeper at what is in front of them. The straight lines that once were become blurred as their feelings for each other become stronger. 

Revenge. Loyalty. Integrity. Honesty.

They all play a part in the battle that leads Jai and Emily into the fight of their lives.   

*** 5 Gripping Stars ***

Reviewed by Alissa Evanson

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Broken: Round One 
Skyla Madi


Emily's life sounded more like the punch line to a joke than an actual turn of events. 

... a student nurse walks into an illegal, underground fighting club...

Emily Sheppard didn't have much to live for. As a foster child, her life was anything but glamorous and her daily commute through New York's underbelly reminded her of that. Nursing was her life, her only way to help others in need.

Then her pride took it from her. 

Jai Stone wasn't important. The train he rode around New York never let him forget that. Jai had fights to fight and a brother to save, but one random night slipped an innocent into his grasp.

Now they're trapped together.
A fighter and a nurse. 
... and it all comes down to one truth.





About the Author

Skyla Madi is an Australian writer from Brisbane, Queensland.
Skyla started her writing career fresh out of high school and at 21 she is a giver of both real and fictional life.
She is an aquarian, lover of the written word and author of the #1 BESTSELLING Consumed trilogy.

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