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**Review & Giveaway** Blake (Captive To The Dark) by Alaska Angelini


Title: Blake (Captive To The Dark)
Author: Alaska Angelini
Genre: Dark BDSM Romance
Publication Date: April 2014
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Blake Morgan, former detective turned slave rescuer--cold blooded killer. Wealthy, and free from any legal constraints, I can unleash my monster on those who traffic women.

I had one job: go in and save my client’s daughter. But what should have been a routine rescue, wasn’t. Not one slave. Three. And one of those women was Kaitlyn Summers.

With each slice of my blade, I watched the cover model unleash a darkness equivalent to mine. She seduced the beast I held within, and I knew I had to have her. Her damage only I can heal, but to do that, she’ll have to become a slave all over again. My slave. 

But someone from Kaitlyn’s past is hell bent on destroying her, and this time it’s not only to ruin her public image. They’ll stop at nothing to take her away from me. 

I can’t let that happen. You see, I fell in love with my slave, and I’ll do anything to keep her.

WARNING: This book contains very graphic violence, disturbing situations, and very strong language

My Review

Another amazing read by Alaska Angelini. An author that, a couple of months ago I knew nothing about, now has me hooked. I loved Slade’s story in Slade: Captive To The Dark but Blake’s story is utterly amazing.




I couldn’t put it down. The writing is great. The details are gritty. And the passion if fierce.

Blake, a former detective, now devotes his time to finding slaves that have been kidnapped only to be sold to some of the sickest and darkest human being alive. Hired by a family to find their daughter, Mary, Blake finds himself with not just Mary to rescue but two others. One being Kaitlyn Summers, cover model.

Nothing could have prepared him for what was about to happen as he walked through the upstairs bedroom of a broken down and musty smelling house used to harbor slaves. It wasn’t the fact she was tied to a bed, it wasn’t the fact that she was bruised and battered and almost beyond recognition, and it wasn’t the fact that she was the famous cover model that has been missing for a month. No, what had him left speechless and in utter confusion was the fact that she was still a fighter. She appeared strong and determined to do whatever she could to be set free. 

Never in all the time he has been rescuing slaves has he come across a women with such determination and strength as Kaitlyn possessed. There is a strength and darkness in her that he isn’t used to and he is left it unreserved amazement.

What we share was so intense that I felt it brand me soul deep. My heart raced even faster. Someone could have stabbed me in the back and it wouldn’t have infiltrated the depths that the slave had just touched. I hadn’t even known the place existed and, somehow, she’d discovered it within the smallest fraction of a moment. 

Rule One…Broken

Rule Two…Broken

Rule Three…Broken

This broken and battered woman is having him breaking all his rules and imagining things that could never be a possibility.

Kaitlyn appears to have a perfect life. She’s beautiful, she’s famous and she mingles with the high and mighty of society. But it’s all a mask. Kaitlyn is living a life she hates and the Kaitlyn that everyone sees is the Kaitlyn she wants them to see. Beneath the surface is a lonely woman who hates her job. A woman who has unthinkable desires and a darkness that very few know about. 

But now, after her kidnapping and abuse, she has changed. Not just on the outside but on the inside as well. She feels she no longer holds the beauty she once possessed and now that it’s gone…she has nothing left. 

“No one breaks me. This…” 
I wave my hand, letting the sarcasm pour from my lips like a flood of acid. 
“Just a fucking time stamp in the passport of my damaged, but beautiful life.”

Damaged and depressed she latches on to the only thing that makes her feel safe… Blake. But she sees something in him. She sees that he too, wears a mask. Deep below the sinfully sexy body and the gentle rescuing hero lies a beast of a man. She can see the darkness, feel the connection. He holds the power to break her completely.

Either the good, former detective, slave saver…or the monster that was there to cut them to shreds. The medium ground, to most, wasn’t acceptable. Behind closed doors was my mix, and that leaned way more towards beast than nice guy. Most women couldn’t handle it. And they’d yet to see what I really wanted to unleash on them. The thought had my eyes lowering to the slave in my arms. How deep did Kaitlyn’s darkness run? I was a bastard for wanting to find out.

He knows he shouldn’t want her. He knows she shouldn’t want him.

He knows together, they will end up breaking each other…one way or another.

But he can’t help himself…

If I decide to have you, your opinion is of little consequence. I’ll do whatever the fuck I want with your body and there will be no stopping me. 
 You will belong to me always, or until I tell you otherwise.

As much as he knows he should do what he should have done the second they stepped off the plane and cut ties with her, he can’t. He feels this intense need to make sure she is safe and protected. He can’t leave her even if he feels it is what is best for the both of them…

So he gives her an ultimatum.

“There’s a bullet ready to end the only life you've ever known. That bullet is me, in case you’re so thick you can’t see that. Things will never be the same for you, Kaitlyn. You’ve been a captive once. Are you ready to be another? Because that’s exactly what will happen…”

Kaitlyn thinks she knows what she is getting herself into but once she gets a look at the real man beneath the mask she isn’t so sure she can handle it. But the choice isn’t hers anymore. Blake wants to break her. Change her. Make her see herself differently. He wants to take away her demons all the while unleashing his onto her.

My Angel was the devil, himself. All darkness within, in a body meant to tempt and seduce. Blake Morgan held good intensions with his surrounding immorality.

Kaitlyn is working a battle within herself and she is losing, she doesn’t have the strength to fight anymore. Blake refuses to let that happen. 

Her strength is what he desires. 

Her fight is what he craves. 

He refuses to allow her to give up on those things and he will do is worst to prevent that from happening.

But when Kaitlyn’s past comes back to threaten her, it leave Blake even more determined to protect her. He refuses to allow anything else to happen to her but sometimes things don’t go as planned. Sometimes things happen that you aren't prepared for.

This is a crazy story of a man so full of good and yet so very evil. It’s a story about accepting who you are and embracing it. It’s about not letting things that are out of your control determine your life.

The bond between Kaitlyn and Blake is so powerful and raw that you will not be able to put this book down. Blake’s intense feeling for Kaitlyn left me in utter aww. He was a mix of pure tortured evil as well as gentle and protective.

I absolutely loved Blake and Kaitlyn’s story. If you are a dark romance and BDSM lover then I would definitely recommend you pick up this book today.

★★☆ 5 Utterly Captivating Stars ☆★★

Reviewed by Alissa Evanson

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About the Author

Alaska is an erotic BDSM author who also goes by the pen names Jennifer Salaiz and Jenny May.
She lives in the SF Bay area...for now. She's a dreamer, and longs for the day when her husband and kids can load up in the car and drive until their hearts' content. Adventure and discovering new places play a huge role in Alaska's life. It drives her, and feeds the creativity of coming up with new locations for her stories.

Within the last two years, Alaska and her family have drove across the country twice, and also drove the distance from Texas to California three times. Asked, if she could choose one place to permanently settle down, where would it be, Alaska laughed. "Montana, today. Tomorrow, it may be Alaska, again. I go back and forth."

When Alaska is not dreaming of spontaneously hitting the road to find a new place to write about, she's being a mother and wife. If you're looking to connect with her to learn more, feel free to message or find her on Facebook. 

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