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*** Blog Tour, & Review *** Hidden Secrets by Nicole De La Cruz

Find out how one chance encounter changed everything for Scarlett & Kyle
in Nicole's debut novel,

TITLE: Hidden Secrets (The Pub Series, #1)
AUTHOR: Nicole De La Cruz
GENRE: New Adult
RELEASED: February 27, 2015


After a night of fun and drinking, Scarlett Collins' past comes rushing back into her life. Instead of facing it, she runs away like she always does, this time straight into a broom closet. Not sure how she is going to get out of this one, the gorgeous British bartender rescues her from the locked room. Little does she know her life might have changed in ways she would have never dreamed.

Kyle Harrington has had one hell of a night, it isn’t until he lets out a beautiful green eyed woman from his broom closet that his night might be looking up. That is until he lets her go without a number or a way of ever finding her again. When a second chance is put in front of Kyle, he knows he won’t let her get away that easy again.

Both have a past they wish they could change, but now they can have a possible future together. As long as hidden secrets don’t keep them apart...

My Review 

Being in love with at the tender age of sixteen doesn’t always mean it will be forever, despite all of out hopes, dreams and beliefs. Nine years of being in love with the man she believes is her happily-ever-after. That is until he’s not. Scarlett believes Jake is her everything. Too bad for her, Jake doesn’t see it that way. Unfortunately for Scarlett Collins she discovers this fact nine years too late.

Well change is good they say. Right?

After a heartbreaking decision Scarlett sets out on her own to rebuild her life. Thank god for amazing funny friends like Amy, and a job you loveso moving on isn’t so bad.

Then a night out, a locked door and one chance meeting with a sexy Britt causes changes to be set in motion. And thank goodness for Scar these changes ensure that her life is never to be the same.

Change for Scarlett change ends up being very very good meet…Enter Kyle Harrington.

Kyle is all kinds of sseet and sexy and I really adored his character!

Upon meeting each other it’s immediate spark for Kyle. And I loved that! I loved that he got his POV right as they meet and we see just how affected he is from the smallest encounter with Scarlett.

This story was just all kinds of cute. I love Scarlett and Kyle and how they made their way into each other’s hearts. While each having a past that leaves them reeling from broken trust I loved this slow paced believable romance. Their story isn’t rushed, they take time getting to know each other, talking, being cute and shy, all the beginning stuff that great love is built upon. I really found their budding romance realistic and the sex scenes were HOT.

With the journey to love not always being smooth, of course we endure a few hiccups along the way but with a newfound belief in love Kyle and Scarlett fight to keep what they’ve build.

If you’re a fan of second chance love books, witty banter from entertaining bff’s like Amy than be sure to give this sweet read a go.

★★☆ 3.5 Stars ☆★★

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Nicole is a new author that has recently decided to pursue her passion of writing. Something she has been wanting to do since she was a little girl, and thanks to the push of her husband she is now living her dream.

Almost every single day you can either find her reading or listening to music. She got into reading when she picked up her first Sarah Dessen book and hasn’t stopped since.
She is an easy going person that likes to spend time with her husband and their three cats, drink wine, listen to Breaking Benjamin, and try out new recipes.


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